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  1. works for me. cant go wrong with twilight Princess, it's a good score. note: is ANYONE gonna try to remix the TP ver. of the Serenade of Water. I know it can be done. It's too beautiful to be left alone. JUST DO IT!
  2. this is A-class material. I have no words of criticism.
  3. UUUGGGAAACKUUNNHHHAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! OH GOD!! WHY!!! This was the shit, dude! Fuck, submit it to VGMix (IF Virt ever gets it running again) or Overlooked. This is too good to just sit in a WIP thread. I cant believe they diddn't pass this. FUCK!!! GODDAMMIT!!! I doubt YOU'RE even as pissed as I am. RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I had to get that out. rework, resubmit. I support this piece. +1 vote from the peanut gallery. C'mon people, help this one out!
  4. i could have sworn i already wrote something here...oh well. this is sweet. I cant express my awed intelligence any further. goodnight. Edit: Im almost hearing a hint of Snakeman's Level in it. It's eerie. Actually, you should throw snakemans music in there, as a bonus ya know. That'd just make this even cooler. A Zelda-MegaMan crossover. I need to lay off the syrup. Damn....
  5. theres something in this, gotta get rid of that phone tone thing in the background. its basic, but its different, and we all love gerudo mixes. So go with it. who cares if we have 410 of em already, as long as its original its good by me.
  6. This is pretty good. it needs a resurfacing in some spots and a good shine but its in working condition mechanically. And some star wars music in there somewhere...that would just be cool. It would just fit too well. Just don't piss off John Williams in the process.
  7. this last mix is great, i don't know what to tell you about the vocals. they are phenomenal, the lyrics are great, and you have a wonderful voice. their is still something eerily awkward about the whole mix though. It's not bad by any means. Just different. Actually after writing that, I realized that's exactly why I like it. It's the perfect remix of a thoughoughly amazing piece of music. I say it's ready for its final runthrough. I hope it gets on here. Good luck.
  8. 30 seconds in and i'm feelin' good about this. nice pick-up about 50 seconds, and love the GitS vocals at 1:10ish around 1:40 now, very tempermental...good feeling here in the 2nd minute i love the sense of urency and impending *something big* i'm getting. cutoff at 3:15 is and a quick finale, i'm impressed. This is very well done. I like your originality.
  9. very zelda-ish techno. typical for OCR. It's good, though. I like it a lot. The only thing i dont like is i've heard this (not THIS, but you know what i mean) too many times.
  10. Me R engagd/Oct. 6, 2007...baibai freedom...kekekekeke Edit 7/12/10: Got married July 3, 2007 at the JP...seperated March 21, 2008, divorced July 25, 2008 Remarried March 21, 2009...and still happy. 9 mo old brat is around here somewhere -sifts through trash heaps-
  11. *generic congratulatory comment* but seriously, Way to go, Pixie. You've done fabulous work for us here on OCR. I know you'll be great in a bigger arena. Full support. Kudos.
  12. early stages of what...it's not even salvagable. This is really just garbage. Scratch and start over.
  13. This is some really cool stuff, i'm hooked. It's elementary, and mindless mostly...but fun Blow Shit Up!
  14. nothing yet, still looking, still need help...so if you're not busy and just wanna google something for the hell of it...apprecia-fuckt-ed
  15. i used to have a MIDI of "Reincarnation" rom Tekkaman Blade, but alas, like a dumbass, I deleted it when i reformatted without a backup of it. I have tried desparately to find it again, but to no avail. I need help looking for it. I just cant find an english site with it. If anyone can find it, please send the file or a link to my email (melvinmanx@yahoo.com). Please, very much thank you. The person who finds it is a google GOD!
  16. Indeed, world 3 FTW!!! i love this mix, it's just great to have playing in the background while i do whatever, ya know. very cool. and elevator music rules for sure.
  17. this is different, i like it. there are too many zelda techno remixes. this is a welcome change.
  18. this is much improved from last time. my hat is off to you. however i still think its VEEERRY repetative. i don't know, try and work a second ocarina song into it. that would be awesome. And hey, if your up to it, when your done, you do have a good ear for Zelda music, maybe if youve played Twilight Princess you'd be interested in a Serenade of Water remix. cuz it was a totally sweet arrangement in TP vs. OoT.
  19. i think you might be onto something, just don't try so hard. get into a mood and go with it. it really does kinda suck right now, but it could turn around. it's not dead yet...yet.
  20. this is done very well. I don't particularly enjoy this type of remix, but I can certainly appreciate the work you've done. The organ sounds great actually, I wouldn't change it. And the beat throughout the song is awesome. Kudos.
  21. Don't do this anymore. I try to be nice about these things, but you just don't have it man. I'm sure that one day you'll produce something very awesme, and I'll want to hear it. but right now, you don't have the talent or (apparently) the know how that is required of OC's. Keep practicing, but don't post anymore WIP's that aren't at least close to good.
  22. Im gonna have to agree with Altus, this really has nothing to it. Stick to covers until you're good enough to branch out cuz remixing ain't your bag right now.
  23. no originality, it needs a lot of work. change octives, tempo, genre, instruments, stagger it, spin it, scratch it, put a phat beat in. and do it all in one song...you know like dream theater...really, i'm not kidding....seriously. If you still think i'm joking i'm really not. I think you should take this song (which rocks) and chop it into completely different movements. Create an entire symphony out of it. Make it last 10 minutes and still be captivating. You can do it. ...I really am being serious.
  24. i need to be the voice of opposition here. i don't see this going anywhere. i don't like the vocals, or the lyrics, and i don't like the way it's set up, or the mixture of the songs. it just doesn't flow.
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