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  1. its a little repetative but all in all it definitely captures the mood of the level. i like it. i will agree with others it might be a little boring, but it has great potential.
  2. i've been relatively disappointed with a lot of sequels: Halo 2 all the DDR's Star Wars (even though they are PREquels) Exitebike Mariokart Zeldas for gameboys the Bourne tilogy Mission Impossible 2&3 most Disney sequels but some i have found extremely well done: City Slickers 2 the Terminator trilogy original Star Wars Harry Potter Mario 3&World DKC 2&3 3D Zeldas Metroid Soul Calibur 2&3 the Wii
  3. I will play Zelda:ALttP and Mario3 before Call of Duty3 or DOA4, because they have better play value. I think the old sonic games are better than the 3D ones, cuz they are just more fun. Metroid used to kick ass...I hated Prime 2, it's cuz they are TRYING to make games too realistic. The point of video games I think, is to temporarily ESCAPE reality, why the hell would I want to play a game that *LOL* "keeps it real"? I don't think graphics mean shit. I love the new Zelda more than anything. Do the graphics look great, hell yes. Would it matter to me if it they were on par with that of Ocarina, HELL NO!! I have cried several times while playing because the storyline is so amazing. That's all that matters. A game is nothing without a story. Half-life was phenomenal, it revolutionized the user interface and had a great plot, freaked me out a few times. The graphics had nothing to do with it. Halo doesn't need to look better, it needs to play better. they spent too much time improving graphics for the second one that they totally botched the plot. I love my Wii cuz i can get involved with it. I can sit like a bump on a shit and play Doom 3 or FEAR all day, but that's all i'm doing. I can't hold a mouse or a controller like a gun (i guess i could but i'd look/feel retarded). All you graphical nerds are missing the most important fact. It's not worth playing if you can't experience the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the character you play as. Good graphics, are a mere selling tool to influence the public. Don't buy into media bullshit. The PS3 is nothing but an over-glorified george foreman grill. Fuckin loud-ass, vibrating, overheating piece of shit. And the 360 is no better. I'm a Nintendo fan with good reason, they have never done anything but try to revolutionize the way we PLAY, not make it look pretty. I think that's really all I have to say on the matter. anyone who disagrees is stupid, wrong, and ugly.
  4. we've got so many techy remixes of this song...actually we've got too many in the first place. I like this, this is a nce reprieve from the heavy beats and repetativeness of the generic gerudo mix. I hope you get in with this one and i hope you do more.
  5. i wont lie to ya, i think it's elementary, and unoriginal. you need to inject more of YOU into instead of just playing what we've all heard before. This is an awesome song and if you want to remix it then you need to do something drastic with it.
  6. i didn't perticularly care for the original, and it seems several people have the idea to remix it. i guess my opinion desn't count for much then, but i think it's really a hopeless case to do anything with this song. If you want a good song to mix from TP, IMO, the serenade of water version they used ingame was beautiful. i cried the first time i heard it. I'd like to cry to a remix of it too.
  7. your taking a great theme and beating it too hard. I really like this but it needs to be pulled together. try adding another drumline, maybe. give it, obviously, your own touch, but given the song, don't stray TOO far from the original. It's a perfect song as is. Some themes are just perfect for changing, but this one is difficult. It was very nicely made to begin with. You're doing a good job with a hard song to remix. Just tighten it down a little. i think for it's speed it's too long. either speed it up or chop it. around 1:30 and i guess 2:30 (i don't know, the counter's fucked up) there's a few cymbal crashes i think it could do without.
  8. Great guitar working here. It's a good theme. I love the game too. I would try adding, i don't know, it's good...it needs a more rounded influence of instruments. I don't know how else to put that. It just needs MORE. not reworking, not changing...just more.
  9. I hate that damn owl, but i like this mix. I disagree with the others, I think the first minute is fine. the awkward time signature works for a foresty theme. the owl theme only brings back bad memories for me, but i like the orchestrated feel of it. And then a total switch in games, to a great remix of the mountain. Actually I think you could work more on that part and can the other two songs, and get a great mix out of that.
  10. it's repetative, trancey, and changes halfway through...it's good techno. it's not exactly my style, but it's well manufactured. kudos.
  11. ZOMG!!!!! THERE'S A REEVAR RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!! SHIT! IS THAT BEAMOS'S EYE OPENING!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! WALL CANNONS!! WHEW, got the damn glove, FINALLY!!! that is what goes through my head when i hear this. And if that's what it makes me feel like then I say "I love it." Yeah, that's right, I'm quoting myself, it's that good. Do it, dude.
  12. Hella Good dude, I myself have wanted to here a remix of this for a right long time. And you have satisfied my craving. Very awesome. I love the fadeing, and the guitar work is great. AHH!!!!! NICE SOLO!!! (im listening as i type) This kicks some serious ass!...wait...where'd it go...NO DON'T STOP, MORE MORE!!!!
  13. This sounds like what I'd hear if Tim Burton did a mario movie. It's most enjoyable.
  14. hear me out on this... i don't think the cast fill these out on their own. so...either someone, who is retarded, wrote the bio, which in actuality has no truth to it...or...she dictated this info to someone who was just as stupid as she is and actually typed it in wrong. oppositely, maybe she has played a demo of a game for the wii that is called 360 boxing, but that i have a hard time choking down. this thread, link, and dumb broad all get a big laugh from me. she won't last a week.
  15. i guess it's been more than 4 then, cuz i posted in unmod the last time i was here. i never even saw that announcement. honestly, i want to cry right now.
  16. please don't tell me unmod is gone...why can i not see it...someone tell me i've just been tempbanned and it won't show up on my screen...please...
  17. well, that's why it's called ocREMIX. I'm impressed but since you're out a lyricist I would suggest working the melody to be less repetative. this is, unless you are finding another lyricist. But I really am not even complaining about that. It sounds great as is.
  18. I like it. It's not exactly my style, but it's well done. Nice work. Submit.
  19. not very deku-ish, which is its most redeeming quality. i hate those buggers, especially that damn butler that you gotta chase down. i really enjoyed this. it's a little repetative, but i guess it has to be. I did like that you switched it up towards the middle. It almost has a feeling of bagpipers that played tetris on acid the night before. Very spiffy. Me likies.
  20. take it back to formula. way too repetative, and it's very generic. sounds like any other "house" mix of anything. I know i'm an ass for saying so, but i gotta be honest. The wheels ARE turning you're just not going anywhere. (basically: you're talented, now apply it to being original)
  21. you'll hear nothing bad about this from me. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. if my opinion counts, i'd say go ahead and post it. i don't claim to know the judges minds but i'd pass it. i actually really dig the bass drops, it grew on me.
  22. I like it. It's a little short to have so many speed changes, but it still has a good feel to it.
  23. I could almost replace the music in the scene in Mulan when she leaves home, with this piece. It sounds almost identical, but it's not as moving. I can say I'm not crazy about it. It's good, maybe I'm just not into the style. The key is off to me. But that's not saying it's wrong. I just don't entirely enjoy it. If you follow me. However, I can honestly say it's good. It's well manufactured. Just a little repetative.
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