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  1. Is it me? Or are the servers completely barren? I've played the game for the first time in a year, and created a lobby, only to have waited 30 minutes for nobody to join. Not a single person seemed to be online. Crazy
  2. I've been playing for little over a year now, and despite the community consisting for 80% out of assholes, the game is really fun to play if you have a couple of decent players in your group! And free! My characters: - Katarina - Caitlyn - Singed - Taric
  3. This song still makes my ears bleed.
  4. Double Dragon 2: The Revenge. And pretty much anything mentioned before.
  5. The scariest games? Dead Space, and Condemned 2. Until the whole screamy attack thingy.
  6. I wouldn't go as far as saying that i hate it, but to me it felt more like one big grindfest through mazes and environments that were designed to be as sadistic as possible. And again, Killer Instinct Gold isn't a bad game, but suffers from being in the shadow of the first. Compared to what the first KI game was, the second wasn't all that mindblowing.
  7. Devil May Cry 2 Killer Instinct Gold Pikmin 2 Unreal 2 Just to name a few, really...
  8. What's with all the DMC 4 hate? I honestly felt that Nero was a step-up gameplay wise then the clunky feel that i had with Dante in 3. Sure, 3 is probably the best, but DMC 4 is still my favorite. =o
  9. I'd love to see Gene from Godhand in the game. But i sincerely doubt that will happen.
  10. If Suarez didn't block the shot with his hands, Ghana would've won, regardless of the outcome of that penalty shot. And that's what bugs me the most. Like you said, the referee did what he had to. Giving him a red card was the correct Punishment. It's just that the game should've already been decided. It was smart of him, yes. But good sportsmanship, fair play, or any kind of honour as a football player there was not.
  11. Suarez is a piece of shit, and the entire team should be ashamed for winning the way that they did. If you need to resort to those kind of things to win, then you are as unprofessional as you can be.
  12. I hope that list isn't accurate, because i'd sure like to have Gene from Godhand in MVC3...the guy would be perfect!
  13. Pffff, I haven't even PLAYED Mario Galaxy yet. So there.
  14. A few mates of mine and me should be able to play SSF4 this Sunday. I'm anxious to see if the game is any good.
  15. I think my picks will stay thesame. My main is Abel, and second is Guile (who seemed to be getting more powerful). Guy and Cody are my favorite picks from the Alpha series, so i'll be sure to give them a try. And Yuri......yes, Yuri. Tae-kwondo is my favorite sport, so i was obligated from the start to give her a whirl.
  16. Ofcourse there isn't a intro video for Deejay. He's black. And it's a COMMON fact that Capcom is run by a bunch of racists. /joke.
  17. QFT. Gouken is overpowered too, honestly. And should not be in the game. He should be dead! >.<
  18. I think this will be the first time i will buy alternative costumes....
  19. Fully agree with Capcom's money grabbing methods. However, this is the way Capcom has ALWAYS done things. It was to be expected as soon as the "huge" sales reports came in when SF4 hit. It's a day-one buy for me when they included Dudley, Guy and Cody. It might be easy money for them, but i'm satisfied with the added characters and gameplay mechanics, so you won't hear me complaining.
  20. So, they went from prehistoric times, to the pilgrims of America. And then pirates. Because yeah, NOTHING happened between the prehistoric times and the discovery of America...
  21. That's the one. If i were to start remixing, i would certainly give this song a try. But alas, the talent for it eludes me, so i have to depend on other people. I don't see why people have to remix Terra's Theme from FF6 so many times, and leave this gem in the dust.
  22. He looks like how i expected him to look, really.
  23. The song from Super Castlevania 4, level 9. The one with the ghosts and the treasure? Yeah, i'd still like that one. =)
  24. Basically all round stuff, depending on the assignment or my idea's. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ovh6sSNym8
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