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  1. I still need to get RE2 and RE3 aswell. I played RE1 and RE4, and i was thinking about getting the other two for my Dreamcast. Financual issues make sure i don't get the oppertunity to get them though...
  2. That's about it. My original on the Wii looks better.
  3. Gah, i'll hate myself forever for not reading the line that said BIG SPOILERS!! >< Then again, it's still two weeks from the european launch, and although i pre-orderd mine, it's not really certain i'll get one. So it's only natural.
  4. SMOKE. Where is Majora's Mask?? You can play it on the Promotional Disc. You're also missing the Master Quest bonus disc. Unless it's part of your limited edition Wind Waker. Yeah, the European version of Wind Waker launched with the pictured Limited Edition, which is a dual-disk box also containing OoT/Master Quest. Also, I don't have Majora's Mask or OoT in their N64 cart form because I no longer have an N64. I used to own them though. And some stupid trivia: The Dutch WW LE box has two variants. The one pictured, and another one showing the rating from a different magazine(9/10) The ratings themselves are actually printed on the insert, so they're not stickers. Also, pictures of the limited edition: Yes, the entire box is gold plastic. The regular edition has a black box, and the Player's Choice version has a silver box. Yeah, i got that one aswell. It was the special 'pre-order' edition. Later i found out every gameshop had this 'special' edition, even months after it's inital release.
  5. Most, not all. I guess the option would've been nice, but wouldn't it conflict with cutscenes and what not? I mean, when drawing the master sword, they'd have to alter the cutscene... I guess an option would be doable and good. Wikipedia is wrong. Every single Link was intended to be left-handed. The only time Link isn't left-handed is due to sprite-flipping in LoZ, LttP, and the handheld games. Other than that, Link is always a lefty. Uhh... So he's not a lefty in those game right? He's at least ambidexter. My point is that Link, as a character, does not have the fact that he's a lefty or righty defined. He's left-handed when facing three of the four cardinal directions. The only time he isn't is when he's facing east due to sprite flipping issues. Miyamoto is a lefty, and rumors are out there (I haven't been able to find anything concrete yet) that Link's name comes from linkshandig, German for left-handed. I'm pretty sure he's intended to be left-handed no matter what. My major complaint isn't that he's right-handed in Twilight Princess - that just makes sense for the mostly right-handed population. My problem is that there's no option to change him back to a lefty. This makes sense since The Legend of Zelda was inspired by Miyamoto's childhood. So I don't doubt that he was intentionally left-handed because he is too. And here i was thinking that he got his name because he was the link between you and the world, since Link isn't the hero. The player is.
  6. I pre-orderd my Wii, but today i'm gonna pre-order Zelda aswell. Think i'm gonna ask for a day of at work after the Wii comes out.
  7. According to the quiz I use Link, which is pretty close to who I ussually use. Marth. It says I use Ganondorf and Falcon. I use Roy and Donkey Kong. o_O I took that quiz and got Mario/Dr. Mario/Luigi. My friends all say Dr. Mario is the best character, but I think my best is Sheik. I guess it got the Luigi part right though because I can tear people up with him. The quiz is somewhat sketchy however since I couldn't answer 2 of the questions. I don't really have a weakness and my favorite weapon is the Umbrella, neither of which were options. The quiz said i used Bowser/DK. Which is stupid, since i play with Link/Cap. Falcon/Samus.
  8. This man speaks the truth.
  9. Yeah, i was hoping for Captain Olimar to be in this game. However, i don't really see the guy defending himself against Bowser or anything.
  10. Nothing like bouncing from the ceiling to the floor and back, when having 400+ damage .
  11. Draenor server, 56 Orc warrior, 18 Undead Warlock Victory...or death!
  12. You are the kind of players I make the most fun of, the 12 year old - famale night elf playing ones.. I am glad the horde are ugly hardecore G's, so we don't get the shitty pvpers on our side. To be honest, i don't own a Night Elf, because i'm strictly Horde. And uhm, learn to spell, would ya? Thanks..
  13. you're right about that! that song has GOT to be in the second remix!
  14. god, this is one of the best remixes i've ever heard! it's sometimes alittle messy, but when the real tune takes over again, it just sooths everything. a personal favorite....can't get enough of it!
  15. The song really reminded me of music from the Mortal Kombat movies. It's great up tempo stuff!
  16. The meaner and louder it gets, the more i love this song.
  17. It's excellent! I always thought that this song was very touching, and the lonely piano just brings out the best of it. There just isn't a better instrument to make a remix about this song. And personally, i had the idea this was actually a 100%, true classical music song. And in this case, that's a huge compliment. It just sounds so complete and authentic!
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