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  1. Pretty cool. I've got a copy for the Playstation but I was never able to finish it. Maybe now I can with the help of the internet at my fingertips.
  2. Yeah, I voted for F too. There were a couple of other design that were "ok", but most of them seemed off. By the way: this'll probably sound stupid, but hitting the last couple of stretch goals might not seem impossible. It's been going on a very steady rate these last couple of days.
  3. Seems like i'm done with buying things. My haul: Deadlight Dishonored Doom 3 BFG Edition Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition Fallout: New Vegas Hotline Miami Mark of the Ninja Sleeping Dogs Quite a sober amount of games. Alot of the games that were on sale didn't appeal to me, or were still too expensive for my tastes.
  4. I think he was being sincere.
  5. After so many years of lurking, it kinda feels good to recieve the same treatment you give everybody from you.
  6. I kinda agree with Brandon on this one, his stance seems to reflect mine and reminds me of a video i saw a while ago. I thought it was made by the guys who do the webshow Hard4games. And the title kinda describes my feelings. They don't blow me away like they used to. Maybe it has something to do with them, maybe with me. But when i look at their latest Mario games, new Smash Brothers or Zelda i don't think that they are much different that the ones i played around 10 years ago. That's not to say that they aren't good, like Crowbar Man said, and i totally agree with him on this, Nintendo still has some of the most polished and well crafted games out there. But for me, that simply doesn't warrant an automatic buy, be it games or systems. Alot of people tend to say that you shouldn't try to fix what isn't broken. And that's true. I just wish they would change it up a bit more, or try some things that are more OUT there.
  7. Funny you should mention this. Me and a couple of friends started a ranked time a while ago, and we've been struggling to get out of the bronze division, even though we've been playing the game for years now. Every time we're eligible to rank up, we get pitted against a team which is trying to rank up to either gold, or a level in gold (if we're lucky). We decimate the teams getting to the final match in our bracket, but when we get there we're always matched up against uneven odds, and stumble down again.
  8. Cyborg Cop 1, 2 and 3. TC 2000 The Room Shark Attack 3: Megalodon Invasion: USA Man, i could go on and on...
  9. I loved the original Bioshock, even though i was late on the bandwagon. I wasn't sure if this game could match it, so i still haven't bought it and waited for reviews and/or opinions to see if it's any good. And from what i hear....it's not as good as Bioshock 1?
  10. Man, i totally forgot about Shadows of the Damned. I need to pick it up if i ever see it again.
  11. Persona 3. Not a fan of (J)RPG's, but it turned out absolutely fantastic.
  12. Oh yeah, completely forgetting about being able to upgrade my sword in Majora's Mask so i beat it with just the original Kokiri Sword. Majora took over an hour to beat....
  13. The epic Warlock mount from World of Warcraft comes to mind...
  14. I usually kick myself for making mistakes when writing in English. However, it's people like that who make me feel a lot better.
  15. I'm just here to say that i couldn't have said it any better than you just have. Thank you.
  16. At this point i'd settle for a new entry in ANY series to be announced. The actual Nintendo offering in announced games is saddening...
  17. The movie played in a theatre near me, and i really wanted to go and see it after all the great things i heard about it. But i couldn't get anyone to come with me, as i hate going to movies alone.
  18. Strange, because all i see is SF characters, and no Tekken.... But my guesses are: Dan, Juri, C. Viper....Dee Jay and Mecha Zangief? In the third video i see Balrog, perhaps Guy and maybe Cody in his Final Fight outfit...?
  19. Abel would like to have a word with you.
  20. Killer Instinct. Either a new entry, or the classics on XBL.
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