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  1. I guess i should've explained this. I was talking about these kind of camera's. While in most cases they aren't as high quality as their bigger brothers, a few mates of mine have these and for their size and specs, their video quality is AMAZING. The price range for these is anywhere between 300 and 1000. Yes, i know that these might not cut it, but i want to keep it a bit realistic.
  2. (If this is posted in the wrong forum, my apologies. I believe i have seen other threads like this posted before here, so i thought this was the right one.) I'm a third year student in audio/visual, and in my last two years, i managed to get by by relying on other people, or renting a camera to make my video's with. However, my projects and assignments grow bigger, so i guessed it was time for me to buy one for my own. However, i have to confess that i don't really know the specifics or every camera. So, can anybody help me out by giving me any sort of advice? My preferences are: (full) HD video quality, HDD, and a moderate/good life of the battery. Money isn't really a problem, seeing how it's an investment, but i refuse to buy anything that's over 800 Euro's or something. In that case I'd settle for something less. Does anybody have a model which you can recommend? Any brands? Any help whatsoever is appreciated.
  3. Not as good as the ones that already have been posted, but i always thought this one was funny as hell.
  4. True, but i feel Zelda is the worst of them all. While the series you mentioned are guilty of doing it too, i can say for Castlevania, DMC and RE that they have done something different over the years, and always have a different protagonist, or take place somewhere else. With Zelda, i REALLY feel like i'm playing the same game over and over again. Couple of dungeons, scary twist, Master Sword, more dungeons, boss. Again, it can be said for a lot of series. I'm just saying that I've got the feeling that Zelda is the series that hardly tries. Same thing i had with Mario Sunshine and Mario 64. It's same shit, different day, honestly...
  5. I'm not interested anymore in the Zelda series anymore. All they do is copy OoT, and upgrade the graphics. I'm not blowing my money anymore on games that i played over ten years ago. :S
  6. Even here in the Netherlands he was loved. By me mostly. Until i grew up anyway. RIP.
  7. This. Why not make this into a feature film? This commercial contains more awesomeness then that movietrailer...
  8. When i saw "Terry Bogard", i did a Darth Vader "NOOOOO". For real. I screamed. He's an american with a red body warmer on....Terrible.
  9. Yeah, i couldn't ready any of that. I just enjoyed the pretty pictures. It always came off as weird to me that there wasn't a TKD fighter in Street Fighter while it is an Olympic Sport, and many other fighting games have encorperated the sport for years. I'm pretty happy SF finally has one, and although i like the character, i just wished it was a guy.
  10. "To that end, I have put together a simple troubleshooting guide that might soothe some of the unbearable pain you seem to be experiencing. Hit the jump for some easy instructions on how to STFU about Super Street Fighter IV. Step 1: Shut the fuck up." I laughed. Hard.
  11. I just saw the Kanye West video. Goddamn, what a prick.
  12. I'd love to go to one of the meet-ups. Sadly, i live in Europe, and nobody knows who i am.
  13. I don't get it. Am i missing something here?
  14. Fuck that man, i used to do all kinds of shit like that with our cat, and she actually thought it was fun! But no, i can't say if the cat was drugged or not. Although the cat does have it's eyes closed for most of the video.
  15. Thief 3 had a lot of flaws, but was a grea game nonetheless. Expecting just as good from part 4.
  16. DNF leaking wouldn't be as bad, seeing as HL2 and DooM were actually being released.
  17. Tempting. Most tempting. I have a used one i picked up a couple of years ago, but who knows when it might give up the ghost? With great games like Third Strike, Bangai-O and Mark of the Wolves, i kinda owe it to myself to keep them from collecting dust...
  18. Man, Guile is badass! I use him all the time when i'm bored with Abel. He's great for putting some pressure on your opponent.
  19. A Bat-creditcard....they gave him...a BAT-CREDITCARD?!
  20. Awesome! I find some things to be a bit cliché, but i guess it works. All in all, it's a great effort.
  21. Oh man, i laughed my arse off when he started yelling! XD
  22. The only answer for me is A.
  23. Guile's Ultra is a bitch. And 9 out of 10 times it doesn't even do half as much damage as you'd like...
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