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  1. I guess i'm the first to say that SotN wasn't such a good game?
  2. I have killed Eligor, but i haven't killed Death yet. I also haven't passed the Cerberus heads. No, i haven't totally explored the library, seeing as one part is out of my reach. (Too high) And yes, i do know how to use Magnes, problem is, the room i am talking about, there aren't any points to grapple on.
  3. Well duh, that's just my problem. So far, I've explored every inch of the castle i could reach so far. Like i said, either I'm doing something very stupid, or there's something wrong.
  4. Still haven't beaten the game. Is there some sort of high jump powerup i have COMPLETETY forgotten? There's an area with all the medusa heads where i can't jump high enough, can't pass the three cerberus heads, and the whole in the ceiling north of the castle entrance is out of reach. No matter what the answer is, i'm gonna feel stupid about it. :S
  5. Please, keep in mind i have to work with http://pan.fotovista.com/dev/5/5/00041255/l_00041255.jpg , and not something as fancypants as most of you!
  6. No it didn't, but at least the 3rd movie had something most of us were looking forward to since the first movie. Humans vs machines? I'm not a big fan of the third one, but i think it's better then the second one seeing as the second was nothing but pointless fighting and blabla-scenes that had no impact or no real relevance later on. That Merovingian (or however it's spelled) was a complete waste of half a movie, seeing as he did NOT have a huge role later on. The fights were cool, but again, too long, and in some cases, just plain stupid. "I believe you are the one". "You could've just asked...". "No, only by fighting another, can you tell who they are". SERIOUSLY. The 3rd one was ok because it ended the trilogy. The second just felt like filler. "Oh snap, we don't have enough idea's for our so-called intended trilogy...oh well, we'll just shoot two fight scenes and make that the second movie..."
  7. Personally, i liked the 3rd Matrix movie better then the second... And speaking of GARBAGE DAY...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38Y3hvd0bFQ
  8. Got it. Last villager was a bitch to find out about. :S
  9. I think my game is bugged....I have defeated Albus, and i got back to Ecclesia. Now i am supposed to open the gate for Barlowe? But whatever i try, nothing seems to happen! I checked gamefaqs, but none seem to adress this problem. ><
  10. House of the Dead Wrong Turn Golden Compass Mortal Kombat 2 No wait, at least the last one had a cool soundtrack, and ONE decent fight...
  11. From Screwattack.com: "After seeing a comment from Soulja Boy's youtube account on our youtube account, rumor has it Soulja Boy has accepted our response to his original challenge. One of the games included in the challenge is Gears 2." There, on the front page, beneath the top video.
  12. http://mollybol.50megs.com/Mollyweb/Book/Diary%20Pics/Lego%20pirate%20ship.JPG Cause i think i have this one.
  13. You know this guy comes back into this topic as soon as somebody says something "mean" about him again!
  14. My opinion? Seeing as it's all non-profit, the CGI is rather good, but it just looks like a porno without sex that got Zelda slapped onto it. And honestly, the Link from the IGN trailer was better then this guy...
  15. This one actually looks worse then the fake IGN one earlier this year... http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/292814.html?playlist=featured
  16. Quoted since this is the goddamn truth.
  17. So, when could the Europeans expect the CD to arrive?
  18. I pre-ordered it blindly. Don't let me down, Pixietricks! .
  19. I'd go for Megaman 2, Double Dragon 2, or maybe Super Mario Bros.?
  20. So, when is MM9 gonna be released in Europe?
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