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  1. I wonder howmany bullets his clip contains...
  2. Seconded. The amount of adds starts to be even more then the actual reason why you even got there.
  3. I just saw some footage, and man is this dissapointing. The camera is awfull, and the people playing it, had NO idea what they were doing. Though all in all, the graphics looked pretty good.
  4. His music is very good. It would be a waste to see him go. He has not fullfilled his duty yet, more music has to be made! More people need to enjoy it!
  5. My thoughts exactly! The franchise grossed more then 170 million worldwide? Probably mostly thanks to the first part....
  6. Spore will be awesome, penis shaped aliens for the win. And Judgement, i hope it's gonna be rad, though i don't have high hopes for it.
  7. I was almost saying "needs moar bullittime", but then the trailer showed some. Looks like it's gonna be a Sin City Light movie, which will be panned by the critics. But i think i am gonna see it. Looks cool enough. But what's with all the angel like things? What does that have to do with Max Payne? If they were metaphores, i'd understand, but these fuckers seem to be real.
  8. I'm not gonna say one more fucking thing. I still have the fucker on my shelf.
  9. I don't see where the Dracula X hate is coming from. I like the game. I prefer Castlevania 4 everyday, but it's still a great game. Rondo of Blood might be better, but if you haven't got a choice, Vampire's Kiss is still a good replacement.
  11. I only got Castlevania 64, and dispite it's flaws, it's a pretty good game. The camera was a bit whacky, the controls weren't deep enough, but it was still good. It actually got ALOT better the more you progressed. Lament of Innocence is one of my favorite Castlevania's. The environments keep repeating themselves, though they look alright.The music is awesome. The animation is great, and i found the art direction to be quite good. Curse of Darkness....meh. It had some really neat features, but got killed by the ugly level design, and completely predictable and liniar gameplay. Combat was cool though.
  12. I didn't like Chrono Trigger, so i am gonna pass this.
  13. I'll tell you this, Castlevania has been samey for the last 10 years. Every new game is pure quality, but i'd rather see them do something else with the whole formula, or the series... But not a fucking fighting game...
  14. I thought Dawn of Sorrow was pretty good. I think many people would agree on that.
  15. I once got the following: Super Scope (complete, good working order) Super Scope 6 Donkey Kong Country for 5 euro's on a flea market. How? The guy behind the stand was so stoned he couldn't even see straight.
  16. Smash and this are two different things. It looks like they are actually making this a SERIOUS fighting game....
  17. Another big victory for the Netherlands! Netherlands 4-1 France Awesome!
  18. Bottom line, no Britain. So, Spain made mincemeat out of Russia. I wasn't expecting that AT ALL.
  19. Yeah, i was pleasantly surprised by the lack of Great Britain. No England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland. I'm quite anxious to see what Russia does. Guus Hiddink did a great job with Korea and Australia, so i wonder what Russia is going to do.
  20. I didn't get to see France/Romania, but i've heard they played really bad. Friday's match of Holland/France is going to be an interesting one. First match after our tremendous victory, so hopes are high. However, France has something to prove after their last match, AND they've seen what we can do. So they are bound to put in more effort since they know we can be very dangerous.
  21. We made them eat their own feces. Payback for a couple of years back i'd say. First soccer game i've actually watched through in years, and it was a terrific match! I never expected them to do so well!
  22. Last time i heard about it was when that footage was shown of Duke in the gym with the dumbell. The music sounded ok, the game looked BAD....DooM 3 engine, with 3 year old graphics...IF it ever get's released, i'm buying it. C'mon, i know i'm not the only one.
  23. Great commercial. Well, i am rooting for my country, and i know they'll get somewhere, it's just that we've got a very difficult poule, and we don't always play up to snuff.
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