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  1. About a 100 miles north from me is a themepark which has a small arcade. Everytime i visit, it´s completely empty. Which is stupid, because they got some of the best games there. House of the Dead 2, Crazy Taxi, 4 Sega Rally cabinets hooked up, Virtua Cop, aaaaaaaaaand.....Time Crisis 2! They get more games every year, but it´s been a while since i´ve been there. I always go there for two reasons. The go-karts, and Time Crisis. Speaking of arcade games. I nearly bought Killer Instinct last week. However, the cabinet was trashed, and the seller asked way to much money. Shame, having the arcade version of KI in your living room kicks ass.
  2. Loving the cat image! XD But seriously, i played it, and replayed it...And i just didn't enjoy it. Which is weird, because i liked every other Metroid game i´ve played... Except Prime 2....
  3. I hate Final Fantasy games. I hate Chrono Trigger. I also dislike Super Mario RPG. I hate Super Metroid. I have a copy of Shaq-Fu.
  4. Haven't played as much, but every time i do i still wreak havoc with Abel or Guile. Not sure, but i think i had 3200 points...
  5. Raziellink

    Mad World

    I've seen the review on gametrailers, and i'm psyched! Although i'm not spending 50 euro's on this game (seeing as RE5 comes out tomorrow, and due to it's short singleplayer), but i'll definatly pick it up when it drops in price.
  6. SF3: Third Strike Soul Reaver Crazy Taxi Bangai-O SFA3 Mark of the Wolves Powerstone (2) There's like a dozen more, but those are the games i have and think are worthwhile.
  7. I'm up to 2400. Abel and Guile FTW! :3
  8. Well, some websites wrote that patch 1.7 would make it work. I downloaded the patch, but got zero result. After that, i started messing with the tab compatibility in it´s properties. After trying to run it in windows 95, 98, Vista and XP, i finally got it running on Windows 2000. (Go figure). I read that checking the disable visual themes and desktop compositions would help, but all that did was freeze explorer. The game starts giving me trouble in the game menu; is there a way for it to run on software instead of direct3D?
  9. Must....resist urge....to.....make gay joke....
  10. I've tried almost everything i can think of, but it's simply not happening. I can't freaking play DK2 on my Vista computer! Now most of you are probably going to advise me to use Google, but i have already tried it. I can get the game to work, the intro movie plays, and the loading screen pops up, but when i get to the menu, it freezes, and even giving me the blue screen of death... Anybody else having the same problems as me, or used to? And if you fixed it, how did you manage to do such an holy act?
  11. Sorry to budge in on the conversation, but i don't really care what that jerk off thinks about SF4, or even if it is flawed. C'mon, the game is good, and should therefore be enjoyed. I respect his opinion, and i know the guy is good with games, but just because he doesn't like an aspect or two, that doesn't condemn this game. Please don't be offended, i know you guys aren't taking it this seriously, i just felt like saying this.
  12. Because there aren't alot of Guile players, people aren't as familiar with him. It's quite easy to trap others because they don't know what to expect. I've met two Guile players now, and i had quite a hard time with them. Shoto's are easily done in by a decent Guile player. When i use Guile, i also use the D-pad, seeing as his moves are more easy to perform that way. And i came across two Sakura players, lost one and won one. The match i won was pretty easy, however, the guy who i lost against was, i dunno, maybe a cheater? He set up a crazy combo which i've NEVER seen anybody else do. Starting off with a few jabs, EX Tatsumaki, and then arial down FP's me FOUR TIMES. For some reason both our characters went up after one of those arial punches, which never happened when i was playing Sakura...
  13. Reminds me of Nero from DMC4 who had a sword he could rev up. EDIT: Goddamnit, Dhsu!
  14. I'm a Guile player. Abel also. All i've seen so far is nothing but shoto's. Maybe one Vega or Blanka's, and i've played over 200 matches. :S
  15. Released in Europe today, skipped four classes to go and buy it. So far, it's an A-MA-ZING game. Totally worth of the SF name! If anybody wants to kick my ass on LIVE: Spriggan Razzy.
  16. New trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ly843iFcKjI I'm gonna go into dangerous territory and say that with every new trailer, it does seem to get BETTER, but i still have my doubts however...
  17. One thing i'll never forget and will never get, is when i beat Gill in Third Strike with Ibuki (a character i just learned how to play half an hour before) in the second round with a PERFECT, even though i messed up and let him completely heal himself up with his Super. No pictures or video's exist to prove this, so you don't have to believe me. Hell, i still can't comprehend it. D:
  18. Rock Howard and King from CvS2. Charlie from SFA. Maxi from SC. And a lot more.
  19. Oh, you mean the one where they do it on the boat, and then in the bed, and then in the tub? zomglol.
  20. I'd go for Double Dragon... But i'd rather have more Berserk games...
  21. Mine's better. http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=9p2cYJZJnF4&feature=channel_page
  22. There already is a Cowboy Bebop movie, and for what it was, it was goddamn awesome.
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