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  1. Yeah well, i heard people raving about Super Paper Mario, and that was a pretty shit game, and i could possible come up with more examples. When the experience is still fresh, people tend to think to highly. So i'll take it with a grain of salt. Argh, who am i kidding, i'll pick this up anyway.
  2. So....is it any good? PoR "good", or even Aria/Dawn good?
  3. Oh yeah, you're totally correct, it's just supposed to be educational first, entertaining second. I thought the CODEC scene was just perfect to explain what a Camera Obscura was, and then to move on to the funny stuff. I guess there's no need to tell that the Metal Gear part of the first SSBB movie inspired it. @ Broken: since i'm Dutch, and so are all my mates, cause we all live in the Netherlands, i guess it's safe to say the language is Dutch . But it's intended for Dutch students, so my guess is that it's gonna be just fine. Like i said, the reason why i posted this was because i just wanted to share it, maybe give you guys a laugh. It wasn't intended for non-Dutch people, so if you dont understand it, it's neither your fault, nor mine.
  4. Not sure what the heck you mean with a townhouse...dunno the name, but our garage is IN our house. Like, actual part of it? So basically, our first floor is 2/3 garage. A big garage, but a garage, nevertheless. And thanks for the help guys, i found a rather cheap one on Ebay, hopefully i'll win it.
  5. Don't think that we're rich. It's just the way the house is build.
  6. It does, but i've always wondered....doesn't that take away the whole point of being WIRELESS?! But like i said; cable? Not an option. The router is downstairs, and the 360 is two stories higher. Ergo wireless. I just found out the Microsoft one (which actually costs 80 euro's...) works via a USB reciever. I still have one of those for our old computer. I am gon check if that works tomorrow.
  7. But i have a little problem. I have no fucking clue how to get it online. I read the manual, and asked around, but seemingly the only way to get it done is through cable. Here's the problem, we have wireless. Is there any Microsoft endorsed (or Microsoft made) reciever? I think i've seen one in the online Microsoft shops, but it cost 70 euro's. Fuck that.
  8. I'll pick it up eventually, but i bought a 360 and DMC4 last week, so yeah...
  9. Well, like i said, this was my first time doing everything. I still don't actually know if it's possible to run two seperate movies at the same time, so i had to film the codec scene in one shot, with me and "the Colonel" standing bang next to eachother. After that, i just made a flimsy CODEC-like screen, which fits the purpose of the whole parody. If i made it really close to the game, it would've turned out to serious.
  10. Yeah it was. It was made out of an empty Pringles...thing (dunno the word). Basically, Snake couldn't find it, because the "guards" already threw it away. Thus, Snake couldn't find it. It's sorta of an homage to the stupid guards you always find in the game, how they can never see you unless you're standing 5 feet in front of them. This is the same, the "high-tech device" they actually have to guard, get's thrown away. So yeah.
  11. *BUMP* Oh c'mon people, almost 200 views, but only two replies? I'd like to have some comments on it!
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79tkoA1emeM I thought i'd just share this. Snake has to capture a new high-tech device from an unknown place, filled with strange nerds who'd rather take a gaming magazine to the toilet, instead of a Playboy. Will Snake find the device? He would've, if it weren't for the fact that two "guards" already found it, deemed it worthless, and threw it into the garbagebin. A few weeks ago, i got an assignment from school which was about making a video to inform people about a Camera Obscura. I thought about giving it a Metal Gear twist, and behold, here is the outcome. And before you flame me, yeah it's pretty standard. But please keep in mind that we had no budget, the camera was crap, i pretty much had to do the entire thing myself since the people i had to work with weren't exactly motivated...This was my first time acting, editing, directing....the works. I am pretty proud how it turned out, seeing as i was losing condidence along the way. Yes, i know i'm not the best Solid Snake, but i think i did alright.
  13. You guys can bitch and moan all you want, but you know you're still gonna see this movie. Hell, i think it looks awful, and i'm gonna see it!
  14. I'm sorry, but i just had to post this. I hate rap, i hate hiphop, but i love this song! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAqVIjxwyzc And i find this to be the best anime song i've ever heard.
  15. Dutch, English, a bit of French, bit of Spanish....and that's about it.
  16. It's his belt. But if we want it to be his crotch, we can.
  17. The last great Zelda game was Majora's Mask, with Wind Waker coming in second. I hate Twilight Princess because it tried to be Ocarina of Time, but with prettier graphics. Zelda has been on a standstill since 1998. That's why i liked WW. It tried something DIFFERENT.
  18. Know what killed the dinosaurs? THE ICE AGE!!! Oh, and http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/thatguywiththeglasses/nostalgia-critic/234-batman-and-robin
  19. Anybody catch that trailer for the Duke Nukem Trilogy last E3? Crotch zoom and guns shooting the DN logo ftw.
  20. I never liked his movies, except his role in Transformers, though small. Bobby Bolivia, loved that part, greatly due to him! Still, the year of 50. That is way to young to go. RIP.
  21. The thing about DKC was that although it didn't offer much more then unseen graphics, it was just a simple platformer. However, it did everything RIGHT! The controls were good, the music was fantastic, the graphics unseen before, and it was all mixed in perfectly. Basically, it's attention to detail, music wise, graphical wise, or whatever, was as good as the best from Nintendo at the time. And that was something that not a lot of companies pulled off. Oh, and DKC2 is by far my favorite. I kinda like the whole pirate theme, whereas part 1 just felt bland.
  22. He definatly nailed the style, but the song itself is to busy to have been an actual song. It's like he tried to hard. Instead of a normal tune, it sounds like he tried to put a little bit of everything in it.
  23. Really? Sounded like a lot more. Even when the gangster HAVEN'T pulled out their guns yet. But yeah, i already assumed it was John Woo, and in his movies, guns indeed have unlimited ammo.
  24. Attack of the Killer Junjidou Porno?
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