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  1. Are we still voting for forced autobalance? If so, I vote no, because of everything Bahamut said, more or less.
  2. How the heck do you play a FPS with a trackball?
  3. I was more of a fan of his Power Glove episode.
  4. Assuming you don't have teammates backing you up, anyway.
  5. if you get killed by an offensive spy on a attack/defend cp map more than one time you really need to wake the heck up
  6. your taste in maps is terrible
  7. Why does everybody like dustbowl anyway? Badwater and the new Payload maps are clearly much better.
  8. I used to play this game a long time ago, just feel out of interest after a while.
  9. So the Spy gets a new knife? I wonder what Valve's gonna do with that.
  10. I'mma laugh if he's actually not joking.
  11. Real spies dial 4-#-# for disguises. Real players use the number keys to choose weapons. also my mouse wheel sucks balls so i pretty much taught myself to never use it
  12. @Spork: It seems to fit my concept of Battlegineering just fine.
  13. Me and I think Clefairy were rambling about a "backpack" unlockable a while back. It would replace the shotgun but allow the Engie to carry something on his back, while still fully operable. Buildables would slow you down depending on what it is and what level it is, too. Level 3 sentry? You're a walking megatank that's slower than a Heavy. Also, I found these while I was at Anime Expo last weekend. Thought I'd like to share.
  14. That's 321 pennies, dude. Yes I know I'm being a cheapskate, I'm being real tight on my money.
  15. And I got it for $10 for my girlfriend during the Mac update. Rage.
  16. That's a funny way of spelling Badwater.
  17. what a hacker (please know i'm joking)
  18. I tried my hand at making some BRSTMs a couple of days ago... they were more or less a perfect success, but there was only one problem. Volume leveling. My ears almost died. Is there a way to level out the volume on the BRSTMs directly or do I have to remake it?
  19. I dunno man, I might get Beat Hazard... $5, yea?
  20. All right, I just sent it. The controller will be in very good hands, if that makes you feel any better.
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