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  1. http://www.joystiq.com/2007/04/13/super-street-fighter-ii-turbo-hd-remix-for-xbla-announced/ What a mouthful of a title! But it seems that Capcom is releasing a completely redrawn HD version of SSF2T for XBL and PSN! Hopefully this will pave the way for a few other redrawn classics, but as it is this will be pretty awesome. Check out how it will look here: http://www.gamekult.com/images/ME0000818216/
  2. Yeah, if I get one I will make it my strongest pokemon.
  3. http://www.serebii.net/diamondpearl/exclusives.shtml
  4. I made a DS OS skin for those of you use have an M4/R3 card. Enjoy! http://www.mavisxp.com/r4/skins/1176461896_Evilhead.rar
  5. I'm actually looking forward to Diamond/Pearl. It will be the first Pokemon game I've will have played since the original Red/Blue on GB, so hopefully I won't get bored with it so quickly. Should be fun doing online battles with ClanOCR! Also, am I the only one getting Pearl? All the Diamond exclusives seem so boring... Just tough/strong types. I'd much rather play with weird/cute Pokemon but I guess that's just me.
  6. I doubt there are any fans of the manga/anime here, but they've announced a Nana game for the DS that should be out in Japan in June. Seems like some kind of simulation game. Hopefully it's not as crap as the PSP Nana game.
  7. Thanks for the links!
  8. Obviously, but you have to admit the CG is extremely underwhelming. You'd think by now they'd be able to at least have decent looking textures and character models for the fucking main characters of the movie, who also happen to all look EXACTLY the same aside from their headband color. Now they are all shiny bright green gumby figures. The original suits looked a hell of a lot better, and honestly, most current gen console cut scene clips look better than this shit. It really looks like some cheap Saturday morning CG cartoon rather than a feature film.
  9. Oh, no, I also think he made a typo, I'm just talking about the general strategy for getting big. Rolling around the empty ocean as a huge katamari won't make you any bigger, but making sure to get all the stuff you can pick up while you are little WILL make a difference.
  10. When I first heard about this movie I heard that it was going to be a gritty and more like the original comics. Then I saw a preview and it looked like a cutscene from a budget PS1 game. Seriously, this is supposed to look good? The CG is absolute shit and the movie in general looks cheesy too. Granted, we're talking about TMNT here, but if you go to the theaters to watch this you have no sense whatsoever.
  11. ^ FYI, the way to get the biggest is not rolling around a lot at the end, but to pick up everything you can while you are little. When you upgrade in size a lot of the smaller stuff you missed will just disappear. As in when you pick up a house, you just get a house, not all the junk inside too, or any of the little stuff and the ground near it. The key is to take it SLOW. Also, I'd suggest playing the games in order. I ultimately like the second one better, but they are both pretty short games so you might as well just work through them one at a time. If you are planning to play them both (which you should!) play the first one first. The way the grade you up gradually in size in the first one really is cool, whereas after the "wow" factor wears down a bit, the second game has a lot more cool levels and fun stuff to do. The first game does have one advantage of having a "free" mode where you can just roll around without any time limits. Not sure why they took that out of the second game. Maybe to make getting records more challenging and adding some game play time that way, but it would be nice to be able to have a free mode after you get to some pre-set size that's very difficult to get or get all the special scores or something.
  12. Okami FFXII Disgaea 1 and 2 Hot Shots Golf 4 Rez WipeOut Fusion R-Type Final
  13. FYI people, don't ever quote a dictionary definition (and an online dictionary no less) and expect it to have any place in an debate about a philosophical issue. It might have worked in your jr high term paper, but not in a serious discussion. (Looking at you BGC)
  14. I think this is the 20th time this thread has been made here, and the discussion is always the same. Anyway, my thought is that when you start calling anything art, art loses all of it's meaning. Art is an expression for expression's sake. The problem begins when the sake of creating the piece becomes less and less a pure expression and more a desire for monetary gain. It loses it's soul. Which is why I don't consider some dude's dolphin's pictures he's hawking down on the beach art. Not just because they are ugly, but he's painting them to sell. They are a product. Now there are plenty of REAL artists who choose to or are forced to sell their paintings. This does not negate the quality or substance of their art. It was not the goal in mind when the piece was created. The same can be said for games. Now there's no question Madden 2007 or the Toy Story 3 game are anything but a grab for cash. And there are certain games, like Okami, Ico, Katamari Damacy, etc, that were obviously created in a flourish of creativity and talented expression (and in the case of Okami, the money didn't even come). I would consider these games to be art on some level. The problem is when it comes to games like, say, WipeOut Fusion, Castlevania SoTN, or Final Fantasy XII. True, there are lots of talented people working on the games, and the level of artistic expression and/or technical perfection within the games are quite apparent. But what was the intention of the game designers? Was it really to create a work of art, or to make a game that sold well? Was I supposed to walk away from FFXII with a new outlook on life, or even a new perspective on something I had never thought about? Or was it just a pretty game with a fun battle system in an interesting world? Where do you draw the line? The problem is, that line is extremely hard to draw, and the same things applies to movies, music, literature, and a lot of other things. On one hand, money destroys art. But on the other, without the motivation for that money, some games/movies/music with plenty of artistic merit would never have been created. So it's a bit of a win-lose situation.
  15. Crap, I didn't know you could transfer those. I I got a light and there went all of my Tetris wins. Oh well, I'll just have to earn them all again!
  16. Evilhead

    Nintendo Wii

    Man, just saw some videos on the Paper Mario game and it looks amazing. Gonna have to get this game! http://www.poe-news.com/forums/sp.php?pi=1001411354
  17. Yeah, it's 'Marl' like you always thought.
  18. Evilhead

    Sony PS3

    No, they are far from sold out here. In fact, I could get one cheaply since they are extremely unpopular but I'd like an American system because a lot of the best games don't come over here, whereas most good Japanese games make their way over to the states in the case of the 360.
  19. Evilhead

    Sony PS3

    I've never complained about "kiddy" games. I hate dumbed down games in pretty much any form, but I'm open to all kinds of visual style. I loved the Katamari series, Loco Roco, Animal Crossing, etc. LBP seems like a cool game, but it hasn't really changed my overall opinion on the PS3. I still plan to get one eventually, maybe after a price drop. Right now LBP ranks somewhere around 6 or 7 on my most wanted PS3 games. As of now I'd much rather have a 360. Plan on getting one once I'm back in the states.
  20. We do not practice this barbaric time destroying art in this land.
  21. Really? How can you know the game well enough to not lose a single ring but never have beaten it? I don't recall the last boss being extremely tough, although the last couple levels have a few tricky parts. Plus the ending theme is awesome.
  22. Yeah, it's really true. I love Disgaea for instance, but I wouldn't really say ANY part of that game is "fun" per se. It can be very satisfying, addicting, entertaining, etc, but not really FUN.
  23. It's not that hard to get 200+ rings on some levels.
  24. Evilhead

    Nintendo Wii

    Except Miis are ugly. Character customization is one of my favorite parts of a lot of games. Making crazy looking boxers in Fight Night, awesome looking warriors in games like Morrowind, scantily clad babes in Soul Calibur 3... If those were all replaced with some ugly q-tip man that sort of looked like a person I would be sad.
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