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  1. ahah smash doesn't get chat, but animal crossing city folk for wii gets wiispeak
  2. all of the fun fake gotham sites have been jokerized btw http://batman.wikibruce.com/Home
  3. i did it the hard way: trace every line all the way around with a pen tool, make selections, then used a brush to fill every line in
  4. i loved the first and last two stories. made me want to make my own batman
  5. oh, then the ds one is fun. i liked it a lot.
  6. viewtiful joe games are always fun, and you'll see why some people wanted him in smash bros. they get hard at points, but that's most of the fun! wait, which one was the gamecube one? double trouble right? that was hard, the ds one, not so much
  7. i never learned to use my tablet with photoshop either. i just rely on the pen tool
  8. ahahah that is pretty much the only reason i 100%ed every clerk like i said, extremely bored with nothing else to play esper rank angel esper point something around 5500 noise, pin, item 100% star hella hours of play, something over 150 final time attack like 12 minutes or something all secret reports, all noise beat at every difficulty, all noise beat at level 1 except for two pig noise where i fucked up and accidentally put it at lvl 50 but i finally stopped playing and started touch detective 2.5. what a cute game. i also tried playing pokemon mystery dungeon time version, but i don't really like the battle system as much as the original pokemon stuff. then someone recommended mystery dungeon: shiren the wanderer and i find out its the EXACT same thing as pokemon mystery dungeon, granted they are both from chunsoft, but wow, they are so similar. then i got guitar hero on tour. fun, expert was actually pretty hard [for me] even with 4 buttons. hard to find a way to hold the ds comfortably without straining or cramping my hand after half an hour.
  9. wait, 200 base attack and defense? i thought the max was 100, unless you're combining both neku and shiki hollow leg is awesome. i got both beat and neku's attack and defense up to 100, and joshua's attack to 100. i'm something around 5400 esper points and i don't have the patience for another 4600. ahahah i'm so bored of the game, yet i still play it when i have nothing else to do. i need a new game
  10. thanks guys. good stuff from everyone (especially the mspaint pieces ) hahaha, i was, like, 13? at the time i was also 13 when i first joined here with this name kinda. hahah i liked a lot of names when i was younger, bean
  11. also, i somehow immediately loved the cockroach pet
  12. first thing i thought of when i saw the short then the beginning of the movie with wall-e doing his rounds all alone reminded me of I Am Legend and the ships computer pilot (i forgot its name) reminded me of glados
  13. oh, can we still edit and send it in, even if we already sent in a copy? maybe i can add in some last second cleanups
  14. ahahah i'm serious. if both bean and phalanx are entering, then we've got some good competition also shhh, only you and atma know what i drew
  15. geez, from the sounds of it, i hope mine will at least stand up
  16. ahahah this is what i do when i choose random against someone good and its kirby because i don't know kirby too well
  17. is completely redoing and cleaning up a really old drawing of mine ok to submit? I started it a few days ago, and its finished now, so I'll pm it to you anyways, atma
  18. really? its incredibly easy even on intense for most stages stand at the edge, grab and throw backwards unless you play fairly, then yea
  19. link played by michael jackson
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