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  1. i am secretly taking these recommendations into consideration because i am also looking for an rpg to play shhhhhhh don't tell anyone
  2. I have two Micros, gave one to my mom. She plays Warioware. I've never had a problem with the size. My hands are fairly average sized and I love playing my GBA games on it rather than on my DS. The smaller screen is no problem to the eyes if you've got an ok vision, and my shoulder buttons haven't died on me yet (my DS L button did though). The only troubling task with the Micro is the start and select button placements. They're on the edge right below the screen, so you have to shift your fingers to press one of them. But, I love playing RPGs and shooters on the thing. With the size, it's as small or smaller than any cellphone, so it doesn't stretch your jeans out and make you walk weird when it's in your pocket. It comes with a little pouch thing to keep it safe-ish, along with a microfiber cleaning cloth. Depending on what type of Micro you get, it comes with replacement faceplates, so when you really, REALLY fuck up your faceplate screen, you can just switch the faceplate out with something else. It's a damn shame Nintendo never came out with those faceplates they said they would have. I'm playing Fire Emblem on mine right now, its working out great. I've had no hard time trying to read what it says on the screen, and the buttons feel nice and clicky. I also used mine to beat Metroid Fusion at 100% in 2 hours and 2 minutes (FUCK). It felt like I had better coordination than when I played Fusion on my DS. But that's just me.
  3. but... but i have. i've done all of that. no lie. i won second place with a 4 minute video. and a video of mine has been on [German] TV
  4. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/442158 the first ain't too bad neither
  5. honestly, i was trying to find a picture of the black knight from family guy on google, but it gave me the fire emblem 9/10 black knight so i was like ok sure
  6. ahaha i'm drawn to seong-mina. people tell me kilik is better, and i used to be a kilik user, but i dunno i think i like boobs
  7. i liked the show. sad to see it go, glad it ended nicely
  8. just remember to get out there to the gym or streets and get some exercise
  9. i'm looking for some movie recommendations too. also, you seem to like statham movies i recently rented transporter 2. so much better than the first (fight scenes aren't as awkward, and no annoying love interest, which honestly made the first movie a bit lame). crank is awesome, a movie made purely for an adrenaline rush. jackie chan movies are fun, so are jet li. you want kung fu goodness, there are classics with bruce lee, or more recent films with donnie yen (flashpoint; i still need to see this) or stephen chow (i need to watch both kung fu hustle and shaolin soccer again, chronologically). edit: donnie yen, not john woo, sorry
  10. one and only reason i chose christie over eddy. and breaking is the reason i chose her over everyone else
  11. iuno.... go out side and play with your friends?
  12. i rent games. i recently rented and returned okami for wii after beating it 100% really, if you know you won't play the game again until years and years later, why pay 50 bucks when you can rent it for 6. and, for me, after beating a game, it would take almost a year till i feel like playing it again, at which point i could get it used or find it cheaper than its launch but if its something that'd i'd play constantly (brawww) shit yea i'm buying it
  13. i can benefit from this thread. i recently beat okami at 100% and finally returned it to blockbuster i also need a new game to play. also, i'm in the middle of trauma center 2 and its as fun as the first (assuming you thought the first was fun as well)
  14. this is propbably the first time a game has hit magazines before the internet
  15. not to mention christopher nolan, director of tdk, also directed the prestige
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