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  1. selling: manga (all in very very good condition): Demon Diary Vol. 1-7 complete $55 [Linkjing] FLCL Vol. 1-2 complete $15 [Linkjing] DearS Vol. 1-8 + Official Fan Book $70 [Linkjing] Azumanga Daioh Vol. 1 $5 [Linkjing] Read or Die Vol. 1-4 complete $30 [Linkjing] Read of Dream Vol. 1 $5 [Linkjing] Juvenile Orion Vol. 1-5 complete w/ box $45 [Linkjing] Trigun Vol. 1-2 (Dark Horse, thick versions) complete $20 [Linkjing] Case Closed Vol. 1-8 $60 [Linkjing] Flame of Recca Vol. 1-21 $175 [Linkjing] The Kindaichi Case Files Vol. 1 $5 [Linkjing] A shitload of Archie/Jughead/Betty and Veronica/Double Digest comics. 74 Digests, 54 Double Digests. I can go into detail if asked [Linkjing] Player's Guides: Super Mario Advance $3 [Linkjing] Super Smash Bros. Melee $3 [Linkjing] Super Mario Sunshine $3 [Linkjing] Metroid Fusion $5 [Linkjing] Metroid Prime $5 [Linkjing] Metroid Prime 2: Echoes $5 [Linkjing] The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker $5 [Linkjing] Star Fox Assault $5 [Linkjing] Soul Calibur II $5 [Linkjing] The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess $5 [Linkjing] N64 games: Majora's Mask Gold Cartridge $20 [Linkjing] Gamecube games: Batman Begins $5 [Linkjing] Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the movie $15 [Linkjing] Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour $20 [Linkjing] Mario Party 5 $20 [Linkjing] Super Monkeyball Adventure $20 [Linkjing] Black and Bruised $20 [Linkjing] The Sims $20 [Linkjing] Wii games: Elebits $30 [Linkjing] DS games: Guitar Hero On Tour w/ Fret Adapter $30 [Linkjing] Polarium (no box) $10 [Linkjing] Big Brain Academy $10 [Linkjing] uhhhh DS game cases? ahahah (I lost a lot of games) $3 a piece [Linkjing] DVDs: King of Bandits: Jing Vol. 1 $5 [Linkjing] Flame of Recca Vol. 1-4 $50 [Linkjing] DearS Vol. 1-4 w/ box complete $60 [Linkjing] Case Closed (different titles with different episodes, 3 boxes, so ask for details) [Linkjing] Corky Romano $5 [Linkjing] Napoleon Dynamite $5 [Linkjing] Dogma $7 [Linkjing] South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut $5 [Linkjing] Reno 911! First Season $10 [Linkjing] Johnny English $5 [Linkjing] Mr. Deeds $5 [Linkjing] Dave Chappelle's Block Party $5 [Linkjing] King Kong (2006) w/ Production Diaries $45 [Linkjing] King Kong Collection (King Kong (1933), Son of Kong, Mighty Joe Young) [Linkjing] Services: Art Comissions [Linkjing] edit: forgot to throw in prices
  2. i have every Pokemon sitting on my shelf. your turn
  3. at least you can be disappointed now rather than when you play it
  4. why zelda, mario, or metroid won't work as movies: main characters don't talk
  5. hardest boss: jumping onto the helicopter at the end of mirror's edge no but really wtf kind of ending was that
  6. got oracle and azrael 1 off ebay, but now I'm out for oracle and azrael 2. Has Underground and Arkham Asylum released yet?
  7. Goddamned missed Azrael and Oracle #1 and my store can't get a hold of any :-x
  8. and Saw. This is probably the reason Zack/the writer decided to change it up
  9. boo this movie didn't follow the comic book to the very detail because that's what i wanted and i'm sure everyone will agree fuck you zack for doing your best to keep it at a decent length for casual viewers i want the movie to be 5 hours long do it now or else
  10. even coolerer, i have a button maker
  11. Bug! on sega saturn virtua on on sega saturn virtual fighter and virtual fighter kids on sega saturn DAYTOOOONAAAAAAAAAAAA usa on sega saturn
  12. me me, i'll take it off your hands
  13. got batman and joker bobble heads from work, a nice watch from parents, and about $728 in cash (350 from relatives who shelled out bank because I turned 18 today, another 358 from my parents, and 20 bucks from a poker game). this is the most money I can remember receiving on birthmas day ever. gave a nice SF hat, a Flip Video Ultra, Be Kind Rewind, clothes, a joker bobble head (by coincidence), a maxim calendar, and a box of tissues
  14. tomo, osaka, sakaki, chiyo i'm a tomo fan
  15. so he's saying that because soulja boy didn't use hadoken, a move he probably didn't know how to execute (because maybe he really never played it before, just maybe?), it makes him a liar who actually did play the game before?
  16. if you want link to fight ganon, press 1 if you want link to stay in the castle and do his taxes, press 2
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