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  1. blah, kill me, i haven't played any final fantasy game other than my life as a king i could always draw chime, but that would require me to draw boobs and i'd go totally overboard
  2. oh fuck, sorry bleck. when did this thing become SECRETS AND LIES?
  3. ok should i still try and pm it or should i just post my MOST ULTIMATE POWER EVER FOREVER here
  4. ahahahah fuck i missed it oh well, i'm still gonna draw it and post it here
  5. for some reason, i don't think a 2D wii metroid would feel as smooth as it would on a ds. i don't know, maybe because i felt like warioland wii was a little more sluggish than the gameboy color games
  6. ok i will enter this one only because i cannot pass up the chance to draw super saiyan
  7. this post resembles me almost exactly. I played the demo and little big planet today, and holy shit, they really make me want to get a PS3 mirror's edge is great in that you really only need jump and duck for the majority of of the demo. It's like a sucessful 3D sonic game little big planet is AMAZING with 4 other people. we all loved racing each other and making eachother disappear. then when the map stops for some dialog, we all smack each other with the arm controls
  8. i got the same pair in white. syl recommended them, and i love them so much
  9. what about that haruhi thing a while back? we got sweaters!
  10. his partner is dead mr. grimm eats his partner wears skull as a mask
  11. oh yea, he's eastern. ah well, it's not like i started or anything
  12. i've had this for years, but you reminded me to pull that back out, thank you i agree with practically all of that
  13. metroid fusion 1:42, 100% at 2:02 super mario bros in about 6 minutes
  14. ok, i never saw Lockdown mini-series on tv, but i just finished it on youtube (after watching intruder) the writers of these things are great
  15. the Intruder mini-series during TOM 1's run was awesome
  16. Linkjing Donuts


    were they ever this anal about black and white?
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