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  1. except the omega beam was established long before this event and is not some deus ex machina gun
  2. seriously. and the opening too, which then moves on to the video and I don't hear the first few words
  3. glados says it in the game I think I just restarted and beat the whole thing again right now. those radios are hard to find
  4. just completed Luigi after a long hiatus on the game with 242 total stars. Can't wait for the next.
  5. batman gotham knight was illustrated by anime artists and that movie was awesome except for preppy boy bruce. That one kinda annoyed me. But everything else was so good
  6. were there other forms of celebi I wasn't aware of? Like, for instance, one with a horn and one with a murkrow hat? I don't remember anything about it in any movie
  7. a full rainbow of lanterns, including black, which brings people to life as zombies wip
  8. I can't wait. kinda spoiler: dick and batwoman just caught up to batman, whose body has been in a lazarus pit in Batman and Robin, and they had a batman vs batman thing until bruce escaped this will be awesome
  9. ahahah that chick is like, 15 or something miranda cosgrove, iCarly
  10. if my stuff is cluttering the first posts, you can remove them. I had only one response since I posted it and I guess he changed his mind.
  11. Pokemon Chair and Pokemon Table Third installment will be Pokemon Bed
  12. Since the thing is gone, I've been wanting to see everyone's drawings (or what's been finished). If we don't get a complete project, might as well make a nice little album of the pictures unless someone's got all of them saved
  13. Want: gameboy advance to gamecube cable
  14. during class, 4 of us were playing mario party ds. after a turn, we had to play the minigame where you blow out the fuse. the teacher was giving a lecture while 4 of us were frantically trying to blow into the mics without being too conspicuous.
  15. lineart, pencil scan, colored or just inked. Reference work
  16. all my stuff in this category are strategy guides, btw. not the actual games also, if I have too much up to sell and it's cluttering the list, sorry. I can clean out things if it's a huge problem
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