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  1. Blind is the bomb. I love Blind, he just progressively gets better.
  2. It's strange how quickly someone can just go. I remember the day I heard the news last year. Time flies/ May his soul rest in peace.
  3. Flip

    Mega Man 9

    Its pretty hard, but I dig the music. Just a matter of recognizing patterns.
  4. lets put a smile on that face
  5. Blind has made some of my favorite mixes to date. I wish him well and hope he makes a recovery.
  6. I wasn't too impressed with the first, I was hoping this one would be better.
  7. Flip

    Just Married!

  8. Tons of games, if theres something I haven't played in awhile I may just go back to it. Zombies ate my neighbors, Final Fantasy Tatics, Yoshi's Island and etc. Just depends on what mood I'm in.
  9. loved it. loved it. loved it. Really enjoyed the strings. glad to see you back.
  10. Good job running the site, been here since 02, signed up for the forums way later, don't really post but I have watched the development of the site, here's to another prominent year.
  11. I think I came when I saw that trailer.
  12. hope its good or at least somewhat decent.
  13. Don't want to sound silly but I think, much like everyone else think this project is going to kick the universe's ass.
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