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  1. Keep rockin' you guys, I'm excited that you're spending so much time making it awesome.
  2. Site update +1. I'm so happy, it's perfect! Kong in Concert is so unbelievably cool it makes me want to pee my pants.
  3. This project has a huge scope, and I really hope that it doesn't break down, putting all this work to waste. Would it be wise, do you think, to implement the project piecemeal? As each character's bio is written, perhaps it can be integrated into the site, so that it will generate more publicity and people will know that their work is actually becoming realized.
  4. Here's an admittedly easy one. Deku Link Nintendo 2000 Deku Link is really the hero Link, of The Legend of Zelda series, transformed by a mischievous Skull Kid into a plantlike form (that of a "Deku Scrub") by the power of Majora's Mask. Upon meeting the Happy Mask Salesman, Link learns the Song of Healing from him. This magical tune returns him to his former Hylian form and transmogrifies the unnatural Deku Scrub form into a mask. Using the mask at will, Link later becomes Deku Link again to use the expanded abilities the alternate form grants him. These include projecting bubbles, temporary flight, skipping across water, and masquerading as one of the true Deku Scrubs in their own domain. However, Deku Link is critically vulnerable to fire and cannot dive into water. Appearances: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (2000) Sources: Wikipedia's Majora's Mask page Other Links: RPGamer's Majora's Mask page Nintendo's official Majora's Mask page
  5. Chill as heck. I love the mood of this song. I also like the contrast between the sort of soft, acoustic sounds in the beginning (yes, forgive my inclusion of the drum kit, but it's appealing) and the rougher synth lead midway through. This is definitely a song to lounge to.
  6. Toad Nintendo 1985 Toad hails from the Super Mario Bros. series of games. He is a citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom and is a retainer of its royal family, of which the famous Princess Toadstool is a member. In Japan he is known as "Kinopio." Toad first appeared in Super Mario Bros., greeting Mario after all but the last of the boss battles with Bowser. His recurrent words at these points in the game are now famous: "Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!" He first appeared under the name "Toad" as a playable character in Super Mario Bros. 2. His agility, weak jumps, and swiftness in picking up objects made him unique among the other playble characters. Toad's personality is elaborated upon in Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64 (N64, 1996). In the former, he offered help and advice to Mario as he explored Princess "Peach" Toadstool's nearly deserted castle, and in the latter his voice was heard a number of times. In each, he is childishly peppy and encouraging, virtually never showing an unhappy moment; this is evident in his cries of "yahoo!" during races in the latter and his constant, energetic hopping in the former. In many games in which he appears, Toad is a non-player character, much like Princess Toadstool. Indeed, he is found often at the Princess's side playing a similar role in gameplay. Toad's soft, goofy appearance and delightful disposition make him a hallmark of the Super Mario Bros. series. Some Primary Appearences: Super Mario Bros. (NES, 1985) Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES, 1988) Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES, 1990) Wario's Woods (SNES, 1993) Super Mario Kart (SNES, 1992) Mario Kart: Super Circuit (GBA, 2001) Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (GC, 2003) Mario Golf (N64, 1999) Mario Tennis (N64, 2000) Sources: Mario Mania - "Toad" Wikipedia - "Toad" The Mario Series Character Guide
  7. Pixie just got Chrono Triggered... Anyway, yeah good show. Just when I thought Rayza's irreverant sexual-overtone marauding couldn't get any more intense, I'm exposed to the Rayza-Pixietricks combination. Lollerblades. Seriously, I was laughing in the breakfast line and scaring people.
  8. So yeah, I've been holding out for months since Ep. 004 when djpretzel said he was going to sing for us. Why doesn't he???
  9. Word up. Good stuff as usual, guys.
  10. But would they be but for Rayza's presence?
  11. Wow, that convention is...what the hell was going on? You people are sick. Just kidding, I'm still listening intently. I'll call in someday.
  12. Hello hello! It's the cover artist! And he has a present for all of you. It's a miniature album cover for all of your iPod and desktop album display needs. Pop this baby in your Rise of the Star folder and be on your way to not-gigantic-album-art-with-insert-attached-like-it-is-in-the-torrent heaven. The Star has Risen, and it shines so brightly...
  13. If only 1000+ gave you the rank of Ken, you could say something about realizing you(')r(e) Ken. Why doesn't it?!
  14. This is so ridiculously off-kilter that I almost peed my pants with joy. I love this song.
  15. Mailed to news@planetdoom.com with some nice formal praise. Okay, no more junk posts from Lin until he's listened.
  16. Seeding all night. Get me while you can! I know I'm not a part of this project in any way, but did somebody e-mail planetdoom.com the good news? If it's as big as SLy says, might be a good idea.
  17. I never even played Doom, and this delay after having announced a release date is bothering me. I am upset! I am outraged! This is completely unacceptable.
  18. Careful what you say, Aurora. He's not the one who watches some acid-induced Polkaroo or whatever the hell that was. Canadians. Liked the Myth interview. I want Rama back. But Kyle did do a fairly good job. Nice music this time too.
  19. Seconded. Wow, three months? A quarter of a year!
  20. You just can't get this level of intrigue in regular radio broadcasts. However, if you guys are interested in developing your DJ / show-hosting skills, I recommend checking out a public radio program called "Marketplace." It's kind of dry material (finance and business), but they make it rather relevant and engaging even to outsiders like me. Since part of your intent is to introduce outsiders to OCR, you might do well to take a leaf out of their book. Sure, OCR is a world away from the stock market, but there may be a few pearls in the way they conduct their show that would intrigue you guys. Just an idea.
  21. Aurora, I really wish you wouldn't rub in my face the fact that I'm so far from my VGDJs... But seriously, folks. Minnesota. Make yourselves known. Oh wow, listening to Ep. 011 right now, funniest Rama report EVER, excepting of course Rama's vocal demonstration accompanied by Chrono Trigger a while back. Rama's constricted aural environment is becoming part of the identity of VGDJ. If he ever stops recording in his bathroom, it won't sound real anymore! Cookie testing?! Huh? Robots on parade?! Creepy laugh! "Random thingies!" WONDERFUL! I'm debating whether to put that in my signature. I think we should have a recitation of the Canadian National Anthem if you're going to be saying "eh" as much as that. Vote +1 kthx you guys rock.
  22. I'm officially offering to organize a Minneapolis meetup if there are Minnesotans on OCR. Well, if I end up having the time. I'm enthusastic, at least. Anybody up for Twin Town in December?
  23. Anybody know a way for me to get not-half-assed bagpipe samples (I already have an unnatural-sounding soundfont) without spending a lot of money?
  24. And, more to what I was concerned about, "groupies" apparently definitively have sex with the band. Will listen in the morning.
  25. Okay wow. So many of those jokes required me being there to be funny. That wasn't so much a "show on the road" as "random recordings of you guys blathering, sometimes being funny because it's so not-funny, because I'm just not there." Not my favorite episode, but I listened diligently because I am a VGDJ roadie (I was told that the distinction between groupie and roadie is very...important). In the future, however, I recommend just playing some highlights of the meetup instead of the whole thing. Yes I know it wasn't the whole thing, thank God. I would have died. Anyway, either make it a real show on the road, or just play some of the better parts and get on to regular business. I felt a little weird driving around listening to recordings of other people having fun. As always, I'm looking forward to next episode.
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