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  1. This is a work in progress remix. Feedback appreciated. Original Three's A CrowdWIPmp3.mp3
  2. Hi all! It's been a while! My career has taken off but in the back of my heart and mind I have had such a special place for video game music, esp. the games that meant a lot to me when I was a kid. Plus I freakin' love Lord of the Rings. Plus I've had a now... I guess lifelong-dream of getting a mix on OCR. So here we are, my friends. My remix: https://1drv.ms/u/s!As7ItUUwLqAujb0ep4xeQjbMwDi_IQ?e=PSstbK Original here (first 4 minutes or so): I'd love to know what you think of the arrangement as well as the instrument balance. Any other feedback welcome, of course. Defiance
  3. Not quite finished, i skipped the lengthy intro. Thanks in advance for any feedback. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OrU5hgorvEjfwqnvYZOTwO7bwMIUpTXz/view?usp=drivesdk
  4. Remix Source: Be sure to listen carefully, I did some original touches with the chromatic (harp) stuff, especially. Hopefully that's enough to push it into post-able territory. I think there is some post-rendering issues and possible f**k-ups with the operatic singer. What else is there that could be touched up upon? So ya, I made this one for MnP131, but looking to get it posted at OCR. Any feedbacks? No blowing smoke up my ass - those who're friends of mine!! Or else CDI Ganon will make your faces the GREATEST in Metroid Other M.
  5. This is a work in progress remix of the World of Ruin overworld theme, Searching for Friends. I've gotten some new software lately, and this is using some of that. Feedback welcome!:) I do know that the EQ and loudness aren't where they should be, and the kick needs to be worked on:) Also, some humanization on the SID-style leads is needed. Lookin' For BuddiesWipMp3.mp3
  6. SoundCloud Link above. Just sharing a section of what I'm working on. This is a section of my medley, Corridors of Time from Chrono Trigger. I threw in licks from two songs I previously ReMixed. It's still raw and unmixed, but any feedback would be appreciated. Take care! -ymK
  7. So I finished this up today, and I like how it sounds. Feedback appreciated, and original linked for comparison. Three's A Crowd Submission.wav
  8. Three's A CrowdFL.mp3 This is a short work in progress I thought I would throw up here. It's less than half done, but I thought I might try to get some feedback:)
  9. This is a remix I did on FL Studio mobile, and uploaded to Soundcloud. I think it turned out pretty well, all things considered. I think Soundcloud altered the sound this a little. The sub bass seems a little enhanced compared to the WAV file, and 1k-2k seems a little suppressed. Thanks for feedback ahead of time!
  10. Hello, while watching my partner play ACNH I would constantly hear the Dodo Airlines transition screen and it got stuck in my head. It was so engrained in my mind that I decided to make a disco track based on the 7 second sound sting. I do wonder if it's enough to be considered a cover since the source material is only 7 seconds, hence why I am submitting for review. Thanks!
  11. This is my first shot using orchestral stuff. It's a wip, so it's not polished. It needs volume adjustments at the very least, and also this first section doesn't have much interpretation, but I would like feedback on other aspects. Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone, I just finished my cover of David Wise's "Aquatic Ambience" from Donkey Kong Country. I primarily used analog synthesizers to compose most of this song. Let me know what you think!
  13. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G5guMsucceZUA9aFqm-KbfEI-3oYR-sN/view?usp=sharing Funky's theme from DKC, done in grimy reggae style. Not sure where I want to go with it from here
  14. Actually a mix of two songs from the game. Will extend it later. Originals: Remix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ijOT_Q3yC45wIcYVFtxgQ0C3gdmQZvbU/view?usp=sharing
  15. What is it with me and Polka!? Anyhoo. I did this as a DOD entry but I'm gonna go in a new direction with it. I really want to add some yodeling (which I cannot find any male yodelers) and some live polka instruments if anyone is interested. I threw a tad bit of references to Weird Al in there as well.
  16. Remix Old Version Source: [edit 3 lol] I've done some tiny touch ups to the piano melody and added an original choir, which is the same VST as the first version I submitted in 2014**, Changed some of the piano notation with a few high-note trills and a few left-hand notes; though, the main changes lie in the production side of things, especially with a new Reverb space. I also added an atmospheric pad in the background. Is this enough to push it over to the YES area?
  17. I love the idea of staging music and receiving audience feedback! While I already submitted for OCRemix review (newbie to the forum), it is very constructive to receive your feedback! Edit: Maybe I can rework it? Send your impressions and feedback please! Release Here's my arrangement: Yuji Ohno's (Koei) Operation Europe Attack Theme. I remember always wanting to start an attack (even a futile one) just to hear this song. Whenever the computer attacked first, I was bummed - sometimes I reloaded a save to change some timings hahaha! While the game hasn't aged well, the battle theme still packs a punch. For reference, here's the original SNES version: https://youtu.be/LCeG7L4fHPA?t=304 Feedback I welcome your likes and suggestions! I stayed mostly true to the song; added some harmonic parts and rhythm to progress the flow. Enjoy and thanks for listening! Cheers, CalloftheJay
  18. This is a remix from the title screen. I don't know what style to call this but I am looking to record a couple of different instruments such as flute and violin. That said I am open to collab or receive feedback/support. Thanks for listening! Original: Ecco Tides of Time.mp3
  19. Lots of references in this, I won't say what my favorite one is but I hid it in there. just a WIP that I may or may not continue.
  20. Hey, Here is a remastered version of Raid on Dollet (unreleased track) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBcpiGMTzcQ Enjoy!
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