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  1. A little project for fun - thought up some X characters so I could compose themes for them. Using an MMX soundfont found around the web, and a couple custom rips from a friend, in FL Studio. Most of the writing is done, but I'm having trouble getting the exact character of the X instruments down. I got a handle on the echo/detune tricks used throughout the ost, but there's a certain sort of timbre that's just different when you side by side the rips to the originals. I think it's a specific application of reverb...So, feedback appreciated. Trying closely for the X sound and also obeying the 8 voice limit. --> Heatseeker Fossa <-- One of two female characters I came up with. A Fossa is kind of a cat/mongoose looking animal from Madagascar. She is a expert hunter/tracker specializing in guerrilla warfare - basically female Rambo. I envision the level as a dense jungle during a rainstorm. Edit: Not exactly set on what type of weapons she would use, but I like the idea of an explosive crossbow, and maybe some close range blade technique. --> Stealth Coati <-- Coati is a raccoon like animal from Mexico. This character is sort of the antithesis of Heatseeker Fossa, in that he is a long range assassin - picture a little rodent with a big ass sniper rifle. Mavericks don't typically use guns that aren't attached in some way, but they are seen on a character or two from some later games, and I thought it'd be something different. Level is an evacuated old city, mostly inside poorly lit buildings and such. I tried to do a sort of espionage tone but with the dark/aggressive X flavor applied. --> Rush Bongolope <-- My token big guy, with a hard rockin' track inspired by Tunnel Rhino. The name of the animal is actually just "Bongo" which is in the antelope family. But "Rush Bongo" just sounds dumb, so I went with the Japanese naming route and spiced up the last name a bit by combining in antelope (which also gives a better clue to the animal anyway). Primary weapon would definitely be the horns. Not too sure about the level, but it would be some cool Africa lookin shiet I suspect. --> Rally Railgator <-- This is actually the first guy I came up with. I thought if this were an actual game, it would be cool to tie it in to the previous Mega Man games in unique ways. I thought not only X, but classic...So I thought of a character that was built from parts of two previous robots. Enter Rally Railgator, built from parts of Wheel Gator from X2 and Turbo Man from MM7. So he's like...a transformer car alligator...then I just gave him a rail gun as a weapon cuz it makes the name sound cool (make it shoulder attached cuz car). I also thought it'd be cool to give him less of a "badguy" vibe, but more of just a guy on the opposite side vibe, so I just went all the way made him actually heroic in presentation. Like some Super Sentai or Captain Falcon-esque personality. Stage would probably resemble Turbo Man's quite a bit in design, but obviously less cartoony and more X'ish. Anyway, with all this, I wanted the theme to be dramatic and very "Capcom", but not too cliche. --- --> Psycho Isopod <-- The first of the second wave. These character are a lot more on the weird side as far as powers go, where as the first four were more military based. I toyed with the idea of having this game play out like mega man 7, with the first 4 characters, then the second 4, which ties into the story I'm thinking of...Anyway, this characters is the "data extraction specialist" that can neuro-hack other reploids/devices. It can create digitized copies of itself or others using the data, aside from generally hindering whatever it hacks. For the theme, tried to go with an electric/energy tone with hints of "monster" since an isopod is quite on the freaky side. --> Hellfire Hornero <-- One of my favorites. The first half is a bit different than something you'd hear in X, but the second half reigns it back in. I did want to have at least one song that strayed a bit though, and I really like how this came out. A Hornero is a South American (I believe...) bird that builds nests that kind of look like little ovens. This characters stage is a forge/furnace where junk metal is melted down or recycled. I wanted to base it on an animal that liked to construct things, so there's some weird and freaky concocted stuff down in this level. A very hellish look/feel. The characters weapon would be a torch that resembles a scythe to play on the theme. --> Lazer Vampsquid <-- And this is what I would consider the highlight of the tracks so far. I feel like it captures X perfectly, and the echo synth lead came out sounding really cool. This characters is based on a Vampire Squid. He uses scientifically altered lazer weapons based on bio luminescence. In some pictures of vampire squid, you can see the tips of the tentacles glow, so you can imagine how he'd use his attacks. This would obviously be the underwater level, but I'd make it especially annoying with a bunch of technical laser dodging sections in some low visibility areas. Basically the level you hate --> Shatter Andromacha <-- Last but not least, my other female character, and also what I would consider the coolest character I came up with. Andromacha is part of the scientific species name for the Glasswing butterfly. This character wings break apart to either defend or attack, and can recombine off her body to form different things (like a mirror to reflect shots). The level would be out in some sort of space station with some weird experimental technology involved. The tone of this track has a "final stage" sort of feel to it, and I think being out in space works well with that.
  2. Trying a new thing, posting this very early WIP, maybe it's easier to build with feedback rather than after it?.....trying to make the ebb and flow of the mix match the rhythmic undulations of a snake....well, can I quit my day job? Source- Remix-
  3. I really was against doing this because there has to be about a dozen or so remixes and covers of the ocean loader track. This is just a rough mix. I just plugged in my keyboard and started playing and I pasted the tracks together later. I suppose it's more of a cover at this point, but I basically just want to know whether I have something here. Original Remix
  4. I've been working on this for a while, and I wanted see what you guys thought. A few months back my father was visiting to work on an unrelated project, and I thought, why not record him for this? WIP 10 Link to the original:
  5. I sat down to do my college homework and 8 hours later I ended up with this: (You'll have to download it to hear it in it's highest quality, Soundcloud apparently compresses things pretty harshly) I'm really liking how it sounds so far, can anyone offer any tips?
  6. So... for PRC282 the source track was Illusion City, a 1991 Cyberpunk RPG for MSX, PC-98 and Sega Mega-CD. I've known this game for years and always wanted to cover the main title theme but somehow never got around to doing it. PRC282 was a good excuse to give it a go and also try to remake it into something epic and hybrid like todays movie score. Not sure if I succeeded in that, but I think it turned out pretty well! C&C appreciated. Original: Remix: Source breakdown: 00:00-00:32: original intro 00:32-00:50: string ostinato from source 00:50-01:05: original lead with ostinato from source 01:05-01:21: original break with synth arp from source 01:21-01:53: source track (almost integral) 01:53-02:02: outro, custom 02:02-02:14: original break 02:14-02:18: MGS game over theme 02:18-02:48: original bridge 02:48-02:50: trumpet from source 02:50-03:23: source track with variation lead guitar 03:23-03:33: ostinato from source 03:33-03:43: synth arp from source 03:43-03:48: MGS game over theme 03:48-03:55: outro And the occasional swirly sound effects from the original (e.g. 0:30, 0:44, 0:59, 1:15) that I had to recreate and mixed in at appropriate intervals.
  7. Could I get some outsider feedback on this? I can't really tell if my ideas sound good to anyone's ears but mine sometimes.
  8. Hi, my name is Bryan. I have been a musician for 13 years. Most of those years are guitar, and I don't regret it one bit I have always wanted to compose for video games. I now have a good job, and can afford a home studio. Since then, I have been making electronic music, and steering away from guitar. It has been a year since then. Now, I want to get serious and compose, but I want it to sound like me. Here is a demo reel I made for developers. If you could give me feedback on style, sound, song order, that would be amazing. I will gladly take any other advice (what to do, what not to do). Thank you so much!
  9. Final Fantasy IX - The Journey Home Sources: (with elements from the ) (more specifically )A Song from Her Memory/Melodies of Life Hi all, hopefully I can get some feedback for my track (it's a tad long, so I really appreciate anyone who took the time to listen to it). It's in the final stages, although I'm still considering adding a few instruments (definitely more percussion and probably a toybox sorta instrument), so suggestions to improve the arrangement would be greatly appreciated. I'm pretty happy with the overall sound now, but after hours of arrangement, mixing and mastering, I'm probably completely deaf to any problems in the mix, so any feedback would be incredibly helpful!
  10. An homage to some of the themes from Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. Still working on the performance, harmonies, and mix of course. This is only about a third of it so far, as there are a few more themes to be woven in. I'm trying to infuse some of my own style as well as incorporate different harmonies and orchestration. I'm not submitting this as an official OCR or anything. Just something I'm doing for fun while I have a short work break. Sources (so far): Rogue Squadron Main Title: Star Wars Main Title: (if you don't know this by heart, shame on you!) Kasan Moor's Theme:
  11. I recently fell in love with the Cello, and have since been searching for ways to write unique arrangements for it. I began with this track, but will expand this into an entire EP of Cello and piano songs called 'Legato Ludologies'. Eventually, I'd like to record an entire album of Zelda songs done in this style. Any feedback is tremendously appreciated.
  12. I am focusing on completing a number of arrangements from Suikoden 2 for the purposes of an album. I love the work of Miki Higashino very much and Suikoden 2 is probably, compositionally speaking, and gameplay wise, among my favorite games of all time. I particularly fell in love with the soundtrack. For the purposes of a general album, I am still trying to find a style for the tracks. I am continuing to work on a general profile through which I can devise a style for the purposes of quality and consistency. Just thought I would share what I've worked on so far. \ The structure of the piece is complete in my mind. All of the instruments, melodies and countermelodies are in place. I feel like there are times in the music where less would be more but I tried to find a nice balance between moments of simplicity and fuller orchestral counterpoint. The epic sections don't sound as epic as they could but the original source material is fairly quiet and austere... but very powerful. The melody is just delightful. But I need help on the mix. Suggestions for cleaning it up would be profoundly welcome Thanks!
  13. Hey first post! Thought Id come to you guys finally, big fan of all your work here and have been for ages. Really love what you all do. Alright so I got a 30min mix to do by January so I got a bunch of track to get done and link up. The thing is I'm trying to keep it simple since I have so much work in such short time to do so I've been mashing up music left and right rather then making my own music. It's fun for the audience to pick out the songs they know and its more appropriate for the show thats gonna happen after. Not to mention I'm not that musically talented to begin with so it works . I've set a few rules for myself: 2 songs have to play at the same time all the time (granted short breaks are ok) I don't want it to turn into some lame house mix or something or some dj set you hear on the radio every day. The mix has to be longer than 30 minutes. No song can play longer than 3 minutes. Ideally they switch every 1 to 2 minutes. And thats really all there is to it. I'll start off with a few just to give an idea of what I'm trying to do: Worried about transitions mixing and the overall feel. I feel some jumps are iffy and overall I dont get a strong feeling about it one way or another. Anyway I was wondering if you guys could take a minute to tell me what you think of some of the songs I've been messing with and give me some feed back and what not. Excited to hear what you guys think!
  14. Accidentally posted this in original music, meant to post it here. I've been working on some Zelda themes. I used as a base and wrote a few of my own mixed in with and from Ocarina of Time. Any feedback on the mixing or arrangement is welcome and appreciated. It's called 'The Other Side'
  15. Ventura Ira: Dropbox Original Song: by Takami AsanoOk, so, first time posting here. I started this one as a distraction from a Golbez piece I'm working on and ended up banging out an arrangement in a few hours. Over the last few days I've mostly been recording and tweaking. Originally the idea was to take the incredibly theatrical opening song from Devil Survivor, Demon of Darkness, and modify it to sound like something resembling an actual hymn. Then I realized that I'd have problems stretching that out to two minutes, so I decided to bring back the original sound of the song and try to make it even more theatrical. Hopefully, the effect is something along the lines of a very angry Archangel kicking in the door of a cathedral halfway through the piece. I am aware that the production probably sucks. This, hopefully, is temporary. For one thing, I'm a college student, so I have neither the money nor space for audio equipment beyond my laptop and a pair of bookshelf speakers. For another thing, I'm a college student, so I live in a dorm with really awful acoustics. For yet another thing, I'm a fairly mediocre singer to begin with, so having to do all the vocal recording by myself is a bit more than I'm actually able to pull off. As a result, while I always welcome feedback and tips on production, I'm more concerned with how you like the arrangement. I have my own concerns, but I'll withhold them for a bit if nobody else picks up on them. What I need before I'll call this complete: - At least one alto, probably two. - At least one soprano, probably two. - I'd like to see if I can record my violinist / former roommate, since I'm not thrilled with how the samples ended up sounding on this one. Production notes: - The live vocals consist of two tenor parts, a countertenor, two baritones, a bass (I cheated on this one and used an octaver; I'm going to try and get one of my friends who can actually hit that low D to come in and record soon), and a fake soprano (My falsetto CAN go that high, but given that I'm naturally somewhere between tenor and lyric baritone... well, you'll hear how it sounds for yourself). The rest is placeholder midi. - The latin is from a hymn called Libera Me, and essentially translates to "Please God, spare me when you come down to pass judgment." Given that the plot of Devil Survivor essentially revolves around that very scenario, I thought it was appropriate. - Drums are DrumMicA. Because decent and free. - The guitars run through Guitar Rig into a mesa rectifier cab impulse I dug up a few years ago, and while I've gotten reasonably decent results that way in the past, I'd still much rather mic up a real cab, or at least record from the preamp out into that same impulse. - Bass is guitar through an octaver and into guitar rig. I'll borrow a friend's bass and rerecord when I get the chance.
  16. So this tune came to mind a while back and I finally got around to putting this piece together. It's an acoustic(as much of my stuff is) mix of that catchy Royal Castle theme from The Legend of Dragoon. It's still a work in progress, and I'm hoping to expand it a bit. Hope you enjoy it!
  17. Hey all. I always cook up some special music for Halloween, and this year I've been playing the PC classic "Bloodlines" and got tired of that song in the Voerman Sisters' nightclub. So, I made my own gothic sounding Big Beat track to replace it!
  18. This is pretty much my first attempt at an orchestral remix, so I'd like to get some feedback/criticism before I go much further. Don't hold back if you think it's crap. I won't be too offended.
  19. I would've put it as finished, since I'm technically done composing it, but I'm sure there's a lot of technical things I need to do with it. I started out making a regular battle theme, but it ended up sounding more like a boss-theme in my opinion. Anyway, tell me what you think. Thank you!
  20. Hi all, A new take on an old classic - done in the style of modern day film scores, think Zimmer. Enjoy! (I haven't mixed/sorted out levels yet etc, so loudness will be all over the place)
  21. So this is Temple of Time with Serenade of Water and so I'm stuck in a quagmire, I wrote it after listening to Nostalvania and I loved the.......smoothNES.........of his remixes. I "finished" this and was going to PM him to see if he wanted any part of this mix ( if there was anything here worth having a part of [also as a thank you for helping with my Cubase problems]) but figured I should run it past the Workshop, see if it passes muster and then go from there. The main reason is the Drums here are in Reason( I'm familiar with) and everything else is Cubase( the meanest best friend I've ever had) so Cubaser out there are difficult to find and I can only kind of blueprint ideas it's hard to get them flying in but individuals who are familiar with Cubase can do Amazing things. So if it sound good I'll send it down stream and go from there. Have a great day all!!!
  22. so, when I was messing around on the piano I acciddentally stumbled upon dracula's castle. And after I had played around with it for a bit I actually really liked how it turned out. I changed the key and quite a few chords and made everything a bit more dramatic. It's only in its testing stages so I didn't even bother making a 'perfect' recording. The audio quality is fine, though. Any thoughts on how I could improve this? Besides the obvious sloppy playing and bad ending. Any feedback is hugely appreciated. Source: Remix:
  23. Last year I tried remixing this song in more of a rock route This time I decided to be a little more true to the original 8-bit style. Any tips/suggestions? I feel like the main melody doesn't have enough "soul" not quite sure how to fix that... (Yeah the glitching needs fixing too)
  24. I have returned! Just a small thing I thought up over the course of a week. Any and all critique is welcome, especially dealing with mastering. Remix:
  25. So I think I've got a remix here thats worth fixing up into a proper ReMix. Its a downtempo remix of Water Goddess Mitula from the Shining force OST. I made it for the previous MNP compo round, and ended up submitting it to Shining Force II 20th Anniversary Mix Drive over on Radiosega as well. anyways, heres the goodies!