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  1. Hey everyone, I'm currently going through the tracks I want to submit and giving them another pass. This is the first one I would like some feedback on: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/yh8fr78j7oc3dwekmv374/Day-Market.mp3?rlkey=okfbgxwvlfvdnetgnbaauiob5&dl=0 Original: Some notes: This track takes the original song and turns it into a much more upbeat version of it (hence the title). I changed the time signature for the A section to 4/4 but kept the B section in 6/8 and use metric modulation between the two sections. To keep things fresh I wrote an alternative A section for the repeat that features the two saxes playing different lines instead of playing unison.
  2. Hello all! It's been a very long time since I've visited these forums, and a long time in general since working on anything music-related that got complete enough to get feedback on, but I had this idea the other night, and haven't been able to really think about anything else until I started working on it, so here we are! Dragon Roost Lounge.mp3 The idea was basically just "I wonder what the Dragon Roost Island theme would sound like in a Bossa Nova style?" Most of my production knowledge is in EDM, so what followed was a lot of research (not nearly enough yet, I think), and then a few pages of notes trying to conform the theme to this new style and time signature. I'm pretty proud of what I have so far, certainly more proud of this than anything else I've made in the past few years, but I've reached a point where I'm not sure how to proceed. My personal thoughts right now are that the track progresses a little too slowly for my tastes, and I think the transition from the "A" melody to the "B" melody needs a lot of work, but I think I've been stuck in my own head a bit too long to have any ideas. If anyone could lend a fresh pair of ears and a new perspective, I'd really appreciate it! The guidelines for posting say to include a link to the original track being remixed, so here that is. I'm specifically referencing the OST version for the bassline, but that's the only real difference I'm aware of between the game version and the OST version.
  3. This is for the OverClocked Christmas Album this year. I've always wanted to make a track from Ristar's 'Ring Rink (Round 5-1)' source and inspiration has finally struck! I'm very lacking in the mixing and mastering department, so specific feedback is highly appreciated. https://on.soundcloud.com/VZHk4
  4. It was made about a week ago. I see there's a lot of potential missing in this music, but I still like it. Edit: it's remix of "It's Raining Somewhere Else" by Toby Fox, appeared in the game called "Undertale".
  5. #yakuza0 is one of my all-time favorite games because of the lovely protagonist Kazuma Kiryu. The gangster with a heart of gold, always had me glued to the screen for hours on end. Luckily, the soundtrack for Yakuza was also amazing. Strangely enough, my favorite track of all comes from the cabaret club! The saxophone just kicks ass. So of course, i had to do a #drumandbass #remix - I hope you enjoy (what was your favourite track?) Tracks Sampled: Try and have some fun for me!! - Yakuza 0 Soundtrack No Return - Fifa Street 2 Soundtrack [Drum sample] Silver Stream - Rage Racer Soundtrack [Drum sample] This song was produced, mixed and mastered in FL Studio 21.2 on a pair og ATX-MH50's Artist: Mikkel Barner Johansen (me) peace out!
  6. Submitted for OC approval. https://soundcloud.com/jeremy-johnson-850853006/metroid-my-world-main-corridor-oc-remix-candidate-final-mix Its a divergence from the source, i reimagined it quite substantially.
  7. Hey thanks for taking the time to stop by I am making this cover of Forest Interlude from DKC2 as a sort of "self benchmark" to see how well I can emulate David Wise's signature tone into my own music. It is in a lot of ways pretty close to the original, however all of the sounds (minus one FLEX instrument and my percussion samples) are made from scratch with Serum and stock FL plugins. I am only a few years into this hobby, mostly being self taught. I guess I am looking for feedback on the quality of my mixing - as well as my writing since I wrote it all by ear. I think my mix is kinda quiet honestly, but I'd like to think I did good on the overall leveling of things. What do you think?
  8. Hey everyone! This is my version of the lava level song from Donkey Kong Country 2: I went for an old-school, Pink Floyd-ish vibe but with a more modern production. Experimented with some synths and lush pads to put more depth to the usual rock guitar, bass and drums. I'm really happy with the results, hope you like it too! Please provide some feedback, it would be greatly appreciated! Have a great one!
  9. The vocals in the original are done in a way that I felt I could get away with using a synthetic voice in the remix since it's not about trying to sound real. It's a stylistic choice that's somewhat similar to the original and hopefully the robotic, unnaturalness is OK because of the mostly monotone melody. Also feel no need to make it longer as the original is also short. I'm probably wrong on both points so any feedback is appreciated. Original: Remix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KhL_yGGx7lIQ0Vm2QKaOE6Cz_tzK11lf/view?usp=share_link
  10. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cK1xmW2rumTvvCRD0uPjhBikSf6eJNdY/view?usp=drivesdk Hello all. First post, but multiple decades of lurking under my belt. This is a (mostly) done remix of Birth of a God from FF7. I'm still balancing out the mix a bit. I come from a mostly Industrial, EBM and Darkwave background, so I'm sure much of that has leaked into the general influences. Although, I ironically started listening to enough Hardbass where the irony wore off and I found myself enjoying the Punk simplicity of it. There are many nods to the original, but it veers off in the pacing and structure in areas. I did change some of the melodic elements by curtailing some of the dissonant chords. It's fairly busy. The project file has somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 channels. On a technical side, the synths used are: Korg Minilogue XD Neutron Osirus (Access Virus Emulator) And some go-to VSTi instruments - VITAL, Serum. I'm curious what you think!
  11. Trying to get this done in time to sub for Halloween! Not too spooky, but rather chill, ghostly and ethereal. 'Spectral Lover' WIP 2 Spectral Lover.mp3 I found the source in a video on YouTube featuring the various ports of a visual novel game called Dead of the Brain. Not really my cup of tea generally, but the artwork and atmosphere is stunning. The OST however, particularly for the FM Towns port, is magnificent; classic 90s redbook audio if ever I heard it. This particular song caught my attention and I knew I wanted to do a ReMix of it instantly. Very basic, but with gorgeous chords and a simple but beautiful melody. I've elaborated on the source a lot. It was basically 4 tracks of instrumentation, so there was ample space to build on its very solid bones. Here it is: Source: Dead of the Brain ~Shiryou no Sakebi~ FM Towns - Track 02 02.mp3 I've still got a ways to go with it. I need to add some breaks into the transitions.. you'll hear where it's lacking. I also need to work on the percussion more. I'll vary it up a bit more soon, and add some cymbals, because I haven't found the right one yet I also need to work on the bass line in the major sections a LOT! It's next on my to-do list, for sure. I've also got some sub melodies and harmonies to add too, with some other effects, filter work & mixing. I've put this together in two days so far, and I have a day and a half of being able to work on it before time runs out for me to submit in time for Halloween. Let me know what you think, and push me to the finish line!
  12. Feedback appreciated. Remix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zL0tewFzkmQ90jJuLYSZ_VFX2OuGkgMm/view?usp=sharing Original:
  13. Hello everyone! It's been too long Please find the track here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GTEvznqO1Fhu58Nw3jC5PcICJlCkSPBG/view?usp=share_link The intent: I wanted to remix some Nier songs for a few years, and I've been working on and off on this track for a year. I also wanted to make a good, Carpenter Brut -esque track for a while, and even though I'm not there yet, I feel the song is ready to be shared to the internet to be picked apart and criticized to the ground. As always, I tried to change the vibe of the sources. Nier being quiet the depressing game with the matching soundtrack, I aimed towards a hard yet groovy feel. Oh, also, even though the soundtrack is vocal heavy, I opted for a instrumental only track (just to set your expectations right). Please note that I used the Nier Replicant soundtrack as a reference, as I discovered the game after it was cool (i.e. on Steam rather than on PS3) The track (section by section): The track start with Snow in Summer, with a heavy high pass first, then the full spectrum. I really like the bassline, changing the vibe of the song from "I want to cry" to "bopping my head around" Then we get to the meat: Song of the ancient (yes, it's the fate version, also finding Nier soundtrack on Youtube is a nightmare so this is Soundcloud). I tried to get the duet feel with the two synth going back and forth, and I may have changed the melody and the harmony a bit (nothing crazy though). In the replicant version of the fate variation, there is this orchestral fill that I REALLY liked, so I used it in the chorus reprise (start at around 2:12 in the linked original version above). It's finally guitar solo time! Not sure about this one, I may have been too heavy handed on the effects? The underlying harmony is not referencing anything, just here for good "drama" ^^ Then last chorus, with some underlying guitar arpeggios referencing Grandma, as it's almost working out of the box. I did have to go from triplet to quadruplet and tweak the harmony to fit the chorus first half. Final thoughts: Not sure about the mix, it may still lack some oomph. Maybe the drum samples are not adapted? Also the ending might be a bit too abrupt? Well, I guess listening to it too much is not helping, so I hope YOUR fresh ears will help me getting on the right track ^^ Hope you've enjoyed the ride, and feel free to leave a feedback Have a great day!
  14. I never know what I'm supposed to write in descriptions like these, so here goes: I love pretty much all the music from the Kirby games. They're wildly upbeat, bouncy tracks that sound like pure joy. I recently managed to get off my butt and actually finish this EDM-style rendition of Green Greens, and I hope you like it.
  15. Whenever I sit down to play guitar, I play the monkey island title theme. This version was recorded a few months ago - might turn into a proper remix. I've since learned how to play the melody simultaneously, but maybe this simpler version works better? Original: Acoustic Guitar Tune 6 wip.mp3
  16. I started working on this today after the song, and its two variants in The Book of Hours, became stuck in my head. https://groboclown.net/10-music/107/locked-mirror-preview-v1 It currently has the basic ideas I'm looking to explore. Update: Early Version 2 https://groboclown.net/10-music/108/locked-mirror-preview-v2
  17. Certainly quite conservative (mostly on purpose) and I'm unsure how to take it to the next level. I think it's close in concept to submission? Maybe the beginning is too conservative. The piano could use some better humanization but that's no problem. I just don't know...what to do to give it more life and less of a cover type of feel while maintaining my conservative vision. Every time I revisit it I sit there stumped lol. So gonna take it to the streets of OCR lol.
  18. The song: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EGDWfQjtGDokMKyxyQhw573JVoTlUe51/view?usp=sharing A mashup of two songs: FF VII, Shinra Corp & Chrono Trigger, Memories of Green Some classic Vangelis styles themes were in my mind, at least initially. Who can say what happened after that... Would love any and all feedback!
  19. So I started this one yesterday. I recently hooked up my Xbox 360 again and started playing Sega GT Online, which contains the entire Sega GT 2002 soundtrack (along with some pretty meh new licensed tracks), and boy, have I forgotten how amazing this soundtrack is! So I was playing the game with this particular track on repeat and felt super inspired to do a take on it: I've been wanting to get better at EDM, and I could totally hear this track as a WipEout-style track, with shades of Ridge Racer in it, so here's my first WIP! WIP 1: Off The Grid Off The Grid 1.5.mp3 This track will absolutely skew longer, but I'm going to do my absolute best to make sure it's interesting all the way through, and not just some repetitive 8 minute long nothing. I hope it's already clear that I plan for this track to completely evolve all the way through. I haven't even gotten to the super melodic part of the source track yet, which is my favourite section Anyways, check it out and let me know what you think so far!
  20. I made a short-but-sweet arrangement of the main theme from Luigi's Mansion in the style of Finnish tango music. I felt that melodically and harmonically it was already pretty close to what that music sounds like so most work came from the instrumentation and playing everything. Here's the original Luigis_Mansion_Tango.mp3
  21. So this is something i wanted to try. I have a young kid and life is busy, so doing takes on the flute for a song is pretty much a no go. I played some long tones into my phone, and then loaded them into Directwave in FL studio. I didn't do a sample per note, I might try that it the future. I didn't get a chance to do different articulations either, but I think it sounds pretty decent with adjusting note lengths and velocities on the flute part. this is just a first portion, wanted feedback on sound. Thanks! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LgWnYieiPw76viv9OMvdha0R43caZpzR/view?usp=sharing
  22. Contributors 121 Posted just now This is another attempt at this tune:) I altered the drum samples...and the patterns somewhat also. I changed some of the synths. The triangle wave bass artifact that was mentioned before was probably caused by a chorus effect I didn't know I had on it I did the arrangement on Caustic 3 as I have been doing, but did a mastering pass in FL studio. Feedback appreciated! Remix https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L7bOpdY776gqACiOH960ja5_4zti03PV/view?usp=sharing Original Don't see an option to edit a post anymore...I also used low and high pass filters/shelfs on literally every individual track. It seemed to clean up the mix more than just putting those filters on the master.
  23. With this music I won the demoscene remix category of the 2023 Arok Party.
  24. Here's a short 14 sec clip of me trying to make a guitar sound arpeggiated. I've always wanted to be able to cover stuff with arps, like is more present in Western composers' work like Tim Follin or Jeroen Tel. But, I've thought it would be too tough to pull of that sound on a guitar. This week my friend gave me an idea to try. Here it is. I think it came out pretty decent. Any suggestions on how to make it sound more authentic are welcome. Original Track: Here's clean unprocessed guitar of what I played. It's all 8 notes of each arpeggio played separetely one note at a time and layered on top of each other. Here's the track above with just a little bit of ring modulation and reverb.
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