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An early gift!

Edit: I'm kind of in the mood to type some, so I think I'll tell a story here. I remember when I bought Breath of Fire III it was the first RPG that I really owned (At least the first one in a traditional sense.. SMRPG I had gotten that previous year I believe) When I popped it in for the first time, I played the hell out of it, I fell in love with the characters and to me it was truely a remarkable game. The first time I had beat it I just went back and started a new game, played it over again. That time I had purchased the Strategy Guide so I could find all the hidden chests I missed. Either way, I had some friends across the street, two brothers. I had known the older one pretty much since 1st grade, and his brother was pretty cool too. Anyways, I had mentioned I got into this Breath of Fire III RPG, and they wanted to know if they could borrow it. Sure enough I let them borrow it, they were trustworthy enough. (For those of you guessing the ending, your not going to get it, it has a lame ending but I felt like taking a stroll down memory lane in text form for all of you too see) So they had it for a couple of weeks, naturally they were hooked too, it being the great game it is and all. They both had there own save files but the younger brother could never get far because when Rei was in his party, all he used him for was pilfering. He literally sat there and pilfered at 1 HP. He feel in love with the word for a while too, Screaming out PEEL-FUR at random. He did it in the MarioKart 64 voice, if you've played the game you know what I'm talking about. I can still hear him screaming it out at people in cars and shit. He would run around throwing his fists and calling pilfer as his special move when we played our games. . .

He grew out of that phase after a few days though. I got my game back, it's sitting right here in my Playstation game holder dealy awaiting to be played again. As we come around to present day, I haven't talked to either of them for a while... the occasional wave as acknowledgement to each others existance is the level relationship I have with both of them now. The older brother goes to a different high school (A new one had opened up and only let certain age levels in... another story) and the younger brother was a few years behind. Ah, but good times nonetheless.

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Rei's the best, he's probably my favorite RPG character, though I never understood what it was he was saying when I used pilfer. Common sense would suggest he was saying something along the lines of "PILFER!", but I always thought it sounded more like "ITARAKI!", so I guess I was way off :lol: . And my Breath of Fire III guide has most of it's pages detached from the spine, doesn't that just beat all?

PS: Does that mean I have to stop screaming ITARAKI! now?

Edit: Well what do you know, he DOES say ITARAKI!

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