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How to Post a Picture or Signature

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How do you make a sig that plays a song? Are those types of sigs banned? I can see that multiple musical sigs would be annoying and clashing...

You can't put those in your sig here, since it either requires a bit of HTML to embed a media player into the page, or embed a flash file into the page. And HTML is nos allowed. If it wasn't, I'm pretty sure those bits of code would be disabled though.

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Click my sig. I don't care about the first link; do check out KFMF though:






Yes, old site, old music... This isn't even the best place to mention their latest reincarnation... Four songs above are my most identifiable.

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Okay, I might as well ask here. I'm not good with computers (or any other technology for that matter), so I must ask:

If I take a quiz on line (like, what Mega Man character are you), and it gives the code to post the image on a website, could I use the image and text given as a sig? I ask because I don't know if that would eat up OCR bandwidth or the quiz sites bandwidth. I'm sorry if this has been answered already, but I don't have time right now to check the whole thread.

Otherwise, I might get some free hosting and do my own sig. But I just lost all of my important images (including an 8-Bit Auto from MM7), so nothing will be ready for awhile.

Remember kids, I'll change my sig with the changing of the months!

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Any time a particular image is displayed, bandwith is used. Since the pictures are coming from the quiz site, it's their bandwith that is being used, not OCR's. Those kinds of sites aren't too worried about it in general because the codes those quizzes generate include links back to the site, which increases traffic for them, and revenue from advertisments displayed on the site.

You probably won't be able to make those quiz results display without fiddling with them anyway, becauese they are usually in html (webpage) format, which is disabled here.

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Thanks for the info. I'll probably just stick to text for awhile until I get good web hosting for free. Then I can stick my beautiful picture on here, along with some other crap. Maybe a pretty blonde from the eighties, holding a 7-11 Slushee and eating fudge covered bread? All my favourite things in the world in one picture. Throw in a Viewtiful Joe reference, and you have my idea of Heaven.

Remember kids, Alastor was cool, but Gran Bruce was hilarious and Hulk Davidson was the best!

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