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Metal Gear Awesome 2


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Man, why do AT&T High Speed sucks so much?! I can't watch the video!

I remember watching the original Metal Gear Awesome. My favorite line was:

Mei Ling: "Hello Solid Snake!!!"

Snake: "OMG Hawtness!!! I wanna bang you!"

Mei Ling :"Oooh! [i can't believe I'm being hit on by the famous Solid Snake]

Snake : "Shut up, hotness!"

fixed for you

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Says you. I find them highly amusing :wink:.

Even *if* they weren't the worst thing ever, that was probably the worst YouTube poop I've ever seen. It was just the original animation with pretty much a negligible amount of editing. It's like the YouTube version of a MIDI rip + drums.

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