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OCR00927 - Wild Arms "Not Alone in the World"


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When I first heard this song, I almost cried. The piano had a very intricate and delicate melody that led to that incredible entrance by the electric guitar. It was a perfect blend, and just the RIGHT kind of sound that was needed to advance the song.

I think that this remix is much better than the original, which has its own merits but is unable to match up to the beautiful intensity of this remix. The progression, right from the entrance of the perfectly executed piano, the warm tone of the background, the electric guitar... and the only real flaw with this song is it's ending; and it really bothers me that the song could not end perfectly.

I like the concept of the guitar and piano ending together hand-in-hand which symbolises the idea of "Not Alone in this World".. As if they have found each other. But still, the ending doesn't do justice to this song.

Still, if this song represents the farewell of Jaxx (who I am not familiar with because I'm relatively unfamiliar with OCR), I think it is a great choice. The work done here is amazing.. I'd like to thank Jaxx and Dale North (who provided that delicate and perfect balance in instrumentation) for such a moving song..

Forget 'almost cried', I just did.

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Wow...wow...wow...wow...wow...wow...wow...wow...wow...wow. And that would be the description of the context after i listened to this song. After reading DJP's review it made the song even better. One of the most heartfelt remixes i've ever heard and no more than "Wow" can describe it.If you're going to listen to this I'd suggest not resisting the urge for just sitting back, closing your eyes and, and having some sweet, quiet dreams

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What an excellent way to say good buy. I can see it now...

The sun is beginning to dip below the hills as your friend turns to leave... your journey has been so long together, but now he must go, to travel unknown paths. As he crests the hill, you wave to each other, and the sun sets as he dissappears over the other side.

Good by. I have no idea who you are, but hopefully our paths will cross again some day through your music Jaxx.

This music has brought tears to my eyes.

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Oh Dear, I had already assumed I commented on this...

I really need to get more active in OCR...


This ReMix is, as expected for me to say, AWESOME!!!!!!11!1!!11!!1!!!TWO!.

However, I am not prone to outbursts like that anymore...

so I will say this instead:

This piece of music is probably the most majestic combination of the energy of JAXX, and the orchestral GENIUS of one of my favorite artists, Dale North.

This ReMix is easily a top 3 on my lists, all of them.

This piece is the piece I recorded onto a CD and used as part of a valentines day present.

If I can entrust this to convey my affection, it is surely good enough to be used to reflect upon my deepest emotions with.

I am giving this ReMix a score of such value, it has no numerical value.

I am giving this my Quantum Harmony Award.

(I didn't make the picture.)


in conclusion:


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Absolutely stunning; I love mixes like this one that go straight for an emotional response. Everything about the arrangement of this source is both wistful and nostalgic, and the source really shines with the treatment. Nice guitar playing, delicate piano, and a 90's ballad drum style all combine to make a really good sound.

Recommended, I love this one.

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This reminds me of a music box from Paper Mario.

I can appreciate what it's trying to do, the going for a bittersweet saccharine heartfelt feel, and, imo, it tries a little too hard. It is pretty good and tries to keep things varied, but this just isn't quite my style. I do recommend giving it a listen though.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00927 - Wild Arms "Not Alone in the World"

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