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Sonic Unleashed


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Sonic 3D blast gave me a horrible horrible headache whenever I tried to play it for an extended amount of time.

It had some nice music though. :D

Sonic unleashed is pretty much not sparking any interest from me at all, maybe the daytime levels are nice, and I'll rent it or something some day. But this is the first sonic game I've felt no compulsion to at least try out.

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I believe you are mistaken

Nice dodge. Whatever, I'll let it slide...

Oh, and Sonic 3D Blast was 3D. You could move Sonic around on 3 axes; forward-backward, left-right, and up-down. Just because the graphics are sprites doesn't mean the control is 2D.

I would expect a more informed opinion from a moderator...The Isometric Perspective is a close cousin to true 3D, but it isn't really 3D. It's as you said: With every graphic being a sprite, if you were to somehow turn the entire gameworld sideways, everything would be paper thin (ala Paper Mario). This perspective is a nice trick to look and play 3D, but it isn't true.

Not to mention how horrible the IsoPer is for platformers. Don't even think of trying to make a pixel-perfect jump. This is one reason why Super Mario RPG frustrates the crap outta me! I hate the IsoPer, period!

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At first, I thought it was both a bit dumb, but the end caught me. The fighting before the end was kinda' cool too. Personally, I wouldn't play this game; too cuddly; it's geared to a generation of kids.

That animation doesn't have anything to do with the game. It's just a short movie that Sega decided to release in accompaniment to it.

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You must have missed the earlier (and more awesome) Snake, Rattle and Roll for NES -- fun as hell to play for some reason despite the frustration it caused.

Actually, I've never played it. I didn't have an NES growing up (didn't get one until around 2000), as I was an Atari/Master System/Genesis player.

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Good job at reposting what I said about it being isometric, and being a self important dick all in one post! Were you patting yourself on the back the whole time you wrote that?

Someone missed their daily recommended chill pill, am I right? I wasn't really trying to sound arrogant or anything like that. My "moderator" comment might have been spiced a little, but it wasn't anything offensive...

That game is perfect.

You be quiet.

No game deserves that kind of worship. All I know is, I must have tried to jump on that beanstalk 50 times before I finally clung to it. Every isometric platformer suffers from this dimensional oversight.

I think "Jesus Christ - video game lover" is just bad at games

Here's the one who deserves the pat on the back! He figured out my name! I've never met a person who's discovered it's meaning. Quite the achievement.

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I'd rather SEGA spend more time making the game and gameplay fun than having you suddenly stop in a middle of a Sonic speed run and go "Oooooh look how realistic the stage looks!"


with sega's current track record they could shit all over the graphics and i wouldn't give a damn as long as they'd just make it fun for once.

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