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Final Fantasy 6 'Martial Law'

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Thanks for the encouragement, guys :). I got a bit of inspiration today on the track, so made some good progress:

-There's a click near the end that's caused by a glitch in one of the sounds, which will be fixed once I figure it out

-2:12 - 2:28 needs some work still

-Might need to up the solo volumes near the end, so please let me know if you can't hear them clear enough

-Sorry about the sudden ending, but didn't have time to progress it further

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great stuff nutritious. the winds are awesome and blend very nicely with the strings. the dynamics you have going on really make the piece.

the snare does sound a little odd and upfront. cut some highs and push some verb to get it back in the mix. and this may just be my personal preference but turn up the brass and the timpani, more so the brass. i think it would push the dynamics over the top. might have to automate some sections.

good work, you have a real gem here.

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