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Nintendo Rave in Ottawa July 26th


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I've never heard of something like this but it sounds super fun.

Ottawa’s legendary Nintendo themed rave is BACK! Synergy and 1upped Productions present HERE WE GO…AGAIN! The infamous Luna-C returns alongside the intergalactic UK hardcore phenomenon UFO. Here We Go was voted Ottawa's party of the year for 2007. Expect this one to blow it out of the water. Bigger venue, more sound, better lighting, crazier deco and extra Nintendo. If you’re new to Here We Go, expect Super Mario Bros green tubes, hanging boxes and a whole whack of other funky Nintendo decorations! We want to see something Nintendo on each and every one of you.


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Too bad there couldn't be something like this at MAGfest.

By that, I mean a rave-dance that features specifically techno/industrial/dance remixes, complete with seizure-inducing lightshows and pelting people with glowsticks. I went to an anime rave *once*, and became disillusioned quickly when they were playing regular dance music, without any of the sweet gaming mixes I know are out there.

I'd break out the skimpy clothing for that shit.

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I'm one of the promoters for this event and I noticed the link that was posted originally was blocking out links to other information. So if anyone is looking for further info on this party as it develops (ie when tickets will be on sale, schedule for the shuttle buses, etc) you can get all that information here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=23088795015 (Facebook) or here http://www.herewegorave.com

For those who were thinking about making the trip we have a discount for out of town drivers if you bring at least 2 other people. If you fill your car then you (the driver) get in for free. You'd need to provide some sort of proof of residence or get in contact with us before hand for it to apply. Feel free to message me here if you've got any questions, I'll try and come around here often enough.


Also we're going to be looking for some cool video game remixes for our Here We GoGo Boys set, if anyone has any dance music remixes of any video games then link me, I'd love to take a look. We've tried browsing through here already but there is a lot of content and it isn't necessarily all dance music.

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