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OCR TF2: New Server forthcoming - new server IPs and other stuff


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This coming weekend is a TF2 Free Weekend!

Also, I noticed that the area on the bottom where they list the Archives of War updates on the WAR update page only has room for two more updates before wrapping to the next line. Coincidence?

Nevermind, the update is supposed to hit on Thursday, with the free weekend starting as soon as the update hits.

Is RED going to be locked down to OCR members only?

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they forgot to change the config_arena.cfg

Probably because Valve idiotically made it so config_arena.cfg can't be overridden like server.cfg can, so the two servers share an arena config file.

It should change back on the following map change.

Edit: Now that I googled it, apparently config_arena.cfg is run after the normal server config, so commenting out the hostname line in there should fix the name change issue.

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Holy hell.

That's a pretty fantastic update, but I can't even being to think of the all implications.

70% smaller blast radius? That certainly has to negatively affect rocket jumping. And will it self mini-crit?

Crouch hopping is a good idea most of the time against an explosive class, to minimize damage, and use the explosive jumps to your advantage. Now that you're going to be dealt a mini-crit, on top of the increased damage... everything changes...

80% faster? Jesus.

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The complaints on the steam forums about these unlocks are pretty hilarious...

Demomen demanding that their pipes 1-hit KO 125hp now since the Soldier's Direct hit in certain circumstances can do that.

and other people whining about the Melee update for the demo "He's the Demolitions man not the meleeman!"

Pfft whine whine complain complain.

Edit: well that not posting thing didn't last long.

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I do have to admit turning the demoman into a melee class is pretty weird. But hey, if you don't like the new items, don't equip 'em.

It is weird but you have to admit it's incredibly manly lol

I'm just wondering what they're going to do with that last item...

What is going to replace the Pipe bomb launcher? I mean they're not going to give the Demoman a projectile hitscan weapon because that would suck so I assume another projectile or some sort or something to add to the Shield Sword combo.

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Pickaxe(equalizer) and horn(buff banner) for the solider and another sticky replacement(scottish resistance) for the demo. New taunts for each class it seems which will probably give a grenade to the solider as well (from an achievement)

Need to see what the equalizer will do exactly, see myself using it. Buff banner could be interesting, but I see myself sticking to the shotgun most of the time.

Scottish resistance for the demoman, meh. Was hoping to see something for the nade launcher. Now I want to see the demo win the war, give him the extra weapon whatever that may be. Granted, I don't play him too much.

Let's hope we get a good map out of this :smile:

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This weapon also has the Soldier's associated kill taunt. When you taunt with the Equalizer he will toss the weapon aside, remove one of his chest grenades, and blow himself and any enemies nearby sky high. (The taunt anim plays at a slow speed like other kill taunts, so it isn't trivial to pull it off. The damage radius is very tight as well.)
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