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OCR TF2: New Server forthcoming - new server IPs and other stuff


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banning aside, valve has already said they don't approve of achievement unlockers, so I'd avoid it.

also, milestones STILL aren't always handing out items, and according to emails I've seen posted on spuf, they won't until the item server is 100%, at which point they'll do a batch handout.

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Forgot to mention it here, I've tried an update to the gamedata files to fix the non-respawn on the Pregame Mayhem.

It may require a server restart for it to update, though.

Also, I'd like to stress test a new TF2 server once I've finished setting it up if anyone is interested. It's not quite an exact of BLU/RED, but it's close.

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I have a TF2 server that needs testing at This server is an US East Coast server (our current are west coast, I think?).

It's currently missing some of the admin plugins (and the GUI menu for scramble teams), but other than that, all the OCR reserved slots should be in place.

It's using BLU's mapcycle and RED's votemap list.

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VAC is just the banning part of the system. No more, no less.

it only checks clients on VAC enable servers to see if theyre doing something to memory edit to do things like aimbot/speedhack/etc (incidentally you can speedhack without vac being able to detect it too)

it DOESNT detect if you screw around with stuff outside of a VAC enabled server, and while valve said that they didnt approve of people using it that one time, they say nothing about punishing people that do it again like they did with the idler

and the achievement manager isnt just for tf2 you can lock/unlock achievements from any steam game that has them

anyways new equip stats added in this update

"Attrib_SelfDmgPush_Increased""+%s1% self damage force"

"Attrib_SelfDmgPush_Decreased""%s1% self damage force"

"Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Fire_Reduced""+%s1% fire damage resistance on wearer"

"Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Fire_Increased""%s1% fire damage vulnerability on wearer"

"Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Crit_Reduced""+%s1% critical hit damage resistance on wearer"

"Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Crit_Increased""%s1% critical hit damage vulnerability on wearer"

"Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Blast_Reduced""+%s1% explosive damage resistance on wearer"

"Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Blast_Increased""%s1% explosive damage vulnerability on wearer"

"Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Bullets_Reduced""+%s1% bullet damage resistance on wearer"

"Attrib_DmgTaken_From_Bullets_Increased""%s1% bullet damage vulnerability on wearer"

"Attrib_CaptureValue_Increased""+%s1 capture rate on wearer"

"Attrib_HealthFromHealers_Reduced""%s1% health from healers on wearer"

"Attrib_HealthFromHealers_Increased""+%s1% health from healers on wearer"

"Attrib_WpnBurnDmg_Increased""+%s1% burn damage"

"Attrib_WpnBurnDmg_Reduced""%s1% burn damage"

"Attrib_WpnBurnTime_Increased""+%s1% burn duration"

"Attrib_WpnBurnTime_Reduced""%s1% burn duration"

"Attrib_AimingMoveSpeed_Increased""+%s1% faster deployed movespeed on wearer"

"Attrib_MaxammoPrimary_Increased""+%s1% max primary ammo on wearer"

"Attrib_MaxammoPrimary_Reduced""%s1% max primary ammo on wearer"

"Attrib_MaxammoSecondary_Increased""+%s1% max secondary ammo on wearer"

"Attrib_MaxammoSecondary_Reduced""%s1% max secondary ammo on wearer"

"Attrib_MaxammoMetal_Increased""+%s1% max metal on wearer"

"Attrib_MaxammoMetal_Reduced""%s1% max metal on wearer"

"Attrib_CloakConsumeRate_Increased""-%s1% cloak duration"

"Attrib_CloakConsumeRate_Decreased""+%s1% cloak duration"

"Attrib_CloakRegenRate_Increased""+%s1% cloak regeneration rate"

"Attrib_CloakRegenRate_Decreased""%s1% cloak regeneration rate"

"Attrib_MinigunSpinup_Increased""%s1% slower spin up time"

"Attrib_MinigunSpinup_Decreased""%s1% faster spin up time"

"Attrib_MaxPipebombs_Increased""+%s1 max pipebombs out"

"Attrib_MaxPipebombs_Decreased""%s1 max pipebombs out"

"Attrib_SRifleChargeRate_Increased""%s1% faster power charge"

"Attrib_SRifleChargeRate_Decreased""%s1% slower power charge"

"Attrib_ConstructionRate_Increased""%s1% faster construction rate"

"Attrib_ConstructionRate_Decreased""%s1% slower construction rate"

"Attrib_RepairRate_Increased""%s1% faster repair rate"

"Attrib_RepairRate_Decreased""%s1% slower repair rate"

"Attrib_ReloadTime_Increased""%s1% slower reload time"

"Attrib_ReloadTime_Decreased""%s1% faster reload time"

"Attrib_BlastRadius_Increased""+%s1% explosion radius"

"Attrib_BlastRadius_Decreased""%s1% explosion radius"

"Attrib_ProjectileRange_Increased""+%s1% projectile range"

"Attrib_ProjectileRange_Decreased""%s1% projectile range"

"Attrib_ProjectileSpeed_Increased""+%s1% projectile speed"

"Attrib_ProjectileSpeed_Decreased""%s1% projectile speed"

"Attrib_OverhealAmount_Negative""%s1% less max overheal"

"Attrib_MoveSpeed_Bonus""+%s1% faster move speed on wearer"

"Attrib_HealthFromPacks_Increased""+%s1% health from packs on wearer"

"Attrib_HealthFromPacks_Decreased""%s1% health from packs on wearer"

"Attrib_AmmoRegen""+%s1% ammo regenerated every 5 seconds on wearer"

"Attrib_MetalRegen""+%s1 metal regenerated every 5 seconds on wearer"

"Attrib_RocketLauncherSeeker""Fires laser guided rockets"

"Attrib_ShovelDamageBoost""Damage and move speed increase as the user becomes injured"

"Attrib_Dmg_Falloff_Decreased""%s1% splash damage fall off"

"Attrib_Dmg_Falloff_Increase""+%s1% splash damage fall off"

"Attrib_StickyDetonateMode""Detonates stickybombs near the crosshair"

"Attrib_StickyAirBurstMode""Launched bombs shatter on surfaces"

"Attrib_StickyArmTimePenalty""%s1 sec slower bomb arm time"

"Attrib_StickyArmTimeBonus""%s1 sec faster bomb arm time"

"Attrib_MiniCritAirborneEnemies""Mini-crits airborne targets"

"Attrib_StickiesDetonateStickies""Able to destroy enemy stickybombs"

"Attrib_SpeedBoostWhenActive""%s1% speed boost while active weapon"

"Attrib_WrenchNoUpgrades""Unable to upgrade objects"

"Attrib_ProvideOnActive""When weapon is active:"

"Attrib_MedicRegenBonus""+%s1% natural regen rate"

"Attrib_MedicRegenPenalty""-%s1% natural regen rate"

oh boy

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Thanks for the fun time guys. I know there was a lot of complaints about the free weekend overloading the server, but without it I wouldn't have been able to try it out.

In fact I think I'll buy it as soon as I get a track ball.( I could buy it now but the track pad just kills me.)

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but it's a generally terrible map to begin with.

That hasn't kept Hydro out of the rotation. :P

I just played Nightfall for the first time, and I thought it was pretty fun despite being unfinished. Granted it was teams of 5 so larger teams could probably get pretty unmanageable. If people want to take it out then I have no problem with it, but for god's sake get rid of Hydro while you're at it.

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hooray screen caps!

jenga%20is%20looking%20good!.pngconstipated there, jenga?



also hoopyfrood i totally didn't notice your post here. thanks for the goodtimes and being understanding when i was dominating you (it was breaking my heart!!)

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Hi, can we please lose plr_nightfall? Not only is it not completed (see: dev textures in part 3), but it's a generally terrible map to begin with.

Edit: If we must have an additional plr map, I've been hearing good things about plr_panic.

Dunno about panic, but definitely add furnace. That is a darnright fun plr map.

Also, is there any particular reason why the RED server is still passworded?

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Free weekend ends at 1 PM PST. So Id guess the password will be taken off then.

Pssh, why wait? No one's been using it since Thursday anyway.

Also, since atmuh asked, I actually want to see how that third TF2 server operates once VGMusic.com is transferred over to that server. Right now is just to see if the settings are set up correctly on it. That server can now be accessed as test.ocrtf2.com:27015

Also, ocrtf2.com is having its DNS moved, so ocrtf2.com domains may not be resolvable if something goes wrong. Meaning that the file mirror will be inaccessable.

This shouldn't happen; it's just the worst-case scenario.

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