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MAGFest 7: Jan. 1st - 4th, 2009

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would it be worth $25 extra to fly into DC?

Only $25 extra to fly into DCA (Reagan National)? Yes.

$25 extra to fly into IAD (Dulles)? Maybe.

Assuming you mean Reagan National, then yes, it's definitely worth the extra $25. For that, you end up saving a 40-minute drive (which would cost more than $25) or 90-minute train/bus+metro ride (conservative estimate, probably longer). Reagan National is also right next to Alexandria, so it's a real quick trip up to where the convention is.

Washington-Dulles (IAD) isn't that much of a difference in terms of distance. It's marginally easier to get to Alexandria from there, but not by much. KF

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IAD is hell to get out of, too. don't forget that.

you'd have to find someone to get you from DCA to the convention, don't forget. you'd have to foot the bill for a taxi both ways, which'd be more than 25$. there's a bunch of people coming from baltimore.

er...that was confusing. If I had someone to get from DCA to the convention, I wouldn't need a taxi, would I? And I don't know much of the geography over there so I don't know the significance of a bunch of people coming from Baltimore.

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Paying an extra $25 for DCA is a really good idea. It's so close you can probably jump out of the plane onto the roof of the hotel (remember, tuck and roll).

From what I understand, the hotel runs a shuttle to and from DCA, though if you're getting in late you might want to double-check to make sure it's running. Also, the said shuttle supposedly also makes a stop at two blue line metro stations, which you can get on from DCA. Worse comes to worse, even if you get here in the middle of the night and can't get the shuttle, take the blue line from the airport to the King Street metro, and you'll only be a couple miles from the hotel, and maybe can hop a cab the rest of the way.

I've flown into/out of all three Washington metropolitan area airports, and IMO Dulles is more of a straight shot to Alexandria than BWI.

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I've got an empty bed in my room. If I can get 2 people to fill it, the cost will be $73.50 a head. There will be snackies. So far I've got SammyG, Tyberisuzumebachi, my roommate and myself in the room. The room is reserved from the 31st to the 4th. I'd prefer people I know of course, and two people that don't mind sharing a bed together :) PM me if interested!

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Ok, I'm slightly debating trying to go to MAG this year. Thing is, I drive everywhere and never fly. Why? Doesn't matter, I drive.

The thought of driving 1,350 miles by myself leaves a slightly nasty taste in my mouth. If there were someone who'd perhaps care to travel with and share with the driving, I could possibly make it work. I'd be coming from Fargo, ND

[shrug] This is just a thought. If anyone has any interest, let me know. I'd be driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee, so there would be some decent room.

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Does anyone know what the parking situation is at the hotel? I know that they offer $9/day (or $14/day event) guest parking, but does anyone know how liable it is to fill up?

I'll be driving in each day, and after taking a look at the area, there's not much available there besides parking at the hotel (I didn't see any garages or anything else nearby 'sides the apartments across the street). KF

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