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MAGFest 7: Jan. 1st - 4th, 2009


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I really hope you get well soon. It was great to see you again at MAGFest, hopefully we'll get to see you at another Philly meetup or even Otakon. (Otakon is July 17 through the 19 this year.)

Thanks, man, it means a lot. It was great seeing you too. It's already feeling much better today so I plan to make a speedy recovery.

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Wow, that was really more fun than I could have imagined. It was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Everyone who put in blood, sweat and tears to get MAGFest off the ground this year, you have a HUGE thank you from me.

And a special shout-out to fellow members of quite possibly the best band ever, B.T.S! Taucer, audio fidelity, yodaisbetter and bustatunez, you all rock :)

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Plus the guests were all awesome, the concerts and JamSpace was incredible, and I definitely lost a lot of time getting hooked on the various arcade games set up. I'll definitely be there next year.

Glad to hear you'll be there next year. That means I'll get to meet you.

Great job by everyone in Jamspace and Concerts. Definitely making this an annual must.

Glad you had a good time. I was working both, more JamSpace than Concerts (I did lights for Thursday night concert and the Smash Bros. set)

And Jamspace... amazing. Unimaginably great. Thanks Escariot for helping out with it, and to everyone I got to hear (notably the well-rehearsed and unique combo of Harmony, Taucer, bustatunez, yodaisbetter, AudioFidelity, The Pezman, and more I'm probably forgetting probably).

That was an incredible performance, and as soon as I get recordings cleaned up and posted, I'll let you all know.

Magfest was so fucking awesome.

So many hugs, not enough Chef. 'nuff said.

Ahhh back in Pittsburgh. Well MAGfest was really a lot of fun, and it was cool to meet all you guys for real. Had lots of fun playing viola/violin with some of you guys, going to concerts, playing around in the game room...it was all good.

Can't wait till next year!


It was great to hear you play, and I loved the first violin, chiptunes, vocals thing you and that guy (I don't know his name, I really should) did.

Wait, really? The composer for Cloud was there & I didn't know about it? Dangit. With so much going on at MAGFest anymore, it has the side effect of making it easy to miss things!

Yeah, he was there... Dom met him at a past Otakon, and he showed up and played this past Otakon, where I met him, and he was doing a bunch of photography, so his pictures will be up relatively soon.

I can't believe we sang nearly the entire Dr. Horrible soundtrack in jamspace, LIVE. Escariot's girlfriend sounds just like Penny, only better, honestly. Crazy.

She's a huge fan of Summertime, and I'm glad I could get her out to meet you, at least... and I'll definitely pass the compliment along.

I can't believe how awesome MAGFest was, this year. The thanks and good comments from the OCR people alone made it worth the work. On top of getting to meet some more awesome people that I hadn't met before, I ended up working closely with Metroid Metal, The Megas, the two dj's and bLiNd setting up for the DJ sets, and a lot of others... I just... can't put into words how awesome it was to be there this year... I hope to see all of and some new faces next year!

EDIT: One of the many highlights of Friday: OCR performing Lover Reef live for Howard Drossin.

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Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Jamspace Blog

*sigh*, with so much going on with panels and gaming, not to mention good ol' socializing, it's always inevitable that I miss some of the best of JamSpace... But at least it's on the Internet for all eternity :wink:

In any case thank you all for making this my 3rd MAGFest the best one yet! :grin: Definitely had some great times and got to get to know all of you a little better.

Thanks also for tolerating the DJs in JamSpace Saturday night; it was all very last minute and as it's been said, after the big JS events move into the concert hall next year there will be a lot more jamming. As for my 15-odd-minute set, I'll probably do what I did last year and re-record and host it within a week.

I promised BGC that I'd have my pictures up soon so look for them this week too, probably on Facebook.

I'm home and PMD is setting in :(

Now begins the countdown until next year...

I hear ya...

I saw the countdown scroll in the JamSpace room listed some obscene number of hours until the next one...

Hmm, maybe I'll try next year...


Not maybe; you WILL be there!

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all the way home. i had a lot of fun this year =) thanks for everyone making it awesome!

Ditto dude! :) I heart my roomates.......looooong time. :)

As per usual it was a great time that went by way too fast. Lost my voice again this year from laughing so much. Highlights were the DJ sets at the end....ahhhhhhhhhhh so friggin awesome; and B.T.S.'s performances. It sucked that Select Start wasn't there this year but after seeing u dudes(and dudette) that feeling changed.

It was great meeting more new people this year, wish there was more time to get to know some more people. Also it was awesome to see BGC let OA win in the Street Fighter HD tourny. :-P

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Thanks also for tolerating the DJs in JamSpace Saturday night; it was all very last minute and as it's been said, after the big JS events move into the concert hall next year there will be a lot more jamming. As for my 15-odd-minute set, I'll probably do what I did last year and re-record and host it within a week.

Tolerating the DJ's? You guys were so awesome, even Zircon was dancing.

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So I just got back to Champaign-Urbana after a 12 hour car drive with Ryan (BardicKnowledge), his wife, and his brother - major thanks for that ride, saved me $100+. This MAGFest was awesome as usual - it felt like it passed by too fast :sad: . It was great seeing a bunch of new faces, although I didn't get to talk much with a lot of you guys...there was just so much going on.

One thing I loved was the panels with people from the video game industry - it was interesting hearing their stories about the industry, which turned out to be better than I was originally expecting.

One thing I was surprised about this year though was how mellow everyone was compared to the previous two years I was there. There wasn't any huge incident that I heard of this time, which kinda shocked me. The concerts were also mostly disappointing for me...can't say I was a fan of most of those bands that played. Other than that, I liked it being more toned down this year in terms of the shenanigans.

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To officialize what q-pa said about the JS events...


JamSpace @ M6 was a fully-experimental freeform jam room.

JamSpace (Club Otaku) @ Otakon 15 was us experimenting with a bit more structure and formality (waivers and signups). Otakon took it REALLY well, and we had some amazing jams going on (not quite as amazing as when an OCR crew gets up on stage).

JamSpace @ M7 : We applied the structure from the OtaExperiment, and went slightly overboard with events, and lost a bit of the open jam spirit of JamSpace.


JamSpace @ M8 : The plan is to have a third music room (We're going to have to fight for it's purpose). This will free up JamSpace to fullfill it's purpose and it's name... To be a place JUST for jams. (Clarification on the 24h thing: We have been, and always will be closed for Main Concerts)

EDIT: In response to Wes' post about toning down in terms of shenanigans.

The worst things I heard (I talked to the Dorsai) was that 1 person called 911 from a hotel room, and the ambulance came and took someone away, but that was a food allergy reaction... A con-goer, but not related to the con. and one quick visit from the police, nothing major, and one girl got carried out of the concert room. I haven't yet heard of any vandalism that occurred. I think the Bondies left a big enough impression on the MAGers that we decided not to be remembered like that.

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speaking of spiked orange juice, sorry about crashing the OCR acoustifag party in the lobby, but god damnit i hate the little mermaid

but i still love you guys.

anyways, just got back in the 505. MAGFest was awesome yet again. here are some thoughts in a completely unorganized stream of consciousness format before i render myself unconscious for the next 18 hours to catch up on sleep:

didn't get to hang out with the OCR guys as much this year, busy busy busy, but still good to see you all!

didn't get to rock out at JamSpace like, at all. always some kind of scheduled shit going on in there :(. still fun to watch, and again i enjoyed the open mic concerts though. :)

next time i should bring more CDs, or at least sleeves or jewel cases or smth

no it's not a potatohead!

i need to learn how exactly one tunes a melodica, geez

hilton needs to learn how exactly one tunes a piano, geez

i should buy rockband

apparently when i'm sober i'm quiet. apparently when i'm drunk i don't shut the fuck up.

note to larry: next time you interview me for something make sure i'm either sober or completely smashed, not somewhere awkwardly in between! :<

escariot has polymer89 as a ringtone. i lol'd.

metroid metal is amaaaaaazing

i may have a gay crush on Karnov (<3 ubik)

and many more!

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You all have said all I could possibly have said about Magfest this year. Here I was, thinking it could get no better than last year, and BAM! Before I knew it, the weekend came and went, with more memories than I have room for in this overcrowded brain. As with Avaris, heart the roomies. Epic remix spoon blackmail photos. I sort of lost my voice today as well, from laughing so much, screaming during the concerts, and of course, going nuts during the dj set. I think I pulled my shoulder out or something, plus my legs are stiff as hell and I look really funny trying to walk around.

I couldn't even come close to naming all the people I had the pleasure of meeting, or rather meet in person for the first time. Jamspace was sick, everything was sick. PMD kicking in as well, so I move that a PMD support group be created to help those who can do nothing but count down to the next magfest.

My love to everyone who helped make this a most incredible experience. Pictures wont do it justice, but I can't wait to see them anyway.

Note: I'm taking that picture of the OC mixers and writing the names to faces so I can remember for next year!

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I just got home.

I just plugged in the Jamspace hard drive.

I have 80 hours and 59 minutes of video left to go through.


how exactly are you going to edit and make available everything?

the reason i'm asking is because i've got a lot of stuff that i want to hear that i performed in, but it's going to be hard to rip apart 80 hours of audio to find what i'm looking for. are you going to tag stuff with what instruments are playing? or what?

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I too am exhausted, but in a good way because I had such an amazing time. I got to meet so many people that I wasn't expecting to, made a ton of new friends, and just had a blast with the events. I was surprised at how non-stop it was... from one panel directly to another, to an interview, to a concert, then another concert, barely any time for food, very little sleep... man. Good stuff.

I'm also rather surprised that I was put on the spot so much; this year I deliberately went with the attention of just chilling in the audience and enjoying the shows... then suddenly I'm on the OCR panel, getting interviewed by Larry, playing HD Remix in front of a full room of staring eyes, battling X-Strike, Taucer and AE with my uber-rusty Capoeira skills, drawing blanks in front of everyone in Name That Tune... phew!

The only downside was the painfully long ride home.

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Hey guys,

It was great to meet some of you all out there at the con. And a big thanks for bringing me a sweatshirt on Sunday! Sorry I missed your panel, but I was working the con during that time! Hope you are all well and I will post a pic of my new car once I get it. The first sticker I put on the back will be the OCR one I got from you guys at the con!



(They security guy who got in a car wreck and bothered you guys for a day about a sweatshirt!)

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It was fun to see you guys again, and some of you who I didn't get a chance to meet last year.

I just finished my 20 some odd hour drive home. Damn. MAGFest is actually over. Weird.

I was really glad I got to sit in on the OCR panel. I missed it last year, but this one definitely made up for it - funny, and some great HDR action. I ran out of cash or would've grabbed a hoodie, and a sticker for my keyboard. Next year!

Thanks for the feedback you guys gave JAMSpace at that final panel. We took notes and were definitely paying attention. Each year gets better!

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GOD TIER: Metroid Metal

HOT DOG TIER: Smash Bros


LOL TIER: Armadillo Tank [i wish the best with pieness though seriously, they have nowhere to go but up :)]

Also, the hotel stole my Sierra t-shirt >:V but at this point that's like a minor annoyance because I was ROCKED SO HARD. Seriously, ALL the bands were so good this year, except for this one guy in the jamspace at 2 or 3 AM on sunday morning, with an audience of maybe... Escariot and Dom.

It was great meeting everyone, seriously. I got to talk to ALMOST everyone, and the "drifting between groups" was I think optimal this year, like meeting VGMixers and OCR people and even Shizzies :3. Also enjoyed being on the OCR panel, especially since I have never contributed anything major to OCR ever [other than music], but plugging animeremix and my album was nice. and and and


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