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FAC - VOTE NOW! Fan Art Competition 16 - ZOMBIES


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I personally thought literally every entry this month was pretty good which was great to see!

Also on a side note its nice to see that the top 4 were ladies (:

Rambo - Pokeymans 2

Sindra - Resident Evil 15

Bonzai - Team Fortress 19

cobaltstarfire - Yoshi 17

Ninja-san - Resident Evil 30

DJ Mighty - Ghosts and Goblins 6

Faulken - Redead 1


OK so here are the entries. PM me your top 3, starting with the one you love the most by September 2nd.

I was really impressed with everything this goaround.

Rambo - Pokeymans

Sindra - Resident Evil

Bonzai - Team Fortress 2

cobaltstarfire - Yoshi

Ninja-san - Resident Evil

DJ Mighty - Ghosts and Goblins

Faulken - Redead


So my internet quit was epic failure and here I am to do this again.

Welcome to the August 2008 edition of OCR's "official" Fan Art Competition (FAC).

The winner of the previous month gets to choose the following month's theme. Last month's winner, Sindra, is sick and tired of super happy happy stuff and wants everyone to draw crazy bloodthirsty ZOMBIES. That's any kinda of zombie from any game. GO CRAZY WITH THIS ONE.

If your unfamiliar with FAC then here is a FAQ thing sorta.


What is the Fan Art Competition?

The Fan Art Competition is a monthly event where artists create some form of art based on a certain theme.

What is the theme?

The theme is decided by the winner of the previous months competition and must be video game related.

Who can submit art?


What are my restrictions?

You are allowed to submit one entry, but other than that there are no restrictions. There are no size, quality, image size restrictions.

Who decides the winner?

OCR of course, the whole community votes on it.

How does voting work?

On the day after the deadline I will make a post that displays all of the art submitted. Then users will be allowed to see every entry and decide which three they like the best, in order. Afterwhich they will send me a PM with their vote and maybe a few comments about the contest. They must do so in the announced voting period. If not then they fail at voting.

When and how do we see the results?

After the voting period is over I will count the results and figure out which peice has the most points. When voting the voter sends in their top three favorite peices. The one they like the most is worth 3 points, the second 2 points and the third 1 point.

If I enter the contest can I vote?

Yes, and voting for yourself is allowed if you REALLY wanna.

Once the points have been counted I will send a happy PM to the winner that tells them that they one and explains how they are to choose the next months theme. *deep breath* Once I get a PM back I will post the results and artists choice for the next months theme.

Rules and Regulations!

1) Any art submitted must be based off of the months theme.

2) No nudity.

3) Your entry must be created within the month. It cannot have been something you've created in the past or partially finished prior to the announcement of the theme.

4) All entries must be 100% your work. Simply altering something created by someone else may be cool, but is not allowed as an entry.

PM me all entries by:

August 27th

Alright! Lets get started!

Support this thread by wearing one of these or make your own:




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first off its ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS which is one of the greatest games of all time

second off after seeing that idea that is actually a pretty cool idea

i dunno how many of you have read marvel zombies but they kinda do that


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Can we make characters into zombies? I'd hate to see this thing littered with RE and Zombies Took Over My Neighborhood (or w/e).

Somebody had better do Decap Attack. Oh wait... I think that person will be me.

Also, there are plenty of games to choose from without getting into the whole 'zombification of normal game characters' business.

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This is gonna be sweet. there are so many to choose from for this, i don't know where to start. Resident Evil is the obvious choice, but you can do zombies ate my neighbours, ghosts and goblins, castlevania, even the zombies from the metroid series (fusion and prime 2 for those who can't recall).

Ooo...Here's a good one, "Stubbs the zombie in: Rebel without a pulse".

Ack... so many choices, hard to pick just one!

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