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Zelda 'Underworld (Sane Ganon Mix)'

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I doubt it'll get onto OCR under any circumstances unless it's significantly cleaned up, especially the intro. Your voice acting hurt significantly by the processing, and it seems a little too... human, for Ganon anyway. The singing was fun, tho, and there's some writing in this that's just a little more than a serious tune away from OCR-level material.


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Ok, serious now, something tells me that if you got a talented voice actor, cut out some of the vocals, and shifted the emphasis to the (very good) writing you've done (parts like 0:50, 1:40, 1:50, 2:33, 2:55, 3:15, and 4:30 stand out), you might actually have a shot here - even with the na, na, na's. But right now it just sounds like Zelda porn.

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It seems I'm on the same page as the others. I really, really love what you've done with this. It's pretty much the only underworld mix I've heard that really stays true to the heart of the original. But the vocals... the vocals.

Heh. The more I hear it the more it grows on me... but it's totally comedic. If you don't want it to be funny, then you ruined it. If it's supposed to be hilarious, you're spot on. The idea of Ganon "bada-bada-da-ba-daba"-ing through the rising scale segment of the song is... just absurd and therefore amusing.

At this point, I'd almost be too embarrassed to have this as part of my collection as it is. On the other hand... it's just sorta incredible as it is


Um... my mind is made up. Do not change it. DO NOT!

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Oh my god, I laughed my ass off listening to this. This totally reminded me of those Saturday morning cartoons that were so horribly done it was fun.

Let me explain.

I think you're a very talented artist. You have a lot going for you here, I think. This is awesome. The beat you have is good, and the lyrics are sweet (what I could hear of them). I found myself distracted however. I would suggest edging the volume on the melody itself lower so you can actually hear your lyrics. I can't focus on the techno beat of the song and your lyrics at the same time. Your voice and the pitch you had it at melded with the song too much.

If you were going for a humerous jab at Gannon, I love you. I completely, utterly love you. If not, then fix your vocals, and some of the lyrics. There's just no way I can keep a straight face with the voice you chose to use and the oh so comically evil sigh you have at the end of your words.

Like I said, scale back the volume of the melody just a tad, and people will be able to hear your vocals more clearly.

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I can just picture Ganon sitting in his dungeon talking to himself and singing "naa na na na naaa." This made the title, "Sane Ganon Mix," especially ironic, and, to be completely honest, quite humorous. If you were going for a The Phantom of the Opera parody, then then concept is brilliant, though the execution and production could use a little work.

If you're aiming for a serious tone, probably the only way to execute that convincingly would be to find a male singer who can do opera, and be cautious of making the voice sound cheesy with too many effects. In that case, you might want to take a listen to The Phantom of the Opera anyway... although with all due respect to Andrew Lloyd Webber, I think that the The Phantom of the Opera is extremely cheesy already:


Keep in mind, however, that I have yet to even submit a remix of my own to this site, so I may not be very qualified to judge your work.

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I never noticed this before. I'm sorry if we've offended you, but what you've got is pretty funny. If you don't want us to laugh at this, still get a stronger voice for Ganon (as I suggested already) but it's all but impossible to take his nana-ing the main melody the least bit seriously. You might be able to keep that segment along with his dignity if you get an inhumanly good voice-actor/singer, but I doubt there's anybody that good.

Also, get a voice-actor/singer that can get that pitch without computer effects, because it's pretty distorted.

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