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OCR is my home page. Whenever I pull up IE, the first thing I see is OCR. And, of course, the ads on OCR. So, today there was an add for Mabinogi, which is made by the same people who made Maplestory. I was wondering if anyone here has tried Mabinogi? And if so, how is it? Should I give it a whirl? Feel free to say what's on your mind and maybe you people can even use this thread to meetup in game.

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It's a decent game. Before downloading a playing a game which is new to me, I read the wiki for the game to see if any of its features make it worth playing. If you want my opinion, I found it only worth playing for about a week or two before I got bored of doing things in it, but that's probably just because I play so many MMO's. If you want to look me up in game and ask me anything, I'm Ophiuca in Mari server.

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Living in Japan, I see commercials for this game ALL the freaking time. They usually show several random scenes that can be described with words that sound similar to the word mabinogi, and then they show a scene from the game at the end and say "Mabinogi." Anyway, from the way they do the commercial, I was under the influence that it's a game where you can do, dare I say, almost anything. Anyway, it looks like fun to me.

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I was originally going to use the name "Sarcastro", but I didn't want to use a shitty edited pic of Sinestro in my sig. OR of a snarky Castro.

Why not just go for a picture from his appearance in 'The Tick'?

Anyway, Manibogi seems to be pretty par for the course: A way to spend time if you have no other MMO to which you cling. And loads of unnecessary free time.

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I played it for a little while, but it wasn't hard to stop playing it.

If you're playing the free version, chances are you might end up like me, but you also may love it. Personally I didn't like it at after awhile for these reasons:

-Combat is restrictive. You end up using the same pattern of attacks for every strong monster. (Strong attack, guard, strong attack, dodge, etc.)

-Armor gives you NO defense bonuses whatsoever, and cost A CRAPLOAD to make

-If you play on a busy server, experience a bit of lag because everyone sets up their shop next to each other IN THE MAIN TOWN

-Land between towns is UBER long, but it sorta is eased by a sort-of "autopilot" function

-Some skill requirements are RIDICULOUS, such as needing to SUCCESSFULLY make materials 200 times (you first need to get the materials too from monsters and whatnot)

-You'll usually be resorting to part-time jobs to get your money.

-After awhile of playing, most quests end up being "Kill X amount of monsters"

Some pluses that I can see though are:

+It's free

+There are A LOT of people that play this game

+Randomly generated dungeons means you won't see the same room-pattern twice

+Field bosses are cool to encounter and attempt to fight: they come randomly and a player can report it to the whole server if they find the proper scroll (You get to see your name scroll on the top of the screen ^_^)

+Part-time jobs are easy to do

+A CRAPLOAD of classes that give you various bonuses, show up on your on-sceen name, and may let NPCs give you free items

Yeah, so although I didn't like it, by all means I would recommend trying it. Especially considering its free, it might be your cup of tea.

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