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As for the korean instruments, I downloaded a shakuhachi font, and it seems like it'll do the job for the korean bamboo flute thing. Trying to find a good silk string instrument sounding thing. I've downloaded a shamisen soundfont, and it sounds alright. http://www.sf2midi.com/index.php?page=sdet&id=3763

But I'm trying to find one that sounds a little more.. metallic I guess. What would be really nice is one where it sounds considerably more twangy and metallic on higher velocities.

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The percussive section at http://hammersound.net should be able to get you hooked up with a good set from one of the many drumpacks there.

Otherwise, search http://www.sf2midi.com for triangle. you'll probably get a whole bunch of GM sets. I recommend downloading Cadenza or Merlin if you don't have them already. I'm sure one of those has a decent triangle sound in the percussion. If you find it, you can just cut the instrument out using vienna.

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Okay, I need a soundfont, so I guess this is the place to request it...

Does anyone know where I can find a decent triangle sound/soundfont? I could really use one...

Go to hammersound.net and pick up...I think its called "Vintage dream waves 2" (I'm not sure which of the synth sections it's in...but you have a choice of three, so it wont be too hard to get).

Alternatively you could AIM me or something and I'll see about passing them over.

Use QuadraSID VSTi or use a simple synth with a lofi after it. Works really well.


Look it up at KvR-VsT, though you'll have to pay for it. Best bet is to use SimSynth in FruityLoops to do it, using a LoFi set at 8-bit to do the whole authentic sound.

ohhh, I hate paying for things like that :s

Y'know, cause it'd be a one-off use...and I'd probably discard it after that >.<

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I just got Fruity Loops, so I definitely need some good samples, I'm not sure what works best with Fruity Loops.

I need:



Pan Flute

Organ (Church, drawbar, almost any kind)



Acoustic Bass or Fretless





Any good Fantasy-like synth sounds.

I greatly appreciate any help that can be provided. I think WAVs. work for the best for it, but I don't know.

If you know any good places, please email me at MeteoX9999@aol.com. Thank you very much.

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I recognize that name. You did a Secret of Evermore mix of Hall of Collosia on VGMix, am I right? That was a great remix, and an inspiration to what I'm working on now (sadly, the results are not the same...)

So how do I get soundfonts to work for Fruity Loops? I'm not familiar with them at all.

The answer lies here, answered several times. A bit of reading and scanning will be required to find the pertinent information.

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