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The Colbert Cell: a new type of armor my friend is developing


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Hey OCR. I'm posting this thread because my friend and I need your help to develop and patent a new type of armor. My friend Bryan here at UCI (University of California Irvine) to develop a new form of armor that is much stronger and lighter than anything available now. Plus, it is much more environmentally friendly to fabricate. We have more information at our website: http://www.boroshield.org

So why do we need your help? Well, he is submitting his business plan to a contest that, if won, will provide him with the necessary money to patent his design, which will protect his idea. Then he can seek venture capital to begin research, development, and production of the design.

This contest works by popular vote, similar to Ourstage but without the nifty matchups. Go to http://www.boroshield.org click on the green "VOTE" button with the thumbs up on the right side, and go through the simple process. You can skip giving them your personal information, but make the password REALLY easy to remember (more on that in a second).

The only hard part is you have to verify your e-mail address by clicking on a link they e-mail you. The whole process will take maximum 5 minutes; we promise they won't spam you or anything.

We're going to ask you to vote one more time in the last week of this month, so remember your password for the future. (Make it like 'boroshield123' or something).

Vote now because the contest is over in just a little over a week on the 30th.

Winning this contest will open up HUGE possibilities. Everybody will benefit from Bryan's technology.

If you find this cause as worthy as I do, pass this along to your friends after you vote. We would greatly appreciate it.

There is more information on our website (www.boroshield.org ) and the voting website http://www.ideablob.com/ideas/3024-Protective-Impact-Resistant-Mat . For voting instructions click here: https://webfiles.uci.edu/jmasukaw/boroshield/ideablob.html

Thanks a ton guys! And pass this on if you find it worthy!

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I'd be amazed if this new armor can stop a RPG-29 assault as well as being able to give the lighter military vehicle passengers a chance to survive.

Most modern main battle tanks (MBTs) are not vulnerable to hand-held RPGs, and this was demonstrated in the Israel-Hezbolla war of 2006. RPGs are still used very effectively against lightly-armoured vehicles such as armored personnel carriers (APCs) or unarmored wheeled vehicles, as well as against buildings and bunkers. They can still be a threat to an MBT under certain tactical conditions. One exception is the RPG-29, the most advanced model, which uses a tandem-charge high explosive anti-tank warhead to penetrate explosive reactive armor (ERA). It is capable of destroying some modern MBTs such as the T-90.[1] In August 2006, an RPG-29 round penetrated the frontal ERA of a Challenger 2 tank during an engagement in al-Amarah, Iraq
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Thanks for all the support guys. We really appreciate it.

Right now we're losing out to a group that wants to develop fun math toys for AIDS children in Uganda. Personally I don't see how fun math toys for terminally ill children in a third world country alleviates any sort of problem.

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Not Boron. Adamantium Adamantium was an indestuctible metal from the comic X-Men. Wolverine's skeleton and claws were made out of it.

EDIT: Actually I lied. To be more accurate, Wolverine's skeleton and claws were replaced with it.

I thought his skeleton was reinforced with it.

because in one comic magneto removed the metal. it was pretty nasty

and yes, you will get several thaousand votes if stephen colbert gets wind of this

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