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FAC - VOTES ARE IN - Fan Art Competition 18: Sidekicks


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Theme - Sidekicks


Welcome to the October 2008 edition of OCR's "official" Fan Art Competition (FAC).

The winner of the previous month gets to choose the following month's theme. Last month's winner, bonzai, decided to go with sidekicks for this month!

If your unfamiliar with FAC then here is a FAQ thing sorta.


What is the Fan Art Competition?

The Fan Art Competition is a monthly event where artists create some form of art based on a certain theme.

What is the theme?

The theme is decided by the winner of the previous months competition and must be video game related.

Who can submit art?


What are my restrictions?

You are allowed to submit one entry, but other than that there are no restrictions. There are no size, quality, image size restrictions.

Who decides the winner?

OCR of course, the whole community votes on it.

How does voting work?

On the day after the deadline I will make a post that displays all of the art submitted. Then users will be allowed to see every entry and decide which three they like the best, in order. After which they will send me an email (vintagepointedsticks @ hotmail.com) with their vote and maybe a few comments about the contest. They must do so in the announced voting period. If not then they fail at voting.

When and how do we see the results?

After the voting period is over I will count the results and figure out which peice has the most points. When voting the voter sends in their top three favorite peices. The one they like the most is worth 3 points, the second 2 points and the third 1 point.

If I enter the contest can I vote?

Yes, and voting for yourself is allowed if you REALLY wanna.

Once the points have been counted I will send a happy PM to the winner that tells them that they one and explains how they are to choose the next months theme. Once I get a PM back I will post the results and artists choice for the next months theme.

Rules and Regulations!

1) Any art submitted must be based off of the months theme.

2) No nudity.

3) Your entry must be created within the month. It cannot have been something you've created in the past or partially finished prior to the announcement of the theme.

4) All entries must be 100% your work. Simply altering something created by someone else may be cool, but is not allowed as an entry.

PM me all entries by:

October 26th


Vote Now!

Number One! - Ninja-san

Number Two! - relyanCe

Number Three! - Gollgagh

Number Four! - Nyuura

Number Five! - friendlyHunter

Number Six! - Bummerdude

Number Seven! - bonzai

Number Eight! - I can't remember who did number eight! Please PM me!

Number Nine! - DarkeSword <- Bleck's personal favorite

All votes are due by Friday, October 31st.



First Place - Number 4, Nyuura

Second Place - Number 7, bonzai

Third Place - Number 1 & 6, Ninja-san and Bummerdude

Congratulations to Nyuura! You get to choose next month's theme.

A big thanks to all of our entrants. See you next month!


Support this competition by wearing one of these fancy sig things, or make one of your own -




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Sidekicks huh?

I'm gonna have to look back at all them ArrPeeGeez I've been playing. I'm guessing it's pretty much secondary characters on either the good or bad side.

Tails is the first idea that comes to mind, but my mind's drawing a blank after this. Very interesting choice bonzaï! Count me in again this month :D

Ninja-san: I... won? o.O

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Aside from the fact that I crushed my index finger on my main hand in a car door. My health both physically and mentally is currently failing, so I might not participate in this one.

I really want to, but even if my hand among other things turns out ok, I'm not really sure my heart is in it. :(

So we'll see. Lots of people have been participating, I hope we get a lot of really nice pieces this month, as we have in the past few months.

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Just open MSPaint and do something for the hell of it :D

Thanksgiving weekend is coming up fast and I have the whole week off during that time. I should have something done by the end of next week.

Totally unrelated: lawlz apparently my IP's banned from ETG for a month, even though I haven't been on in a while. No IRC for me? =/

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well i am back but im sure that it wont be long before they ban me or something permanently

anyways regardless of whether they do or not i am basically done posting here at this place

But before I go I'd just like to say that this competition was one of my favorite things about this place and I always loved running it. I'm gonna throw a few shout outs to the people that participated in this to show that I do in fact actually like you people!

Bleck - We talk enough on irc for me not to have to really write something here, but I will say why I let Bleck be the one to take this over. I don't know how many of you remember but way back when this competition was started it was started by someone named Crabsmasher. Right around the time that he started this competition he also started ClanOCR (online DS games and whatnot) and me and Bleck were two of the very early members. I just saw it fitting for another member of ClanOCR to take it over.

Ninja-san - This may seem weird because I don't think I've ever actually talked to you nor even responded to that many of your posts but you were a real staple in this competition. You entered almost every one ever going back to the beginning (maybe even all of them I'm not sure) and I've always thought you were pretty cool for that. When I made the thread to revive this compo I knew that you would come out nowhere and post interest, and lo and behold you did, and it made me quite happy to see that. Rock on, girl.

Phalanx - Honestly you have always been my favorite artist in this compo, and it's a shame that you've never actually won. I hope you keep on entering it though, as I'll continue to watch the entries looking for more really awesome stuff from you. Another longtime supporter of this.

Rambo - Haha the only person to ever draw me out a birthday card, which I thought was ridiculously awesome. Your resolve when you quit TF2 has always impressed me, and you're a good dude for upholding your side of that deal. Keep drawing pikachus bro.

cobaltstarfire - We talked on irc back in the day in #clanocr, and it'd be nice to see you back there. Another person that I could always count on to support this.

Sindra - We talk on aim so I don't have to say a ton. Good luck with school and I've always been a fan of your art style. One day I'm gonna get me that Sonic pic in a poster!

Falken, relyanCe - Sorry to group you two together but really all I wanna say about both of you is that you are both people that as noobs I don't think ever made a post that made me wanna bash my head against the wall, and that is quite the accomplishment!

friendlyHunter - A decent amount of your posts actually made me laugh, which is quite the accomplishment, I gotta say. Always a fun guy to have in this and always someone I could count on to support this. Man did I love your Zelda entry.

Bonzai - Always made TF2 a blast. I'm sure everyone expected this but I LOVED your mecha entry.

Aninymouse - You rock and you know why.

Sinewav - I'm workin on those social norms, buddy.

If I forgot anyone, I am truly sorry as I really am a fan of you all (ok maybe not you Sinewav you are a goof). I would love to talk to you guys whenever you feel bored or whatever feel free to hit me up on aim or join my irc channel (#whatma on enterthegame, key is "face"). I'll also be feeding my forum posting addiction over at remod, which you are all welcomed to join.

Have fun with future compos.


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Have fun wherever you end up, Atmuh. The off topic thread about the guy who loved dinosaurs that little bit too much will continue to amuse me for years to come, and I must admit, the fanart competition was one of the main draws keeping me here when I first randomly started posting.

Anyway, as for the actual competition, nothing's leaping out at me yet-less likely to see a decent, complete entry this month, as I really need to work on my dissertation back at uni, but will still be trying my best once the inspiration hits me!

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the navi of okami

He's the navi of Okami, but a million times better at least.

He also is actually moderately important to the story too, which I thought was a neat touch. I never actually finished OoT but Navi didn't seem to be that strongly tied to the story at all.

Also, fair winds Atmuh, I hope you're not leaving entirely till the mods wack you with the perma ban stick, your posting often gives me a nice giggle. :P

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