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FAC - VOTES ARE IN - Fan Art Competition 18: Sidekicks


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I've never used GIMP before, but I've always been curious about it. How is it any different from, say, Photoshop?

I haven't tried using GIMP or Photoshop in well over 4 years, but I can say I couldn't get anything to actually work in GIMP without looking at the documentation for it. While photoshop I could start up and be able to do basic coloring/drawing/layering just by experimentally pushing buttons at random.

GIMP is just as good as photoshop though if you take the time to learn to use it, I've seen plenty of great pieces of art work done in gimp. (giant wallpaper example)

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Mine is going to pwn this month (I hope)!



But, nah, here's hoping your idea doesn't crush mine! 8O

How's everyone else?

Goin' rather swimmingly, I must say! Had a couple of failed attempts at various popular Nintendo sidekicks. Now I can never love them again.

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I'm starting to think I won't be able to make this one this time. I had a great idea, but I haven't had any time to even sketch it yet because I've been too busy with other things....and now with the new Castlevania coming out today, I don't expect any free time from now until the deadline. ;_;

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Argh, I actually have something I'm working on, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it in any kind of digital form.

I hate not having a scanner >.|

Maybe I'll try redrawing it into GIMP by hand icon_think.gif

Are you using a tablet? If you set up the canvas area right you can just trace it. (If the drawing is too big to be traced in one go you can do it in separate parts and piece it together).

Otherwise, why don't you just sketch/draw it on the computer in the first place?

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