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Songs that make you feel POWERFUL!


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Anyonere here have any songs that are so full of power and energy that you feel like taking on the world? Or go jogging? These are songs that do it for me, and probably for you too ;)

the last one and the first two have the best vocals you'll ever hear.




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After having barely survived the most crushing event of my life thus far, I found myself reinvigorated by a couple of good ol' Trance tracks :)

My current playlist has a lot of mis-tagged tracks but one of the songs I do have a correct name of, that makes me feel powerful right now is: 'till tears do us part' 'by heaven's tears'.

Then there's a particular mix of Andain's 'Beautiful things' that feels like an anthem to my life right now and reminds me that I've been through hell but am still standing strong anyway, facing forward and trying to better myself :D

This, and a handful of other songs will get me through the coming period untill I played them to death and need something new to help me through the next period :)



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