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Mother 3


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Spoilers again.

Fuck that Fasson faggot. He tortures the shit out of poor old Salsa, and then you get to see his fat ass thrown about by the drago's. Three year's later,that fucker is still there. God damn.I hope that fucker dies a terrible death.

Boy, I've never hated a video game villain as much as I hate Pokey(Porky). Him and his god damn cancerous evil.

Damn you to hell.

Man I love this game.

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just an fyi for people posting spoilers, you don't have to use [ color=black ] tags to make the text back to normal. Anything you type outside of the [ color=white ] [ /color ] tags will be the default color.

Using Ramma's Dark Skin, I can live with having spoilers highlighted for me in bold white, but seeing non-spoilery text in black against a black background can get annoying.

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That's exciting news... I just hope it doesn't push an actual release further away... sometimes ROMs do that...

I do believe that Nintendo announced they they were not planning on bringing it to the US, though I don't have anything to cite as evidence.

Incidentally enough, I'm having a blast playing this game on my DS.

Not gonna read much more of this thread until I'm done playing.

This is a really top-notch translation/romhack.

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So, hearing Mother 3 was out, I decided to play through Earthbound Zero / Mother 1 before heading to Mother 3.

Uggggh. Bad idea. Mother 1 suffers HARD from "early NES syndrome", in that the technical limitations of the NES hamper it hard. There are random battles everywhere. Enemies are brutal and relentless right out of the gate, and EXP is miniscule, forcing a grind that puts MMOs to shame. Even with a 2x EXP patch, it's still pretty tedious. Not to mention that there are a few spots where you need a specific item to proceed, and if your inventory is full, you don't get it...but the game registers as you already getting it, forcing you to reset or reload.

But alas, I trudged on through to the end. Below is the entire story of Mother 1, for those who wish to know more, but don't want to suffer through what is a game that has aged extremely poorly.

Ninten woke up one day with the objects in his house attacking him. He defeated them, then found his Great Grandfather's Diary, who said that he was a destined child. He found part of an old melody in a music box. He found another part from a bird in a cemetary.

Ninten then came across the magical land of Magicant, where he was welcome. There, Queen Mary told him to find all 8 parts of the melody, because she couldn't sing it, and wanted to hear it again.

He found a third part of the melody from a singing monkey.

He came across a nerd everyone picked on called Lloyd, whom he made friends with.

He came across a girl called Ann who simply knew it was her destiny to travel with Ninten. The trio found the fourth melody in a piano in a haunted house. They found the fifth melody in a cactus in the desert. The sixth melody was given to them by a dragon in Magicant.

They traveled to the city of Ellay where they beat down a gang called the BBs, and their boss, Teddy, asked to travel with them to avenge his parents, whom were murdered. Teddy told Lloyd to take a break, he'd take over for him.

In the city of Youngstown, children everywhere beg and plead for you to get their moms and dads back, who are being held at Mt Itoi.

At Mt Itoi, you are assaulted by a gigantic robot. Lloyd comes with a tank and saves you. Teddy is wounded, so Lloyd takes his place.

You go to the lake on Mt Itoi, where you find your great grandfather's lab, and a robot named EVE who is sworn to protect you.

You climd Mt Itoi where the robot from earlier attacks you. It destroys EVE, but EVE's explosion kills it. EVE gives you the seventh melody, it's mission fufilled.

The 8th Melody is given to you from a strange stone that has "XX" carved in it that speaks telepathically to you. You return to Magicant and sing the melody to Queen Mary.

Queen Mary is your Great Grandmother, who begins sobbing, saying that Giegue is behind the whole mess, and that she raised Giegue when it was a child.

The Eight Melodies are the song Mary sang to him when he was younger.

Magicant dissolves. It was nothing more than an illusion held together by the ghost of your Great Grandmother Mary.

You return to the XX Stone, which is revealed to be your Great Grandfather's gravestone. It was him who spoke to you earlier.

You go foward to confront Giegue, who attacks you in an incomprehensible nature. He says he will wipe out all of humanity, and then offers Ninten a place in his ship, spared from the slaughter. Ninten refuses.

You sing the melody to Giegue, forcing him to retreat as he can't reconcile the pleasant memories of his 'youth' with the desire to kill everyone. He swears to return one day.

Giygas is Giegue after he has lost what little humanity remains in him.

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Earthbound Zero / Mother 1

I think I'm one of the only people that actually enjoyed that one. Then again, I'm biased since it's the game that actually got me into the series (after watching the commercial). The difficulty didn't bother me much, since I wasn't yet spoiled by Earthbound's relative easiness.

About a year ago, Mato started tinkering around with a Mother remake by hacking Earthbound. Unfortunately, doesn't look like he's working on it at all now.

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Well, son of a bitch. Reading around on Smashboards I accidentally found out who the final boss is. Spoiler tags, people, come on!

...Anyway. So far I've encountered just one grammar screw-up SPOILERS:

When you're in the castle place after discovering that the needle there has been pulled, you can check out the lever that Fassad (well, Salsa actually) pulled earlier. It'll say "It doesn't appears to work". Or something like that.

Loving the game. Although I am TERRIBLE at the whole combo deal. Even if I press the button exactly in sync with the heartbeat it never seems to work. Just how badly does the emulator screw with it?

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Loving the game. Although I am TERRIBLE at the whole combo deal. Even if I press the button exactly in sync with the heartbeat it never seems to work. Just how badly does the emulator screw with it?

I'm using the VirtualBoyAdvance-M and It doesn't seem any different from playing it on the original GBA cart. Sometimes I find it easier to try and match the rhythm of the song that your character is playing instead of the battle BGM. Sometimes it's easier to listen to the BGM though. The rhythm matching is really picky sometimes so you shouldn't throw a fit if you rarely reach a 16 combo. I can only do it on the songs that are common time with no skips or time signature changes.

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It runs just fine for me. Using VBA 1.7.2 on an XP machine, I only really get slowdown when there's a ton of sprites on screen.

I find that if I hit A a little bit faster than the heartbeat I can usually get 2 hits, but rarely get more than that. If I try to be perfectly in sync I usually get nothing, except in the fight against (minor spoiler) the ghost maestro guy, who I was somehow pulled off a 16-hit combo against, just by following the beat.

...So I donno what's up with that.

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