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Mega Man 2 'Wily Theme' (Frog Metul!!)


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Getting close to finishing it. Comments?



The majority of recording has concluded for this piece, and the first draft is complete. Next step will be to work on the drums. The clean break is freakin' tits, IMO.



If it sounds familiar, it's because I started it like two years ago, lost the progress in when i formatted, and didn't feel like starting it again. I started it a few weeks ago and finally have it to where it was before (almost).

There are some changes since the last one, a few lead lines are different, but for the most part the melody is the same :)

A few notes:

Drums are temporary placeholders, so don't complain about 'em to me, I know they suck :P

The end is not the end, I just haven't recorded more yet.

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Nice remix! Sounded better than I expected. A metal version of the MM2 Wily theme isn't exactly a revolution in the remix community, but the song is excellent in itself so why not.

If there's anything to criticise, it may be that the track is a little too generic metal to stand out. I want more surprises! But the bridge that starts at 2:00 is really nice, and you got some great guitar harmonies that start early in the track.

Keep up the good work!

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Cool intro, just... what was that very first thing?

Snare feels weak. it's got the punch, but it's just... Sounds small. More reverb on it? Kick can only be heard when I'm actually listening for it. Hats are really high, sound more like a shaker with little flakes of metal.

Transition at 1:50 felt a bit too sudden, but man do I like what happened after that or what? :D

Not much else I can say, this isn't a genre Im very knowledgeable in. Drums are my biggest complaint, tho I think it's a little heavy on the high mids and doesn't have the lows it could.

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Very good sound besides the drums for obvious stated reasons, they seemed quiet besides the hi hat. Rhythm guitar track was very same-y, change it up a little. Great lead tone, reminds me how much mine sucks. :P

Never heard the original, so can't comment on the composition.

Also have to say I thought the transition at 1:53 or so was fine, the floor tom or whatever that was kept the beat going.

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Cymbals still sound very squashed, even though the track is barely peaking, a telltale sign of bad mastering. The drums all need some more bottom end, the kick drum/toms all sound very thin and as a result this takes away a lot of energy from the track.

When mastering, don't just increase the volume of the track until it's clipping, but use a clever combination of compression/limiting to find the best compromise between loudness and sound quality.

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