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Mega Man: The Movie

The Damned

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It just amazes me since doing any amount of CG is way more time consuming than ADR, and more expensive also. Not to mention good ADR makes your film seem way more professional than bad CG.

Another thing that's just as likely is that the actors couldn't do more than X weeks of shooting or whatever. So they wouldn't be able to do ADR, and just as likely is that they don't have the proper equipment for good ADR becuase they blew the entire budget on bad CG.

Or its my first reason. CG is sorta necessary for a movie like this, becuase animatronics are more difficult to pull off than CG, CG is more time consuming but....

Possible reasons? I could be completely wrong. I just like playing Devil's Advocate to glean knowledge. :)

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I dunno. I didn't think it was all that bad. Pretty much the exact way I'd expect a major film company to do it, just on a lower budget.

I agree with whoever said they liked Wily's actor. He seemed to be the most engaged in every scene.

I loved Wily's actor, haha. Everytime he showed up I was nodding my head. Other than the hair cut, I think that guy was perfect for the role. ^_^;

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Just finished watching the movie, and I'd have to give the director props. I can't help but be giddy at the end of 90 mins of movie script that was actually faithful to the original story! Uwe Boll should pay these guys for directing lessons... props to Eddie Lebron for that.

My critique? Glad you asked! Acting was more than I expected, and I'm being straight up... I didn't expect to see a Mega Man Movie, so I already win.

Dr. Light could have used a few acting lessons for about the first 20mins or so, but seemed to get it down later in the movie.

Roll played her part excellently... I don't remember her in game where she wasn't annoying as hell!

Iceman won the award for COOLEST ROBOT MASTER. (Get it?)

Elecman could have smiled a bit more for being the only effective boss that wasn't yellow devil.

I can't stay positive and think about the CG fights - the spirit was there but there just wasn't enough meat on them bones.

All in all, my overall opinion is thus - 1 Fanflick watched, childhood memories and glee are STILL INTACT! Good times.

...Electricity doesn't work against the blues, sucka!

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Finally saw it today courtesy of the DC Anime Club, and I agree with most of the opinions displayed here so far. CGI was hit or miss, and some of Dr. Light's lines were a little too much and partially cliche. But overall, I enjoyed it a lot. I liked Roll a lot more than some others seemed to. BLUES PAUNCH was by far the most awesome scene in the film.

Also, I got a nice surprise; Eddie Lebron, the actor who played Mega Man, two producers, and the CGI artist all came to this screening to answer our questions. Pretty badass of them.

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Way better than I was expecting! The acting was quite good considering the low budget, the script probably needed a bit more work and the film was in dire need of better editing but the story did hold together over 90 mins which was impressive.

Loved the Wily music toward the end :)

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My opinion: biggest problem is the complete lack of any subtlety in the script and direction. I mean, Wily was a great actor, but the way his intro scene was scripted, he might as well have just looked into the camera and said "hi, I'm Dr. Wily, and I'm the villain of this movie."

Granted, we know he's the bad guy, but still a bit more depth and subtlety in the writing could have made this movie a lot better.

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