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Mega Man: The Movie

The Damned

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This isn't the only megaman thing I remember seeing... hold on...

Actually, if you read the writer/director's blog you will see that this trailer was actually his inspiration for wanting to do this film.

I personally think it looks amazing (especially the CGI) for a film thats all fan made and no budget.

Can't wait for the full thing to be out in a couple months.

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Seriously, though, I honestly think this "portrayal" (lightly used term here) of Roll is one of the single most irritating and annoying things I have ever seen in my life. EVER.

How any director worth anything (or even a worthless director) called cut and print after her delivering any of those lines astounds me.

What the fuck, man?

What the fuck?

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That's exactly how I'd picture Roll acting in a Megaman movie.

At first I read this line as "That's exactly how I'd picture Uwe Boll directing a Megaman movie."

Then I read "I really want to the full movie now" and my head exploded.

I really want to the full movie now too.

I wanna see a a flying dog in a robot costume NOW!

Rush isn't until Megaman 3, sorry. Even then, he's not really a a flying dog.

But seriously, I really would like to see this movie. It makes it look like it's actually taking place in the year 20XX, instead of a cartoon fantasy world =)

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