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VG Frequency: U Love VGM

Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?  

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  1. 1. Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?

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    • Larry's merely part of the establishment now (i.e. yes)
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I dunno if DarkeSword will allow this... but oh well. I wrote a song for ReVamped that's something to do with love... I guess...

If you can grab "The Prophetess" from my briefcase, that'd be awesome. I'm not at liberty to give details, but know that it's about an important character in the game. :D

Oh yeah, it's more of a sad kind of love song than a happy style. Just a heads up, in case that ruins your groove. :lol:

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Hello there, folks. Hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day proceedings last night. If you couldn't be out there on some dates and working your mojo, I hope you at least stopped by to check out the video game related festivities over at VG Frequency. This week's episode was cleverly titled "Infected with VD", which is also appropriate given that the Emory network was being extremely awful, so the stream was lousier than usual and I was in and out of AIM every few minutes. Sorry to Species, who couldn't get a recording of the show this week, thanks to Emory's shitty network problem. A whole bunch of people weren't even able to tune in, the connection was so horrendous. If I can, I'll sneak in an extra show during the week to make up for it, provided things are more stable.

Regardless, we had an excellent offering of V-Day-related songs and I'm really proud of the offering we had this week. Of course, there are other songs that could have fit the theme, but we've only got 2 hours, so no complaints. Thanks again to everyone who made requests and everyone who was able to stop by. I was able to hang out and play an hour and a half of extra stuff as well, so thanks to DCT & neminem who hung out a little longer. Thanks to neminem for the chat transcript this week. I'm working on providing the backlog of AIM convos so those should be up soon. Species will also be sending me an old episode later in the week.

Be sure to be around next week, when zyko comes on the air for an interview. I hope the stream becomes more manageable next week, because you know weed's gonna be a dope interview. Feel free to ask questions in the chat room or whatnot, as weed's willing to answer all sorts of questions. Without further ado, let's get to the playlist:

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

"VG Frequency" - Saturday, February 14, 2004 - 10:05 PM - 12 AM

1. Red Omen - VG Frequency "Brings Us Together" Bumper

2. Noriyuki Iwadare - "Pretty Girl" [Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete OST]

3. Ziwtra - Final Fantasy 8 "Rain in Chicago" [OverClocked ReMix #1061]

4. GrayLightning & Freemind - Battle of Olympus "Eros" [OverClocked ReMix to-be-posted]

5. Star Salzman - Chrono Trigger "Love in an Hourglass" [VGMix2 #783]

6. Charles Blachly - "I Miss You" [http://www.yossman.net/~charles]

7. Hiroki Kikuta - "Always Together" [secret of Mana OST]

8. DJ Pretzel - Sonic the Hedgehog 1 "Love Hurts" [OverClocked ReMix #691]

9. Ghetto Lee Lewis - Final Fantasy 6 "My One and Only True Love" [bleeding Ears Extreme Remix 2]

10. Suzumebachi - Xenogears "Heart-Felt Recollections" [ironMix Challenge XI: February Mermaid / OverClocked ReMix #1022 / VGMix2 #81]

11. Destiny - Seiken Densetsu 3 "This Heart" [VGMix2 #501]

12. Ceracryst - Final Fantasy 7 "Heart's Anxiety" [OverClocked ReMix #828]

13. Nobuo Uematsu - "I Want to Be Your Canary" [Final Fantasy IX OST]

14. Miki Higashino - "Reminiscence (String Version)" [Genso Suikoden II OST]

15. Unipulator - Chrono Trigger "Zeal Love" [OverClocked ReMix #1053]

16. Satoshi Ise - "This is True Love Makin'" [Capcom vs. SNK 2 OSV]

17. Nobuo Uematsu - "Temptation of the Princess" [Final Fantasy II (Final Fantasy Origins) OST]

18. Kaijin - Chrono Trigger "Timeless Heart" [VGMix2 #312]

19. Blak Omen & Dhsu - Super Mario RPG "Waltz of Pain" [OverClocked ReMix #1073 / VGMix2 #343]

20. Hideaki Kobayashi - "Healing" [Phantasy Star Online: Songs of Ragol Odyssey: Soundtrack Episode 1]

21. Onaje Allangumbs w/Rika Muranaka - "Can't Say Good Bye To Yesterday (Piano Version)" [Metal Gear Solid 2 OST]

22. DarkeSword - "It's Been Years..." [http://www.darkesword.com]

23. Unknown - "The Prophetess" [ReVamped OST]

24. Tetsuya Shibata & Mitsuhiko Takano - "You've Got a Heartache" [Marvel vs. Capcom 2 OSV]

25. Injury - Megaman 3 "Blue Reflection" [OverClocked ReMix #818]

26. Noriko Matsueda & Takahito Eguchi - "Zanarkand Ruins" [Final Fantasy X-2 OST]

27. Blak Omen - Final Fantasy 6 "Four Weddings and a Funeral" (WIP) [VGMix #953]

28. Hazama - "Filtered Memories" [http://www.gamer911.com/haz.html]

29. Rayza f/Joëlle - VG Frequency "976-RAYZA LV" Bumper

30. Poprod f/Johanna Skoog & Sofia Strömberg - "Move On" [Poprod]

31. Nixdorux - The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time "Zelda is in Love" [VGMix2 #614]

32. Hiroki Kikuta - "Rose and Ghost" [secret of Mana OST]

33. OverCoat - VG Frequency "Makes Me Question" Bumper

34. OverCoat - "Rapport" [http://rks.no-ip.com/~seattleovercoat]

35. Noriyuki Iwadare - "Fairy Rain" [Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete OST]

36. Marc Star - Wild Arms "Rosetta Refrain" [OverClocked ReMix #955]

37. Hideaki Kobayashi - "Day Dawns" [Phantasy Star Online: Songs of Ragol Odyssey: Soundtrack Episode 1]

38. Hiroki Kikuta - "Close Your Eyelids" [secret of Mana OST]

I'm also going to be starting to take requests for the 2nd OCRtists All-Originals show in 2 weeks on February 28th, featuring only original tracks created by everyone involved in the community. I'll be looking to OCR & VGMix to provide me with requests. The first show was a full 4 hours, so we'll see how things turn out for this next one. I'll be doing a separate thread to ask for requests, so be sure to keep an eye out for that. No need to post right here.

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Thanks for everyone who stopped by Friday's impromptu show and hung out, especially Vigilante & DCT for calling in. It was a sweet turnout, and there's nothing more fun then mixing combustible elements like Jared Hudson & Dan Baranowsky. We've got some good stuff coming up for Saturday, but let's get to Friday's playlist first:

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

"VG Frequency" - Friday, February 20, 2004 - 4:05 - 6:05 PM

1. DarkeSword - Super Mario 64 "Pearl Diver" [http://www.darkesword.com]

2. Nobuo Uematsu - "J-E-N-O-V-A" [Final Fantasy VII OST]

3. Vigilante calls in from his car to let everyone know he's not dead first and foremost, pimps new stuff on the horizon including a Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time remix, and comments on the additions of DarkeSword & [OMG, THAT'S CLASSIFIED INFORMATION] to the OC judges' panel [http://www.geocities.com/jesse_taub]

4. analoq - Phantasy Star 1 "Wanta Phanta" [OverClocked ReMix #953]

5. SuperGreenX - "Halcyon" [Flash Flash Revolution OSV]

6. Spekkosaurus - Chrono Trigger "The Trial in Concert" [OC ReMix #800]

7. Takayuki Iwai & Masato Kouda - "Fetus of God" [Vampire Savior OST]

8. Last Unicron - Alisia Dragoon "Halls of Abandonment" [OC ReMix #928]

9. Mazedude - Street Fighter 2 "Sagat's Moonbike" [OC ReMix #1001]

10. Tomoya Ootani - "Puzzle Editor" [ChuChu Rocket! OSV]

11. AmIEviL - Final Fantasy 6 "Death on the Snowfield" [OC ReMix #205]

12. LousySpy - Final Fantasy 7 "Neoteric Assembly" [OC ReMix #233]

13. Koji Kondo - "Overworld BGM" [super Mario Bros. 3 OST]

14. DCT calls in and (despite not being at Mardi Gras) brags about his numerous ladies, as well as addressing his CastleVania 3 WIP "The Gray Lightning", his work remixing DarkeSword's original track "The Alleyway", how he loves the kids, his agreement with "Jamaican Soul" being declined by the OC judges' panel, how he hopes to get posted on OCR with his Sonic 3 mix "Iced Out Nine Twenty Two", bribing the judges in the hopes of getting posted to OC, his upcoming Astyanax collab with GrayLightning "Journey to Remlia", zyko hopefully lightin' it up on the air, and various other topics [http://www.thebigshot.com]

15. The Evil Horde - Megaman 2 "Quick Draw" [OC ReMix #470]

16. Avien - Streets of Rage 2 "Slow Moon Groove" [VGMix1 #1370 / OC ReMix #788]

17. Beej - The Legend of Zelda 3 "Fragments of Gold" [OC ReMix #791]

18. Tomoya Ootani - "Challenge Mode Theme" [ChuChu Rocket! OSV]

19. Yuki Iwai - "Crimson" [street Fighter Alpha 3 OST]

20. Syun Nishigaki & Isao Abe - "Guile Stage" [super Street Fighter II OST]

21. Hideki Okugawa - "Q" [street Fighter III: 3rd Strike OST]

22. DCT - "To the Streets" [http://www.thebigshot.com]

23. Koji Kondo - "Swimming BGM" [super Mario Bros. 3 OST]

Don't forget about Saturday's show, i.e. tomorrow. zyko will be on hand for an interview, and (not like I've formally asked or anything), but maybe DarkeSword can briefly call in and give a few words about being appointed to the OC judges' panel, or maybe Beatdrop can call in about his decision to step down from the panel. In any case, weed'll be with the show and taking your questions if you have them.

There's also gonna be tons of other stuff on the show as well, including some of the latest OC mixes, Emporer's winning entry for PRC9, stuff from Star Salzman, Pixelated, Beatdrop, Unknown, Mustin, the "very, very popular" Seifer, Dennis Mott, JigginJonT, SuperGreenX and more, including a few tracks from the Need for Speed series contributed by Dakar (thanks yo). Everything's looking good this week, so be sure to tune into the main show, Saturday night, 10 PM to Midnight EST. The 28th's the All-Originals Show #2; be sure to contribute to the upcoming thread on that.

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Could someone provide a link to the recording/transcript of the Feb. 7 show? I seem to have missed it...

Taken care of. :-)

BTW, anyone who's interested, there are updated versions of the RealAlternative & QuickTimeAlternative installer available at my webspace, as well as a backlog of chat transcripts.

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Yo, folks. Glad to have so many people checking out the show this week, though we unfortunately had no weed at the show! :lol: I didn't wanna play zyko's stuff without him being there to comment on it, so I'll be saving it for when weed's available to call in. Maybe we can get something going for sometime during the upcoming week, since zyko's down with that. The "controversy" over the lyrical content of Niggaz 4 Life has become a pretty hot topic over the last couple of days. We'll see what ends up happening, but please keep your eyes open for a possible mid-week show this coming week.

Thanks to DarkeSword & JigginJonT for calling in and providing the mixer entertainment this week, as well as all of the new listeners this week for stopping by. Props to OverCoat & Moose585 for the chat transcript hookups. With Spring Break coming soon and Larry chillin', expect some cool shit to finally see the light of day including comprehensive playlists, AIM interviews & funny VGF chat excerpts up on the VG Frequency webpage.

Next week is the All-Originals show, so if you're a mixer and wanna contribute something, get the layout here and submit 1 track of yours for me to pimp. Thanks to Species for recording this week's show. This has actually been the first show, I believe, since Season 2 started that was able to be recorded, since the Real stream blows, but I may be able to obtain the MP3 archive Sunday and get it out there. Now check out the playlist to see what was cookin':

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

"VG Frequency" - Saturday, February 21, 2004 - 10:10 PM - 12:10 AM

1. Rayza f/Liontamer - VG Frequency "Number One Host" Bumper

2. Matt Ragan - "Flam Dance" [Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 OSV]

3. Dennis Mott - Deja Vu "Dry Blood and a Bottle of Pills" [VGMix2 #1012]

4. Pixelated - The Legend of Zelda 2 "Surely, Justice?" [VGMix2 #1019]

5. Beatdrop - "The End" [Final Energy]

6. ReaktorZ0 - Ultima 8 "Water in Space" (WIP) [The People's Remix Competition 9 / VGMix2 #765]

7. DJ Redlight - Final Doom "The Calling" [OC ReMix #1120]

8. Unknown - The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time "Artifact of Power, Movement Four - Shadows Left by Time" [VGMix2 #1009]

9. Mustin - The Legend of Zelda 1 "No Way Out" [VGMix2 #1022]

10. Masashi Hamauzu - "Thunder Plains" [Final Fantasy X OST]

11. DarkeSword holds it down and gives us the info on how he was notified on becoming an OCR judge, DCT's upcoming remix of his original piece "The Alleyway", his head-to-head race with GrayLightning on getting mixes posted to OCR (Gray cheats with collabs!), how judging has been treating him so far, as well as stuff in the works such a Sonic the Hedgehog 2 orchestral project & writing a score for an original musical based off of one of Grimm's fairy tales, evaluating 2004 as the year of DarkeSword, Ubik & zyko's "Niggaz 4 Life", and ignorant people who don't like the word "nigga" [http://www.darkesword.com]

12. DarkeSword - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 "Hot Ice" [OC ReMix #1010]

13. Rayza - VG Frequency "Sonic Retard" Bumper

14. Rayza - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 "Icecap Zone (Frozen Knuckles Mix)" [OC ReMix #474]

15. JigginJonT brags about pretending to be zyko when he called Larry off the air, and talks about winning a battle of the bands contest the previous night with his band that has no name (a.k.a. "Those Guys", a.k.a. "JigginJonT's Jiggin T's"), how the $300 prize money won't be used for studio time, and fends off Larry's wild accusations of using the prize money to purchase a jiggy Escalade or jiggy lowrider [http://pixelated.myrmid.com/users/jigginjont]

16. Mazedude - Slalom "Slalomicide" [http://www.mazedude.com]

17. Ko Miho Leifo - Chrono Trigger "Timing is Everything" [http://www.mp3.com/ko_miho_leifo]

18. Emperor - Ultima 8 "Tears of the Lurker" [The People's Remix Competition 9]

19. OverCoat - "Avatarati" [http://rks.no-ip.com/~seattleovercoat]

20. Alistair Hirst - "Warped" [Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit OSV]

21. Seifer - Megaman 3 "Topman the Spinning Faerie" [http://seifer.soulnet.tk]

22. Miki "Miki-Chan" Higashino - "Stage 5" [Lifeforce OSV]

23. Palpable - Lifeforce "Temple of Life" [OC ReMix #1122]

24. Romolo di Prisco - "Menu (Showcase)" [Need for Speed II Special Edition OSV]

25. Star Salzman - VG Frequency "WMRE Jingle" Bumper

26. Star Salzman - DuckTales "Duck Blur" [VGMix2 #892]

27. Capcom Sound Team - "The Moon" [DuckTales OSV]

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Larry, since one of my NFS tracks went over pretty well, I'll see if I can hook you up with 2-3 new tracks every week or two. I realize next week is the originals show, so I'll wait before I give you a couple, if you need.

Oh yeah, thanks for the obscene amount of pimpage (No need to say my name that much). ;)

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I said the archives would be up by 4 PM EST on VGMix, and I meant it!


Go ahead and pick up shows #16 & #18. Like I said before, #17 is a no-go, and the stream problems have F-ed up 13.99, 14, & 15, I believe. Species'll hook me up with older stuff down the line, as long as the recording was ok. I know Wingy still wants #10 for the bukakke jokes.

Thanks again for the NFS tracks, Dakar. Yeah, definitely keep letting me check out further tracks from the Need for Speed series. Name pimpage shall continue!

I'll be buggin' you soon, Beat. Keep the Final Energy goodness coming, bro!

And everyone, you BETTER be pimpin' the All-Originals thread for the special event next week. Don't leave me hanging. I know a lot of you have great material to submit, so be sure to pimp that out!

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I know Wingy still wants #10 for the bukakke jokes.

Boo Cocky, the little known ghost from Super Mario Bros. 3, was a subject of great controversy when it was originally showcased in Japan. Like his phantasmal cousins the Boo Didley's, Boo Cocky floats around castles and other, pardon the term, haunts of ruin. Notoriusly shy, Boo Cocky will hide his face and blush a uncannily rosy glow, despite an utter lack of a circulatory system. But, unlike his more G-rated cousins, when the character's back is turned, Boo Cocky unleashes a deceptively potent (and dare I say, traumatic) attack.

Boo Cocky rears up behind the unsuspecting character, an unleashes gallon after gallon of supernatural semen all over the character. The character, in what can only be described as semen-shell-shock, can only stay still in a sort of gooey paralysis. Once one Boo Cocky is finished, more follow, often adding a muffin or "ookie cookie" to the mix for their own inscrutable purposes. Hence the Nomme de Guerre: Boo Cocky.

Well be right back with Video Game Secrets... on the History Channel.

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DarkeSword: hey, no offense to the awesome ones

DarkeSword: like ailsean etc

Drumman75: thanks

Drumman75: ;-)

a brick wall 123: that's kinda... short

Drumman75: ya

Drumman75: I just started it

atihsu1: I like ailsean too :D

a brick wall 123: so I figured

MythrilNazgul: Ailsean is the goatse of guitarists.


DarkeSword: no doubt about that

MythrilNazgul: Famous on the internet, not known in the real world

a brick wall 123: haha

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