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OHC - One hour compos start again!


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In 2009 we managed to do a compo every single week save for major holidays that fell on Thursdays. Bravo!


In 2008, ThaSauce introduced our version of the one hour compo system. Unfortunately due to a fall in attendance, many were cancelled and never scheduled.

With Magfest energizing us all, I am excited to say that we will be once again holding weekly compos. We will be keeping the same time slot (Thursdays at 6 PM Pacific, 9 Eastern). These compos are for everybody - If you just started writing music 3 days ago or have been doing it all your life, this is for you. Our goal is to improve our skills with these weekly hourly exercises, everyone is encouraged to participate and bring friends.

Discussion is held in #thasauce on irc.esper.net during the compo, we also listen to the completed songs as a group. If you do not wish to participate in the chat, you may still submit a song via the website.

Once again, everyone is encouraged to join. We are also very open to ideas and new themes, so feel free to let us know what you think.

List of all OHC rounds

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I've always wanted to participate in these :D

Hmm... just realized that it's going to be 3 PM here in Sweden. As I have to fix my sleeping cycle cause of school starting soon, I won't be participating :(

EDIT: As I actually thought, it's 12PM, so I'll try to make it :)

EDIT2: I fail... it's 2AM :(

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People were having trouble uploading at first, then nekofrogs computer crashed so there was a momentary time extension for him. If you ever need more time for whatever reason, just let me know on IRC :) I saw just64helping's stealth entry just as we were uploading nekos. lol

Huge success with 11 whole entries! Expect another one next week, same time, same place y'all.

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