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Resident Evil 5


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I was waiting for someone to echo my negative feelings. In particular, I think playing the Wii version of RE4 has hopelessly spoiled me. Using controls sticks was torture for me! The loss in accuracy caused me no end of trouble. Everything is much more difficult, and not in that good kind of challenging way.

The change in item-management is quite disappointing. I simply loved the micro-management of the RE4 suitcase! Where did it go? Heck, not only did I used to stack items according to space, but I even used to arrange them in a certain order and section! :tomatoface: It used to be so charming...

And the forced co-op...[insert charlie brown "UGH!!!!" here]. I absolutely despise having a second character to worry about. The sections in RE4 with the president's daughter were not enjoyable for me, so seeing that become a touted facet of the new game is frustrating to say the least. Yeah, yeah, Sheva's much more useful than Ashley, but she still isn't the main character, and she creates a much more stressful dynamic. I like to play my games alone. No tag-alongs, no problem!

I thought the knife used to be better too...? I'm renting this, and that's about it.

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Okay, so I was bored last night and downloaded the demo of this. I have one question for RE fans: what part of this is enjoyable?

I'm not trying to be a smartass, I'm trying to figure out what the attraction of the game is. I've been told repeatedly that it's not an FPS and the reason I'm having trouble is because I'm treating it like one (also because I suck at video games, am a fag, should GTFO, etc). My question is: if it's not an FPS, what is it? There's nothing to do but wander around and shoot zombies. I haven't played any RE prior to RE4; maybe this is a holdout from older games? I know that RE4 and RE5 are much more "action-y" than earlier RE games. Is it something like Metal Gear Solid? The combat in MGS sucked too -- but it was supposed to. Combat was punishment for failing to remain hidden, which is why it was so difficult and put the player at such a disadvantage. Is that what RE is trying to do? Why the hell would they do that and then do nothing but throw zombies at you constantly, with no way to avoid them or hide from them or do anything except kill them?

I don't mind hard games. Really, I don't. What I hate is when a game is made artificially difficult because of it's controls/setup. I play the RE5 demo and I find myself struggling any time the zombies are coming from more than one direction -- primarily because, even with the quickturn, making your character face in different directions is agonizingly slow. I don't mind the limited ammo or limited healing or difficult enemies; what I do mind is when the controls don't allow me to perform basic functions (like moving around or aiming) reasonably well.

I imagine playing the RE5 demo with L4D style controls, and suddenly it becomes a much better game. Keep everything else about it -- the fact that you can't move while firing, the relative effectiveness of weapons against enemies, the rate of health/ammo drops, etc -- but use L4D movement/aiming controls. (And note that I have the 360 version of L4D, so I'm not complaining about lack of mouse/keyboard control.) Now, suddenly, I can move and aim much more freely, and the game becomes fun rather than frustrating.

Obviously I'm missing something here, because some people love RE4 and the RE5 demo. So educate me. What is it that I'm missing? What is it that the clunky, restrictive controls add to the experience? How do they make the game better? What are you seeing that I'm not?

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I know exactly what you mean.

Not being able to move and aim/shoot is really annoying.

It's so retarded. My fucking gawd when I was surrounded by Lickers I stood no fucking chance. And the Reapers… sigh… died at least 20 times from them.

It's so frustrating I can't even talk/type about it.

All I know is that the game was okay for me.

Once I got the Gatling Gun I went back to the Licker part and mowed those mufuckahs down!

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Pretty good stuff, though not what I was expecting, I liked it alot.

Also if you hate RE4 then you play resident evil too much. It was awesome, it never got boring. It was freaking ENTERTAINMENT. I do consider it a survival horror game, cause you do have to survive against loads of terrors and its horrific in that...shit, a chainsaw guy is coming at you, and you'll freak your ass off once it connects with your neck. Now I'd be pretty scared facing a group of guys with guns, but facing a village of infected parasite people that instead of eating your flesh are hell bent on ripping your limbs off and cutting off your head, is pretty horrific. Also it upped the game on the resident evil story so it could branch in interesting ways, cause honestly umbrella was gonna go anyways and where would the T-Virus have gone then it would have just served no fun or scary purpose. Elevation of power is always a scary thing.

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Perhaps I shall give the RE classics another chance.

Done and done.

I sum them up with one word: Blarg!

I tried soooo hard to beat the REmake, but I just didn't have the patience for it. I started a new game about 6 times after thinking that I could have ran through better than my current session but every time I do I expend like 12 shots killing a single zombie, and then die helplessly.

NJ had it right on the button (even though he was referancing the new one :< )

What I hate is when a game is made artificially difficult because of it's controls/setup.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

I mean, how scary can a zombie be when he's walking towards you at a snails pace, moaning and groaning. It isn't. However it IS when the controll scheme has you running in circles and the aiming is far FAR worse. How can the game put such importance on headshots when it is IMPOSSIBLE to pull off?

As for RE5, I love it! It's nice that they added the "stomp" command so that I don't waste shots capping a zombie in the head while they're lying down. Sure it isn't that scary, but nothing is after you hit puberty. (Although Silent Hill [Game. Not movie] scares the balls off me) Not being able to move while shooting is a little annoying, but I got used to it in RE4. I just really enjoy the headshot-melee strike combo, it's a fun way to kill hordes of zombies.

Also, I don't been to be a graphics whore... but, damn!

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I'm all about RE5. I know a lot of people bitch that there are no zombies, its not a horror game, blah blah blah. Just cause it doesn't have quote unquote zombies in it, there is still plenty of tense fighting etc. Plus the addition of the african native area on it made me think more of voodoo zombies than anything. And the boss battles on this are ridiculously over the top and I love it.

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Sheva's much more useful than Ashley, but she still isn't the main character, and she creates a much more stressful dynamic.

So this is where the horror part of the franchise has been going: in saving some other character's worthless butt and making up for it's mistakes.

...that, and the rusty controls from the past century. :mrgreen:

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The demo is not representative of the full game. At all. Resident Evil 5 is so Resident Evil it hurts(albeit in a good way). Great narrative and pacing, fun gameplay, tons of unlockables(frickin' camera FILTERS). I won't say the game was scary, since it's not, but it CAN be tense. More importantly however is that this game is hella fun.

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I was kind of hoping for a quick 180 turn button. This can be taken care of though by raising the aim sensitivity I guess.

So there's no quick 180degree turn button like there was in RE4? If so that's a damn shame as it's probably the only biggest thing that made the control scheme actually work.

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