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FAC - RESULTS ARE IN! Fan Art Competition 21: Femme Fatales


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Yes, and yes!

The deadline is this Sunday... so that means we get all Sunday (until 12:00 midnight) to work on it, right?

Yes! This is correct :)

I will try to get the entries up sometime on Monday the 23rd, and then the voting will commence! Entries will be anonymous during voting.

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Hey people. I've been lurking occasionally these FAC threads.

I dont know if anyone remembers but last time I joined the FAC was some 3 years ago, hence why my account is ancient.

Eh, I've been following this thread since the start of the month, and I even made an "entry", but I'm bit unsure if it fits in the "femme fatale" category.

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You could submit it to Bonzai and ask her..?

I didn't start my entry yet, but I had a dream that I started it and it kicked ass! Usually in a dream you'd think the thing I was drawing would be completely different than the idea I had in my head, but no - it looked exactly like what I was planning to draw IRL! Except some guy painting across the table from me somehow got the drawing covered in orange watercolour paint without me noticing, and it had 2 other signatures besides mine on it.... :?

I'm probably going to start it tomorrow.

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Eh, I dont know if there's an easier way. But this is how I did it:

-Upload your picture somewhere(photobucket, imageshack,or something)

-Click on bonzai's name and go to contact info.

-Click "Send personal message".

-Write your letterz, and the link to your image.


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I am doing just that.

Also... did you UNcapitalize the w in we when you quoted me? Wtf?

Also... why did you hide your <3


hahahahaha, uncapitalization was NOT my fault, the first time I typed my own response, it was all caps and it came out all...not caps. ANYWAYS I DON'T NEED TO EXPLAIN MYSELF TO YOU.

fine. here. <3

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