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What are you listening to?


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Having only recently gotten into electronic music outside of VG stuff, I'm really enjoying the early Aphex Twin.

I love me some Aphex Twin. I saw him live this year, it was an amazing and mindblowing performance. The guy can do ridiculous things with a bunch of synthesizers and processors.

Whenever I'm in the mood for great music, Carbon Based Lifeforms hits a sweet, special spot deep within my inner being:

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Paranoia Agent, Berserk, Paprika and probably several others.

I first heard about him when I was looking for music like Tangerine Dream. Susumu was a big TD fan.

I totally forget about him for a while, thanks for the reminder. His music really is fantastic, and his style is unmistakable. I remember the first time I heard Dream Island Obsessional Park; I felt feelings I never knew how to feel.

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